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Photographs of
Dragonflies and Damselflies


Our good friends, 
Kate Somerville of Philadelphia, USA
Doris Potter of Montreal, Canada 
have taken the following series 
of wonderful photos.


Above: two photos of the dragonfly 
known as the 
Twelve-spotted Skimmer,
Libellula pulchella
(the upper photo by Kate Somervlle:
the lower photo by Doris Potter)

Above: a dragonfly in the Gomphus genus
(photo by Kate Somerville)


Above: Damselflies known as Stream Bluets,
Enallagma excsulans
In the photo above, 2 of them.
(upper photo by Kate Somerville)
In the photo below, 3 of them.
(lower photo by Doris Potter) 


Above: a damselfly known as the 
Eastern Forktail,
Ischnura verticalis
(photo by Kate Somerville)  

Above: a damselfly known as the
Variable (or Violet) Dancer,
Argia fumipennis
(photo by Kate Somerville)

A damselfly that appears to be a
Blue-ringed Dancer,
Argia sedula
(photo by Kate Somerville)

A dragonfly known as the Calico Pennant,
Celithemis elisa.
(photo by Doris Potter)

Above & below are two photos 
of a dragonfly known as the Ruby Meadowhawk.
The upper photo is of a male.
The lower photo, a female. 
(both photos by Doris Potter)


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