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Armas Hill has presented the "Birdline", originally from Philadelphia, on the phone and internet for over 3 decades, and on the radio in Delaware for about 10 years.

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The American Woodcock
was the subject of a Birdline on the Radio.
The text of that essay reached from 
the link below for March 2000.

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Click the link below to Howard Eskin's Photo Gallery of Birds during the Dec 2011 Christmas Bird Count at Bombay Hook, Delaware:   



In the FONT website, there is a large collection of over 1,600 photographs of different birds and other nature, but behind the scenes we have even more. 
If you're interested in Armas Hill doing a presentation to your club, organization, or group of any kind, please contact us. It would be his pleasure to do so. 
Topics, among others, include the birds & nature of Brazil, Chile, Iceland, Japan, Costa Rica, and Guatemala & Belize.  

Previous Birdlines & Naturelines:

Birdline, 2012:37  Nov 20:  Hummingbirds from the West, Finches from the North

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:36  Nov 5:  Unusual Birds with an Unusual Storm, Hurricane Sandy

Birdline, 2012:35  Oct 19:  With Thousands of Peregrines & 1 Europe-bound Osprey

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:34  Oct 2:  Gull, Albatross, Crow, Jay, Swift, Owl, all of them butterflies

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:33  Sep 24:  Birds on Far-flung Islands & New York Lakes

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:32  Sep 13:  Caracaras, a Kingbird, Kelp Gull, & more

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:31  Sep 8:  With an Elegant Tern, a lost crow, & a Black Witch

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:30  Aug31:  With Reports noting 2 Oceans & 3 Great Lakes

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:29  Aug 24:  With Lots of Birds, including 10 new Owls, & much more

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:28  Aug 15:  A Gannet, Godwits, a Griffon, & much more

Birdline & Natureline, 2012:22  Jun 6:  Kites, Cranes, a Rail, an Ibis, & a Whale

Birdline & Natureline, 2011:52  Dec 15:  Falcons, now & then, & a Green Sea Turtle

Birdline, 2011:51  Dec 9:  From Midway to a mountain in Maine, & much in between

Birdline & Natureline, 2011:50  Dec 4:  Lots of Bald Eagles, less Florida Jays, & 1 Wolverine

Birdline, 2011:49  Dec 1:  Geese: Pink-footed, Greenland White-fronted, Barnacle, and More

Birdline, 2011:48  Nov 25:  An Albatross, Owls, Hummingbirds, & the Turkey

Birdline, 2011:47  Nov 8:  Including a Red List, & Cranes in Texas & Pennsylvania 

Birdline, 2011:46  Nov 4:  A Booby on its way, a Yellowthroat the wrong way, and More 

Birdline, 2011:45  Oct 31:  Wandering Birds (1 so-named) in North & South America, & Australia 

Birdline, 2011:44  Oct 25:  A Look Back at Last Winter's Bird Counts - Did You Know?

Birdline, 2011:43  Oct 21:  Purple Gallinules, a Violetear, and More

Birdline, 2011:42  Oct 12:  The Remarkable Wheatear & Other Notable Birds

Birdline, 2011:41  Oct 5:  Seabirds, Hummingbirds, Other Birds & some Whales & Butterflies

Birdline, 2011:40  Sep 30:  Migrants, including: Woodpeckers, Hawks, and Birds in the Night

Birdline & Natureline, 2011:39  Sep 25:  A Longspur, and Wolves & Coyotes

Birdline, 2011:38  Sep 20:  Birds Out of Place from the West, North, and South

Birdline, 2011:37  Sep 16:  Another Petrel, a Whimbrel, 60 Hudsonian Godwits, Texas Heat

Birdline, 2011:36  Sep 9:  A Vireo, a Petrel, other birds, and a Supernova

Birdline, 2011:35  Aug 30, updated Sep 5: Bird Sightings resulting from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene

Birdline & Natureline, 2011:12  Mar 26  Japan, Pacific Albatrosses, West Indian Frogs

From the Birdline Archives:

Birdline, Jun 13, 2005 & again Jul 27, 2006:  Red Knots in Peril, in Patagonia, & Other Places  

Birdline on the Radio, Mar 8, 2000:  The Woodcock, or "Timber-doodle" 

Birdline on the Radio, Nov 26, 1999:  The Turkey 

Birdline, Dec 1 & 6, 1990:  A Special Feature about the Bald Eagle

Birdline: from January 4 to February 18, 1982:  About the wintering Gyrfalcons in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



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