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photographs from the 
Focus On Nature Tour
in May 2011 in Brazil,
mostly in Minas Gerais

All of the photographs that follow were taken during that tour 
by tour participant, Patricia Yoder of North Carolina, USA -
- all rights reserved.

This Rufous Hornero was photographed during 
the FONT Brazil Tour in May 2011, in Minas Gerais,
The Rufous Hornero was one 
of nearly 300 species of birds during the tour. 


Birds & Other Wildlife during our Brazil Tour May '11

A Complete List of Brazil Birds & a Photo Gallery, in 3 parts:
Part 1: Tinamous to Doves
Part 2: Macaws to Flycatchers 
Part 3: Antshrikes to Grosbeaks

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Directory of Photos in this Website

A butterfly known as the Malachite
on a Poinsettia.
There were many butterflies on this plant.


A Helenor Morpho resting in the shade
with its wings open. 


 An Agavus Cattleheart, Parides agavus.

The colonial Brazilian city of Ouro Preto,
in Minas Gerais,
a place with hills that are steep. 

Another small city, called Manhuaco, 
in another part of Minas Gerais,
that's another place with hills.
This photo of a church surrounded by city, 
was taken from the main highway, 
as we were stopped for a traffic light.    

This church in Minas Gerais is without a city around it. 
Also in Minas Gerais, and also in hills,
it is a monastery called Caraca,
in an area that during our tours has been good for us for birds,
including, in May 2011, those such as 
the Swallow-tailed Cotinga and the Red-ruffed Fruitcow.
And it is a place to see after dark
a mammal known as the Maned Wolf.

A Maned Wolf at Caraca during our May 2011 Brazil Tour. 

Up in the trees, two Northern Muriquis.
The species is the largest New World Monkey,
and one of the rarest animals in the world.
The two monkeys in the above photo are young.

Another Northern Muriqui in the foliage
of a remnant portion of the Atlantic Forest
in Minas Gerais, Brazil,
during our May 2011 Brazil Tour.


In this building surrounded by forest
in the reserve where we saw the Muriqui monkeys,
we were to have a wonderful lunch.
Outside, Lee is looking, as always, for birds.

Inside, Pat, Armas, and Roberto were at the table,
as the lunch was about to be served.
Roberto was our local guide for the Muriquis,
as he had been for us during previous tours.

Our awaited lunch, one of the best,
as it was one typical of the Brazilian countryside.

At hotels where we stayed, the dessert spread
was usually a highlight.
He, as often, there was an assortment 
including cheese, guava, and other fruits.

Breakfasts in Brazil are nearly always bountiful,
with good variety.  


Not only is Brazil renowned for a variety of good food,
it is also known as a country 
with a vast assortment of plants,
and among them, quite notably, orchids.

Here, above & below, are two of the many Brazilian orchids.
These were both photographed 
at the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro.
Not just an outstanding botanical garden,
it is a wonderful place for birding too,
including for us some tanagers and antbirds
that were not to be seen elsewhere. 

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