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including birds, butterflies, 
mammals, & volcanoes

as photographed during a 
Focus On Nature Tour

All of the photographs that follow were taken during that tour 
by tour participant, Marie Gardner of Delaware, USA.


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Birds & Other Wildlife during our Guatemala Tour Dec'06-Jan'07

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Lake Atitlan,
a beautiful place at a beautiful time of day 

Guatemala has numerous volcanoes.
There always seems to be a mountain in view. 

Antigua (above & below)



Temple 2
(above); the Gran Plaza (below) 


Prevost's Ground Sparrow

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Yellow-throated Euphonia

Orchard Oriole 

Spot-breasted Oriole

Blue-crowned Motmot 

The Gartered (has been known as Violaceous) Trogon

Woodcreepers at an ant swarm
the Ruddy Woodcreeper
the Tawny-winged Woodcreeper


Collared Aracari

Ocellated Turkey

Crested Guan

Gray-necked Wood-Rail

Orange-breasted Falcon at Tikal

Snail Kite

Above:  a Caligo Butterfly.
Below:  even closer


White-nosed Coati

Yucatan Howler Monkey

Central American Spider Monkey


Morelet's Crocodile (above & below)
at a safe distance

In an e-mail following our DEC 2006 -JAN 2007 birding & nature tour in Guatemala, from one of the tour participants:

"What a great adventure was FONT's 2006/07 Guatemala trip, and what great birding! Talk about volcanoes in the mist -- could such sights possibly be better than in Guatemala, whether the four perfect cones at sunset from the Pacific mangrove marshes, the three others surrounding Lake Atitlan, or Volcan Agua 10 miles from colonial Antigua? Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, agouti, coati, a huge crocodile (safely distant) -- Tikal certainly didn't lack for animals! And the archaeological ruins -- Aguateca's stellae were magnificent, and the reality of Tikal overwhelms any prior notions you might possibly have had. Almost makes you forget you are on a birding tour... but three different species of hawk-eagles in two hours on Volcano Toliman, or four different woodcreepers among many frenetic birds in an ant swarm, or aracari and toucans and great views of a Violaceous Trogon in a fruiting tree upon arrival in Tikal remind you that, yes, this is a great birding trip as well.
 I look forward to my next trip with you, Armas -- maybe we can explore some of the less-birded volcanoes toward the NW border with Mexico?"

Tom G 
Washington, DC 

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