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A Guatemala Photo Gallery

Color, Culture, & Birds 


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Guatemala - where we bird in the Land of the Mayas

Antigua, where our tours begin.

Costume masks, as we saw them 
during our '01/02 Holiday Tour, near Antigua.

Women at the market, in Quetzaltenangeo,
as we saw them during our '01/02 Holiday Tour.

The Highlands, where we see Mountain Trogons 
and Pink-headed Warblers.

Local people in the Guatemalan highlands. 

By Lake Atitlan, we saw Sparkling-tailed Hummingbirds,
Rusty Sparrows, and Bushy-crested Jays.

Guatemalan coffee, grown where we were, 
is wonderful to drink!

Temples at Tikal: Temple 4
(left); Temple 2 (right).
At Temple 4 during our  '01/02 Holiday Birding Tour,
there were 2 Orange-breasted Falcons. 

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