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Icelandic BIRDS & Scenery

as photographed during the FONT June 2006 Tour

All of the following photographs by tour participant, 
Cheryl Pearce of Ontario Canada -
© - all rights reserved.

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Both birds and scenery are in this shot.
The birds are Arctic Terns and Black-headed Gulls.

Whooper Swans

Greylag Geese

Common Eiders, with ducklings, and a Turnstone 

The Slavonian (or Horned) Grebe

Black Guillemot in its breeding attire

A drake Harlequin in its bright attire

Common Redshank

A Great Skua on a field, in a part of Iceland where half of the world's population of this species breeds.

Workings of the Trolls on a Beach in southern Iceland

Armas Hill with drying fish along the Icelandic coast

Some of the  '06 FONT tour group by a glacier at almost midnight

A bird statue atop a grave stone

Sea Campion

An Icelandic church

Cliff flowers known as Thrift



A coastal road in northern Iceland

Two continents meet in Iceland
(above & below) 


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