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Birds and Other Nature
during the Focus On Nature 
2009 Summer Tour 

Other Nature including a Total Solar Eclipse,
Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Butterflies 

List compiled by Armas Hill


July 12-26, 2009


     on Honshu:   hn
     on Okinawa:  ok 
     on Amami Island:  am
     on Kyushu:  ky  (kyp: pelagically offshore from Kyushu) 

(t): a globally threatened or rare species, designated by Birdlife International
(t1): critical     (t2): endangered     (t3): vulnerable
(nt): a near-threatened species globally
(JPi):    introduced species in Japan
(JAe):   endemic to Japan    
(JAr):    rare in Japan
(h): heard only

One of the colorful birds of the tour, seen on Okinawa.  


A Narrative of the July 2009 FONT Tour in Japan

Cumulative List of Birds during our Japan Tours  (with some photos)

In the cumulative list of birds, scientific names are given & subspecies are noted.

Birds during FONT Tours on the Japanese Island of Amami

Birds during FONT Tours on the Japanese Island of Okinawa

List of Japanese Mammals  (with some photos)

Lists of Mammals, Amphibians & Reptiles, and Butterflies during our July '09 Japan Tour follows the bird-list below.

List of Japanese Butterflies  (with some photos)

Upcoming FONT Birding & Nature Tours in Japan

During this tour, a total solar eclipse during the late-morning on July 22, 2009 


  1. Mallard _____  ky
    Anas platyrhynchos

  2. Eastern Spot-billed Duck _____  am,ky
    Anas zonorhyncha

  3. Streaked Shearwater _____  kyp 
    Colonectris leucomelas  

  4. Black-crowned Night-Heron _____  ky
    Nycticorax nycticorax

  5. Cinnamon Bittern _____  am
    Ixobrychus cinnamomeus

  6. Yellow Bittern _____  am
    Ixobrychus sinensis

  7. Eastern Cattle Egret _____  ok
    Bublucus coromandus

  8. Pacific (or Eastern) Reef Heron _____  ok,am
    Egretta sacra

  9. Little Egret _____  ok,am,ky
    Egretta garzetta

  10. Intermediate Egret _____  ok,am,ky
    Egretta intermedia

  11. Great Egret _____  ok,am,ky
    (has been Ardea) alba

  12. Grey Heron _____  ok,am,ky
    Ardea cinerea

  13. Osprey _____ ok
    Pandion haliaetus

  14. Black-eared Kite _____  ky
    Milvus migrans lineatus

  15. Okinawa Rail  (t2) (JPe)  _____ ok
    Rallus okinawae

  16. Ruddy-breasted Crake _____  am
    Porzana fusca

  17. Watercock _____  am
    Gallicrex cinerea

  18. White-breasted Waterhen _____  ok
    Amaurornis phoenicurus

  19. Common Moorhen _____  ok,am
    Gallinula chloropus

  20. Black-winged Stilt _____  am
    Himantopus himantopus

  21. Little Ringed Plover _____  am
    Charadrius dubius

  22. Amami Woodcock  (t3) (JPe) _____  am
    Scolopax mira

  23. Common Redshank _____  ok
    Tringa totanus

  24. Common Greenshank _____  ok
    Tringa nebularia

  25. Wood Sandpiper _____  ok,am
    Tringa glareola

  26. Grey-tailed Tattler _____  ok
    Heteroscelus brevipes

  27. Terek Sandpiper _____  ok
    Xenus cinereus

  28. "Eurasian" Whimbrel _____ ok
    Numenius phaeopus variegatus

  29. Black-tailed Gull _____  hn
    Larus crassirostris

  30. Little Tern _____  ok
    (formerly Sterna) albifrons

  31. Black-naped Tern _____  ok
    Sterna sumatrana

  32. Roseate Tern _____  am
    Sterna dougallii

  33. Common (or Feral) Pigeon (JPi) _____  hn,ok,am,ky
    Columba livia

  34. Oriental Turtle-Dove _____  ok,am,ky
    Streotopelia orientalis

  35. Black Wood Pigeon (nt) _____ am
    Columba janthina

  36. Whistling Green Pigeon (nt) _____  ok,am
    (formerly Sphenurus) formosae permagus

  37. Ryukyu Scops-Owl (nt)  _____ am  (also called Elegant Scops-Owl)
    Otus elegans

  38. Brown Hawk-Owl _____ am
    Minox scutulata japonica

  39. Pacific Swift  _____  ok  (another name is Asian White-rumped Swift) 
    Apus pacificus

  40. House Swift  _____  ky
    Apus affinus

  41. Oriental Dollarbird  _____  ky
    Eurystomus orientalis

  42. Common Kingfisher _____  ok
    Alcedo atthis

  43. Ruddy Kingfisher _____  ok,am,ky
    Halcyon coromanda

  44. Japanese Green Woodpecker (JPe) _____  ky 
    Picus awokera

  45. Pryer's Woodpecker (t1) (JPe) _____  ok  (another name is Okinawa Woodpecker)
    Sapheopipo noguchii

  46. "Owston's Woodpecker"  (JPe)  (has been part of the White-backed Woodpecker) _____  am
    (formerly Picoides) leucotos owstoni

  47. Fairy Pitta  (t3) _____ ky
    Pitta nympha

  48. Barn Swallow _____  hn,ky
    Hirundo rustica

  49. Pacific Swallow _____ ok,am
    Hirundo tahitica

  50. White Wagtail _____  hn,ky
    Motacilla alba lugens  _____  hn
    Motacilla alba leucopsis  _____  ky

  51. Ryukyu Minivet (JPe) _____  am
    Pericrocotus tegimae

  52. Brown-eared Bulbul _____  hn,ok,am,ky
    (formerly Hysipetes) amaurotis

  53. Light-vented Bulbul  _____  ok
    Pycnonotus sinensis

  54. Northern (or Winter) Wren _____  ky
    Troglodytes troglodytes fumigatus

  55. Ryukyu Robin (nt) (JPe) _____ ok
    Erithacus komadori

  56. Blue Rock Thrush (red-bellied form)  _____  ok,am
    Monticola solitarius philippensis

  57. Amami Thrush (t1) (JPe) (JPr) _____ am
    Zoothera amami

  58. Japanese Bush-Warbler _____  hn,ok,ky
    Cettia diphone

  59. Zitting Cisticola  (has been called Fan-tailed Warbler) _____  ok,am,ky
    Cisticola juncidis

  60. Varied Tit _____  ok
    Parus varius amamii

  61. Eastern Great Tit _____  am,ky
    Parus minor dageletensis _____ ky
    Parus minor amamiensis _____ am

  62. Japanese White-eye _____  hn,ok,am,ky
    Zosterops japonica

  63. Lidth's Jay (t3) (JPe) _____ am
    Garrulus lidthi

  64. Carrion Crow _____  hn,ky
    Corvus corone orientalis

  65. Large-billed Crow _____  hn,ok,am,ky
    Corvus macrorhynchos 

  66. Eurasian Tree Sparrow _____  hn,ok,am.ky
    Passer montanus

  67. Russet Sparrow _____  ky
    Passer rutlians

  68. Meadow Bunting _____  ky
    Emberiza ciodes

Mammals during the FONT tour in Japan 
in July


am:  on Amami
ky:   on Kyushu
ok:   on Okinawa

(JPe):  endemic to Japan

1.  Amami Rabbit  (JPe) _____  am  (seen quickly one night)
     Pentalagus furnessi

2.  Ryukyu Spiny Rat  (JPe) _____  am
     Tokudala osimensis 

3.  Sika Deer _____  ky
     Cervus nippon nippon 

4.  Eurasian Wild Boar _____  am
     Sus scrofa riukiuanus  

Amphibians & Reptiles during the FONT tour in Japan
in July 2009

am:  on Amami
hn:   on Honshu
ky:   on Kyushu
ok:   on Okinawa

(JPe): endemic to Japan 

 1.  Sword-tailed Newt _____ ok
      Cynops onsicauda

 2.  Amami Green Tree Frog _____ am
      Rhacophorus viridis amamiensis

      Okinawa Green Tree Frog _____ ok
      Rhacophorus viridis viridis

 3.  Ryukyu Brown Frog _____ ok
      Rana Okinavana

 4.  Green (Sea) Turtle _____ ok (seen from ferry at northern Okinawa port)
      Chelonia mydas mydas  

 5.  Red-eared Slider (Turtle) _____ hn
      Trachemys scripta elegans

 6.  Chinese Softshell Turtle _____ hn  (with its odd-shaped head)
      Pelodiscus sinensis

 7.  Okinawan Tree Lizard _____ am
(ours was seen on Amami)
      Japolura polygonata polygonata

 8.  Barbour's Blue-tailed Skink _____ am
      Eumeces barbouri

 9.  Burrowing Ratsnake _____ ky
      Elaphe conspicillata

10.  Ryukyu Green Snake _____ am
      Cyclophiops semicarinatus

11.  Habu _____ am
      Trimeresurus flavoviridis 

Butterflies during the FONT tour in Japan
in July 2009

am:  on Amami
hn:   on Honshu
ky:   on Kyushu
ok:   on Okinawa

Names in English given for those that have them.

 1.  Atrophaneura alcinous _____  ok,am,ky

 2.  Papilio machaon hippocrates
      Old World Swallowtail _____  ky

 3.  Papilio macilentus _____  ok,am,ky

 4.  Papilo polytes polytes 
      Common Morman _____  ok,am

 5.  Papilo protenor
      Spangle _____ am

 6.  Papilo memnon thunbergii
      Great Mormon _____ am

 7.  Papilo helenus nicconicolens
      Red Helen _____ ok

 8.  Papilo dehaanii
(formerly bianor) _____  ky

 9.  Graphium sarpedon nipponum
      Blue Triangle
(or Common Bluebottle) _____  ok,am

10.  Eurema hecabe hecabe
      Common Grass Yellow _____  hn,am,ky

11. Eurema laeta betheseba
(or Angulated) Grass Yellow _____  ok,am,ky

12. Colias erate poliographys
      Eastern Pale Clouded Yellow _____  ok,ky

13. Catopsilia pomona pomona
      Lemon Migrant _____ am

14. Hebomoia glaucippe liukiuensis
      Great Orange Tip _____ am

15. Artogeia
(has been Pieris) canidia
      Indian Cabbage White _____  ky

16. Euchrysops enejus
      Gram Blue _____  am

17. Zizeria
(formerly Pseudozizeeria) maha okinawana
      Pale Grass Blue _____  ok

18. Zizina otis
      Common Grass Blue
(or Clover Blue) _____ ok,am  (many at the site where we were for the solar eclipse)

19. Libythea celtis amamiana
      Nettle-tree Butterfly
(or Eurasian Beak) _____ ok

20. Idea leuconoe clara
      Large Tree Nymph _____ ok

21. Ideopsis
(or Radina) similis similis _____ am

22. Anosia
(or Danaus) chrysippus chrysippus
      Common Tiger _____ ok,am

23. Parantica sita niphonica _____ am

24. Nephargynnis anadyomene midas
(formerly ella) _____  ky

25. Argyreus hyperbius hyperbius
      Indian Fritillary _____  am

26. Neptis hylas luculenta
      Common Sailor _____  am

27. Cynthia cardui
      Painted Lady _____  ok

28. Hypolimnas misippus
      Dandaid Eggfly
(or Diadem Butterfly) _____  am

29. Hestina assimilis shirakii _____  am 

Other Nature during the FONT tour in Japan
in July 2009

am:  on Amami
ok:   on Okinawa

total solar eclipse _____  am

dragonflies _____  am,hn,ok 
(an assortment)

flying fish _____  from the ferry between am & ok 
(many, hundreds)