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Lesser Antilles Birds 
during the FONT 
Holiday Tour

December 26 - January 3, 2007-2008 

The following list compiled by Armas Hill, the leader of the tour



Upcoming FONT Birding & Nature Tours in the Lesser Antilles

Birds during previous FONT Tours in the Caribbean (with photos)


SL:  on St. Lucia
SV:  on St. Vincent
DM: on Dominica

(i): introduced species
(t): a globally threatened or rare species, designated by Birdlife International
        (t1): critical    (t2): endangered    (t3): vulnerable
(nt): a near-threatened species globally

(Wle):    endemic to West Indies
(WIr):     rare in the West Indies 
(LAe):    endemic to Lesser Antilles
(SLe):    endemic in St. Lucia
(SLr):     rare in St. Lucia
(SVe):    endemic in St. Vincent
(DMe):   endemic in Dominica
(DMr):    rare in Dominica


  1. Red-billed Tropicbird______ SL
    Phaethon aethereus mesonauta

  2. Brown Booby______ SL,SV
    Sula l. leucogaster

  3. Brown Pelican ______ DM
    Pelecanus o. occidentalis

  4. Magnificent Frigatebird______ DM,SL,SV
    Fregata magnificens
      (now said to be monotypic)

  5. Great Egret ______ DM,SL,SV
    Ardea (formerly Casmerodius or Egretta) alba egretta

  6. Snowy Egret ______ DM,SL
    (formerly Leucophoyx) thula brewsteri

  7. Little Egret (SLr) ______ SL
    Egretta g. garzetta

  8. Little Blue Heron______ DM,SL,SV
    (formerly Florida) caerulea  (now monotypic)

  9. Cattle Egret ______ BD,DM,SL,SV
    Bubulcus i. ibis

  10. Green Heron ______ DM,SL,SV  (was for a time considered conspecific with the nearly-cosmopolitan Striated Heron, and was then called Green-backed Heron)
    Butorides virescens maculata

  11. Broad-winged Hawk______ DM,SL,SV
    Buteo platypterus 
    (5 subspecies in the Caribbean, all resident)
    B. p. rivierei 
    (on Dominica, St. Lucia, & Martinique)
    B. p. antillarum
    (on Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent, & Tobago)

  12. Common Black Hawk ______ SV  (in the Caribbean, also known as Black Crab Hawk)
    Buteogallus a. anthracinus

  13. Osprey______ SL
    Pandion haliaetus
    (2 subspecies occur in the West Indies: P. h. ridgwayi
    P. h. carolinensis

  14. American Kestrel______ SL
    Falco sparverius caribaearum 
    (this Caribbean subspecies in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, & the Lesser Antilles; resident) 

  15. Merlin______ DM,SV
    Falco c. columbarius 

  16. Common Moorhen (or Gallinule) ______ SL
    Gallinula chloropus cerceris 

  17. Black-bellied (or Grey) Plover ______ SL
    Pluvialis squatarola cynosurae

  18. American Golden Plover (SLr) _____ SL
    Pluvialis dominica 

  19. Semipalmated Plover______ SL
    Charadrius semipalmatus 

  20. Ruddy Turnstone______ SL
    Arenaria interpres morinella

  21. Spotted Sandpiper______ DM,SL,SV
    Actitis macularius 

  22. Solitary Sandpiper______ SL
    Tringa s. solitaria

  23. Greater Yellowlegs______ SL
    Tringa melanoleuca

  24. Lesser Yellowlegs______ SL
    Tringa flavipes

  25. Ring-billed Gull  (DMr) ______ DM
    Larus fuscus graellsii  

  26. Royal Tern ______ DM,SL,SV
    Thalasseus (formerly Sterna) m. maxima

  27. Scaly-naped (or Red-necked) Pigeon______ DM,SL,SV
    (formerly Columba) squamosa  (monotypic)

  28. Feral Pigeon (i)______ DM,SL,SV
    Columba livia

  29. Zenaida Dove ______ DM,SL,SV
    Zenaida a. aurita 
    (subspecies endemic to the Lesser Antilles)

  30. Eared Dove______ SL,SV
    Zenaida auriculata rubripes

  31. Eurasian Collared Dove (i)______ DM
    Streptopelia decaocto

  32. Common Ground Dove______ DM,SL,SV
    Columbina passerina nigrirostris
    (on Dominica)
    Columbina passerina antillarum
    (on St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, & Barbados)

  33. Ruddy Quail-Dove______ SV
    Geotrygon m. montana

  34. Imperial Amazon (or Parrot) (t2) (DMe)______ DM  (known on Dominica as the "Sisserou")
    Amazona imperialis  (monotypic)

  35. Saint Vincent Amazon (or Parrot) (t3) (also called "Guilding's Amazon") (SVe)______ SV
    Amazona guildingii 

  36. Saint Lucia Amazon (or Parrot) (t3) (SLe)______ SL  (known on St. Lucia as the "Jacquot")
    Amazona versicolor  (monotypic)

  37. Red-necked Amazon (or Parrot) (t3) (another name is "Bouquet's Amazon") (DMe)______ DM (known on Dominica as the "Jaco" or "Perroquet")
    Amazona arausiaca  (monotypic)

  38. Mangrove Cuckoo______ DM,SL,SV  
    Coccyzus minor
    (now said to be monotypic, formerly subspecies in the West Indies: Coccyzus m. nesiotes)

  39. Smooth-billed Ani______ SV
    Crotophaga ani 

  40. Lesser Antillean Swift (LAe)______ DM,SL
    Chaetura martinica 

  41. Blue-headed Hummingbird (LAe)______ DM  (restricted to the 2 islands of Dominica & Martinique)
    Cyanophaia bicolor 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus)  

  42. Purple-throated Carib (LAe)______ DM,SL,SV 
    Eulampis jugularis 

  43. Green-throated Carib (WIe)______ DM,SL,SV
    Eulampis h. holosericeus

  44. Antillean Crested Hummingbird (WIe)______ DM,SL,SV
    Orthorhyncus cristatus exilis
    (on Dominica, St. Lucia)
    Orthorhyncus cristatus ornatus
    (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  45. Ringed Kingfisher______ DM
    (formerly Ceryle) torquata stictipennis  (this subspecies endemic to the West Indies, only on Dominica and Guadeloupe)

  46. Belted Kingfisher______ DM
    (formerly Ceryle) alcyon  (monotypic)

  47. Gray Kingbird______ DM,SL,SV
    Tyrannus dominicensis vorax 
    (this subspecies restricted to the Lesser Antilles & Trinidad)

  48. Lesser Antillean Flycatcher (LAe)______ DM,SL
    Myiarchus o. oberi 
    (this subspecies restricted to Dominica & Guadeloupe)
    Myiarchus oberi sanctaeluciae 
    (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies)
  49. Lesser Antillean Pewee (LAe)______ DM
    Contopus latirostris brunneicapillus 
    (this subspecies on Dominica, Guadeloupe, & Martinique) 

  50. Saint Lucia Pewee (SLe)______ SL  (has been considered part of Lesser Antillean Pewee)
    Contopus (latirostris) oberi  (monotypic)

  51. Caribbean Elaenia (WIe)______ DM,SL,SV
    Elaenia m. martinica 
    (this subspecies endemic to the Lesser Antilles)

  52. Yellow-bellied Elaenia (SLr) ______ SV
    Elaenia f. flavogaster

  53. "Lesser Antillean" House Wren ______ DM 
    Troglodytes aedon rufescens
    (on Dominica, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  54. Tropical Mockingbird______ SL
    Mimus gilvus antillarum 
    (this subspecies endemic to the Lesser Antilles)

  55. Scaly-breasted Thrasher (LAe)______ DM,SL,SV
    (or has been said to be Margarops) fuscus  (the single member of its genus)
    A. f. hypenema 
    (on Dominica)
    A. f. schwartzi 
    (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies)
    A. f. vincednti 
    (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  56. Pearly-eyed Thrasher (WIe)______ SL
    Margarops fuscatus klinikowskii (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  57. Gray Trembler (LAe)______ SL  (this species restricted to the 2 islands of St. Lucia & Martinique)
    Cinclocerthia gutturalis macrorhyncha (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  58. Brown Trembler (LAe)______ DM,SV  
    Cinclocerthia r. ruficauda 
    (on Dominica, where it's an endemic subspecies)
    Cinclocerthia ruficauda tenebrosa 
    (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies) 

  59. American Bare-eyed Thrush______ SV
    Turdus nudigenis 

  60. Lesser Antillean Thrush (LAe) ______ SV  (formerly part of Cocoa Thrush)
    Turdus personus bondi 
    (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies; the other subspecies is on Grenada) 

  61. Red-legged Thrush (WIe)______ DM
    Turdus plumbeus albiventris
    (on Dominica, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  62. Forest Thrush (nt) (LAe)______ DM
    Cichlherminia lherminieri dominicensis
    (on Dominica, where it's an endemic subspecies) (the single member of its genus) 

  63. Rufous-throated Solitaire (WIe)______ DM,SL
    Myadestes genibarbis 
    (5 subspecies in the Caribbean, 3 of them in the Lesser Antilles)
    Myadestes genibarbis dominicanus 
    (on Domincia, where it's an endemic subspecies)
    Myadestes genibarbis sanctaelucinae 
    (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  64. Saint Vincent Solitaire  (LAe) ______ SV  (was part of the Rufous-throated Solitaire) 
    Myadestes sibilans  (monotypic)

  65. Black-whiskered Vireo______ DM
    Vireo altiloquus barbadensis 
    (this subspecies occurs from St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, south to Barbados)
  66. "Golden" Yellow Warbler______ DM,SL   (now distinct from the Mangrove Warbler of Central America, Dendroica erithachorides)
    Dendroica petechia melanoptera  (on Dominica)
    Dendroica petechia babad 
    (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies) 

  67. St. Lucia Warbler (SLe)______ SL  (formerly conspecific with the Adelaide's Warbler of Puerto Rico & the Barbuda Warbler of Barbuda)
    Dendroica delicata  (monotypic) 

  68. Plumbeous Warbler (LAe)______ DM  (this species restricted to 2 islands, Dominica & Guadeloupe)
    Dendroica plumbea  (monotypic)

  69. Whistling Warbler (t3) (SVe)______ SV
    Catharopeza bishopi 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus)
  70. Bananaquit______ DM,SL
    Coereba flaveola 
    (the single member of its genus)
    Coereba flaveola bartholemica 
    (on Dominica)
    Coereba flaveola martinicana 
    (on St. Lucia & Martinique)
    (In all, there are 41 subspecies of the
    Bananaquit; 24 of them are on islands in the Caribbean. 2 more subspecies follow.)   
  71. "Black Bananaquit" ______ SV   (part of the Bananaquit)
    Coereba f. atrata  (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  72. Lesser Antillean Tanager (LAe)______ SV  (this species restricted to 2 islands, St. Vincent & Grenada)
    Tangara cucullata versicolor  (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  73. Shiny (or Glossy) Cowbird______ SL,SV
    Molothrus bonariensis minimus 
    (this is the subspecies of the West Indies & the Guianas & adjacent no. Brazil; it's also spread into North America, starting in Florida)
  74. Carib Grackle______ BD,DM,SL,SV,
    Quiscalus lugubris 
    (8 subspecies, most of them only on Caribbean islands)
    Quiscalus lugubris fortirostris 
    (on Barbados & Antigua, where we saw at airport)
    Quiscalus lugubris guadeloupensis 
    (on Dominica & other northern islands of the Lesser Antilles)
    Quiscalus lugubris inflexirostris 
    (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies)
    Quiscalus lugubris contrusus 
    (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies)
  75. Saint Lucia Oriole (nt) (SLe)______ SL
    Icterus laudabilis 

  76. Lesser Antillean Saltator (LAe) ______ DM  (formerly conspecific with Streaked Saltator of South America)
    Saltator albicollis guadelupenis  (on Dominica & Guadeloupe) 

  77. Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (LAe)______ DM,SL,SV
    Loxigilla noctis dominicana  (on Dominica & Guadeloupe)
    Loxigilla noctis sclateri 
    (on St. Lucia, where it's an endemic subspecies)
    Loxigilla noctis crissalis 
    (on St. Vincent, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  78. Saint Lucia Black Finch (nt) (SLe)______ SL
    Melanospiza richardsoni 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus)

  79. Black-faced Grassquit______ DM,SL,SV
    Tiaris bicolor omissus 
    (this subspecies occurs from Puerto Rico south to Venezuela)
  80. House Sparrow ______ SV