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Lesser Antilles Birds 
during the FONT Tour
in February 2011 


February 22-27 

This list compiled by Armas Hill, 
the leader of the tour



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A Bird-List & Photo Gallery of Caribbean Birds, in 2 parts:
Part #1: Guineafowl to Hummingbirds

Part #2: Trogons to Buntings


AT: on Antigua
BU: on Barbuda
DM: on Dominica
GD: on Guadeloupe

(i): introduced species
(t): a globally threatened or rare species, designated by Birdlife International
        (t1): critical    (t2): endangered    (t3): vulnerable
(nt): a near-threatened species globally

(Wle):    endemic to West Indies
(WIr):     rare in the West Indies 
(LAe):    endemic to Lesser Antilles
(SLe):    endemic in St. Lucia
(SLr):     rare in St. Lucia
(SVe):    endemic in St. Vincent
(DMe):   endemic in Dominica
(DMr):    rare in Dominica


  1. Helmeted Guineafowl  (i)  ______  BU
    Numida meleagris

  2. West Indian Whistling Duck  ______  BU
    Dendrocygna arborea

  3. White-cheeked Pintail  ______  BU
    Anas bahamensis

  4. Pied-billed Grebe  ______  BU
    Podilymbus podiceps 

  5. Great Blue Heron  ______  GD
    Ardea herodias

  6. Great Egret  ______ BD,GD
    (formerly Casmerodius or Egretta) alba egretta

  7. Snowy Egret  ______ GD
    (formerly Leucophoyx) thula brewsteri

  8. Little Blue Heron  ______ GD
    (formerly Florida) caerulea  (now monotypic)

  9. Western Cattle Egret  ______ AT,BU,DM,GD
    Bubulcus ibis

  10. Green Heron ______  BD,DM,GD  (was for a time considered conspecific with the nearly-cosmopolitan Striated Heron, and was then called Green-backed Heron)
    Butorides virescens maculata

  11. Red-billed Tropicbird  ______  BU
    Phaethon aethereus

  12. Magnificent Frigatebird  ______  AT,BU,DM
    Fregata magnificens

  13. Brown Pelican  ______  AT,BU,DM,GD
    Pelecanus o. occidentalis

  14. Brown Booby  ______  BU
    Sula l. leucogaster

  15. Osprey  ______  BU,DM,GD
    Pandion haliaetus
    (2 subspecies occur in the West Indies: P. h. ridgwayiP. h. carolinensis

  16. Broad-winged Hawk  ______  AT,DM
    Buteo platypterus 

  17. American Kestrel  ______  BU,GD
    Falco sparverius caribaearum 
    (this Caribbean subspecies in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, & the Lesser Antilles; resident) 

  18. Merlin  ______ AT,BU
    Falco c. columbarius 

  19. Common Moorhen (or Gallinule) ______ BU,GD
    Gallinula chloropus cerceris 

  20. Black-necked Stilt  ______  BU
    Himantopus mexicanus

  21. Spotted Sandpiper  ______ GD
    Actitis macularius 

  22. Greater Yellowlegs______ BU,DM
    Tringa melanoleuca

  23. Willet  ______  GD
    Tringa s. semipalmata

  24. Laughing Gull  ______ DM
    (formerly Larus) atricilla 

  25. Royal Tern  ______  AT,DM,GD
    (formerly Sterna) m. maxima

  26. Scaly-naped (or Red-necked) Pigeon______ DM
    (formerly Columba) squamosa  (monotypic)

  27. White-crowned Pigeon  ______  AT
    (formerly Columba) leucocephala

  28. Feral Pigeon (i)  ______  GD
    Columba livia

  29. Zenaida Dove ______ AT,BU,DM,GD
    Zenaida a. aurita 
    (subspecies endemic to the Lesser Antilles)

  30. Eurasian Collared Dove (i)  ______  BU,GD
    Streptopelia decaocto

  31. Common Ground Dove ______  AT,BU,DM,GD
    Columbina passerina nigrirostris
    (on Dominica)
    Columbina passerina antillarum
    (on St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, & Barbados)

  32. Ruddy Quail-Dove______ DM
    Geotrygon m. montana

  33. Imperial Amazon (or Parrot) (t2) (DMe)______ DM  (known on Dominica as the "Sisserou")
    Amazona imperialis  (monotypic)

  34. Red-necked Amazon (or Parrot) (t3) (another name is "Bouquet's Amazon") (DMe)______ DM  (known on Dominica as the "Jaco" or "Perroquet")
    Amazona arausiaca  (monotypic)

  35. Mangrove Cuckoo ______ BU,GD  
    Coccyzus minor
    (now said to be monotypic, formerly subspecies in the West Indies: Coccyzus m. nesiotes)

  36. Lesser Antillean Swift (LAe)______ DM
    Chaetura martinica 

  37. Blue-headed Hummingbird (LAe)______ DM  (restricted to the 2 islands of Dominica & Martinique)
    Cyanophaia bicolor 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus)  

  38. Purple-throated Carib (LAe)______ DM 
    Eulampis jugularis 

  39. Green-throated Carib (WIe) ______ AT
    Eulampis h. holosericeus

  40. Antillean Crested Hummingbird (WIe) ______  AT,BU,DM,GD
    Orthorhyncus cristatus exilis
    (on Dominica)

  41. Guadeloupe Woodpecker  (GDe)  ______  GD
    Melanerpes herminieri

  42. Gray Kingbird ______  AT,BU,DM,GD
    Tyrannus dominicensis vorax 
    (this subspecies restricted to the Lesser Antilles & Trinidad)

  43. Lesser Antillean Flycatcher (LAe)______ DM,GD
    Myiarchus o. oberi 
    (this subspecies restricted to Dominica & Guadeloupe)
  44. Caribbean Elaenia (WIe)  ______ BU
    Elaenia m. martinica 
    (this subspecies endemic to the Lesser Antilles)

  45. Black-whiskered Vireo  ______  GD
    Vireo altiloquus

  46. Caribbean Martin  ______  GD
    Progne dominicensis

  47. "Lesser Antillean" House Wren  ______  DM
    Troglodytes aedon rufescens

  48. Tropical Mockingbird  ______ GD
    Mimus gilvus antillarum 
    (this subspecies endemic to the Lesser Antilles)

  49. Scaly-breasted Thrasher  (LAe)  ______  DM,GD
    (or has been said to be Margarops) fuscus  (the single member of its genus)
    A. f. hypenema 
    (on Dominica)

  50. Pearly-eyed Thrasher  (WIe)______ BU,GD
    Margarops fuscatus 

  51. Brown Trembler (LAe)  ______ DM  
    Cinclocerthia r. ruficauda 
    (on Dominica, where it's an endemic subspecies) 

  52. Forest Thrush (nt) (LAe)  ______  DM,GD
    Cichlherminia lherminieri

  53. Rufous-throated Solitaire (WIe)______ DM
    Myadestes genibarbis dominicanus 
    (on Dominica, where it's an endemic subspecies)

  54. Yellow Warbler  ______ BU   
    Dendroica petechia 

  55. Barbuda Warbler  (nt) (BUe)  ______  BU  (formerly conspecific with the Adelaide's Warbler of Puerto Rico & the Saint Lucia Warbler)
    Dendroica subita  (monotypic) 

  56. Plumbeous Warbler (LAe)______ DM,GD  (this species restricted to 2 islands, Dominica & Guadeloupe)
    Dendroica plumbea  (monotypic)

  57. Northern Waterthrush  ______  BU
    Parkesia (formerly Seiurus) molacilla

  58. Common Yellowthroat  ______  BU
    Geothlypis trichas

  59. Bananaquit  ______  AT,BU,DM,GD
    Coereba flaveola bartholemica  
    (In all, there are 41 subspecies of the
    Bananaquit; 24 of them are on islands in the Caribbean.)    
  60. Carib Grackle  ______  AT,BU,DM,GD
    Quiscalus lugubris fortirostris  (on Antigua & Barbuda)
    Quiscalus lugubris guadeloupensis 
    (on Dominica & Guadeloupe)
  61. Lesser Antillean Saltator (LAe)  ______ GD  (was conspecific with Streaked Saltator of South America)
    Saltator albicollis guadelupenis   

  62. Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (LAe)  ______  AT,BU,DM,GD
    Loxigilla noctis dominicana  (on Dominica & Guadeloupe)

  63. Black-faced Grassquit ______ AT,BU,DM,GD
    Tiaris bicolor omissus 
    (this subspecies occurs from Puerto Rico south to Venezuela)