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SOME Photos of

All of the photographs that follow
were sent to Focus On Nature Tours
by a teacher and students
from a school in Jamaica. 
The school is 
Pimento Hall International School,
in Runaway Bay. 

The photos were sent by the teacher, Shelley Hall,
as was the following e-mail
to Armas Hill at FONT.

Hi Armas, 
So exciting for us to see our photos in your website!
And it makes it a lot easier to go and find names
having such visuals.
Hope all is well.
And you will have to come to our school the next time
you make it to Jamaica.
Best, Shelley 

A Wasp Moth, Phoenicopeocta jamaicensis,
photographed April 2014



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#1 - photographed February 2014  

#2 - a moth, photographed February 2014

#3 - a Geometer moth, photographed February 2014

#4 - a moth, photographed February 2014
below, a closer look 

Above and below, #5 - photographed March 2014

6 + 7 - photographed March 2014


8 - photographed March 2014

The above, moths.
Butterflies will be added here soon. 

Identifications will be here soon also.
If you have any thoughts as to the id's
 of any of the above,
please send an e-mail to us at:

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