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in Sweden  
in the

1996 thru 2014

during the months of 
September and October

A cumulative list compiled by Armas Hill 

Photo at upper right:  ELK  (called MOOSE in North America, called ALG in Swedish)
(photographed during the FONT September 2007 tour in Sweden  by James Scheib) 


FS:  in the area of Falsterbo & Skanor in far-southern Sweden
OL:  on Oland Island, in the Baltic, off the coast of southeast Sweden  

sep:  in September
oct:   in October

(i):  introduced species in Europe


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Mammals of Europe

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  1. Western Hedgehog ______  FS sep
    Erinaceus europaeus

  2. Common Pipistrelle  (Dvargfladdermus)  ______  OI sep
    Pipistrellus pipistrellus

  3. Red Deer  (Kronhjort)   ______  sep oct  (called Elk in North America)
    Cervus elaphus

  4. Western Roe Deer  (Radjur) ______  FS OI sep
    Capreolus capreolus

  5. Fallow Deer (i)  (Dovhjort)  ______ OI sep
    Dama dama

    Fallow Deer 
    (photographed during the September 2007 FONT tour in Sweden
     by James Scheib)

  6. Elk  (Alg)  ______  OI sep  (called Moose in North America) (photo at top of list)
    Alces alces

  7. Red Squirrel  ______ sep
    Sciurus vulgaris

  8. European Rabbit  (Vildkanin)  ______  FS sep
    Oryctolagus cuniculus

  9. European Hare  ______
    Lepus europaeus

  10. Stoat (or Ermine ______
    Mustela erminea

  11. Eurasian Badger  (Gravling)  ______ sep
    Meles meles 

  12. Gray Seal  ______  FS OI sep
    Halichoerus grypus

  13. Harbor Seal  (Knubbsal)  ______  FS OI sep
    Phoca vitulina

    A Harbor Seal looking at us as we looked at it,
    during our September 2007 Sweden tour on Oland Island
    (photo by James Scheib)


    Small White  ______
      FS OI
    Artogeia rapae

    Small Copper  ______ FS OI
    Lycaena phlaeas

    Small Copper
    (photographed during the September 2007 FONT tour in Sweden
     by James Scheib)


    Small Tortoiseshell  ______  FS
    Aglais urticae

    Small Tortoiseshell
    (photographed during the September 2007 FONT tour in Sweden
     by James Scheib)

    Painted Lady  ______  FS
    Cynthia cardui

    Painted Lady
    (photo by Howard Eskin)

    Red Admiral  ______  FS
    Vanessa atlantica

    Red Admiral
    (photo by Karl Frafjord)

    Mammals (Daggdjur) 
    that have been recorded on 

    Oland Island, Sweden


    Status in Europe:
    (t2):  endangered
    (t3):  vulnerable
    (nt): near-threatened 


    Western Hedgehog  
    Erinaceus europaeus

    Pygmy Shrew
    Sorex minutus

    Water Shrew
    Neomys fodiens 

    Common Shrew
    Sorex araneus

    Common Mole
    Talpa europaea

    Pond Bat  (t2) ______
    Myotis dasycneme

    Natterer's Bat  (t3) ______
    Myotis nattereri

    Common Pipistrelle
    Pipistrellus pipistrellus

    Soprano Pipistrelle ______ 
    (split from the Common Pipistrelle in 1999) 
    Pipistrellus pygmaeus

    Nathusius' Pipistrelle
    Pipistrellus nathusii

    Northern Bat
    Eptesicus nilssoni  

    Common Serotine
    Eptesicus serotinus

    Barbastelle Bat  (t2) ______
    Barbastella barbastellus

    Red Fox
    Vulpes vulpes

    Mustela erminea

    Mustela nivalis 

    Western Polecat
    Mustela putorius

    American Mink (i)
    Mustela vison 

    Pine Marten
    Martes martes

    Eurasian Badger
    Meles meles

    Lutra lutra

    Harbor Seal  (t3) ______
    Phoca vitulina

    Ringed Seal  (t3) ______
    (formerly Pusa) hispida

    Grey Seal  (nt) ______
    Halichoerus grypus

    Harbor Porpoise
    Phocoena phocoena

    Wild Boar
    Sus scrofa

    Red Deer ______
    (called Elk in North America)
    Cervus elaphus

    Fallow Deer (i)
    Dama dama

    Elk  ______ 
    (called Moose in North America) 
    Alces alces

    Western Roe Deer
    Capreolus capreolus

    Red Squirrel
    Sciurus vulgaris

    Bank Vole
    Clethrionomys glareolus

    Northern Water Vole
    Arvicola terrestris

    Field Vole
    Microtus agrestis

    Wood Mouse
    Apodemus sylvaticus

    Yellow-necked Mouse
    Apodemus flavicollis

    Brown Rat (i)
    Rattus norvegicus

    House Mouse
    Mus Musculus

    Common Dormouse
    Musclardinus avellanarius

    Brown Hare
    Lepus europaeus

    Mountain Hare
    Lepus timidus

    European Rabbit
    Oryctolagus cuniculus