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Arizona - Summer 2001 Tour

Bolivia - Autumn 1994, where we saw total eclipse of the sun

Brazil - Jardin da Amazonia, or "Garden of the Amazon"

Brazil - October 2001 Tour

Colorado -  Spring 2001 Tour

Ecuador - Winter 2001 Tour

Guatemala - where we bird in the Land of the Mayas

Hungary - Spring 2001 Tour

Iceland - June 2002 Tour

Japan - FONT group in Amami newspaper

New Jersey, USA, Sept. 2001 Pelagic Trip

Pacific Coast, USA & Canada - Sept 2001 Tour


Arizona - Summer 2001 Tour

FONT Arizona Tour Group, Jul-Aug 2001
including members of VAAS, the Venice Area
Audubon Society of Florida 

Bolivia - Autumn 1994

Local people in Bolivia, where our group observed a total solar eclipse, during a FONT birding tour mostly in Argentina, November 1994.

Brazil - the Jardin da Amazonia or "Garden of the Amazon"
Located in Mato Grosso state, this is a favorite birding destination during FONT tours.

The Rio Claro, at Jardin da Amazonia
Along this river we've seen many birds, among them perched Amazonian Umbrellabird,
Point-tailed Palmcreeper in palms,
and at dusk potoos with open mouths catching insects.

List of Birds found at Jardin da Amazonia

Upcoming Brazil birding tours

Brazil - October 2001 Tour

In these 3 photos, FONT Oct 2001 Brazil tour participants enjoy both the birds and their time in both Amazonian & Atlantic forests. 
There were nearly 400 species of birds during the 10-day tour.
Link to the complete list of 870 birds during FONT Brazilian tours. 
Participants in these photos include: Betty Cutler and Carl Petty (upper), Herb Cutler (middle), and Dave Cutler (lower), with leader, Armas Hill, and one of our local guides, Pedro.    

There's a similar Brazilian itinerary again in Jul/Aug 2002. 

Colorado -  Spring 2001 Tour

Part of our Colorado 2001 tour group in ptarmigan country.

Our Colorado 2001 tour group at breakfast, 
after seeing the prairie-chickens.

Ecuador - Winter 2001 Tour

February 2001 Tour Participants atop tower at 
Sacha Lodge in Amazonian Ecuador. 

Sacha Lodge

Guatemala - where we bird in the Land of the Mayas

Antigua, where our tours begin.

Costume masks, as we saw them 
during our '01/02 Holiday Tour, near Antigua.

Women at the market, in Quetzaltenangeo,
as we saw them during our '01/02 Holiday Tour.

The Highlands, where we see Mountain Trogons 
and Pink-headed Warblers.

Local people in the Guatemalan highlands. 

By Lake Atitlan, we saw Sparkling-tailed Hummingbirds,
Rusty Sparrows, and Bushy-crested Jays.

Guatemalan coffee, grown where we were, 
is wonderful to drink!

Temples at Tikal: Temple 4
(left); Temple 2 (right).
At Temple 4 during our  '01/02 Holiday Birding Tour,
there were 2 Orange-breasted Falcons. 

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Hungary - Spring 2001 Tour

Group photographed by the Phoenix Statue - marking the center of Europe.

Iceland June 2002 Tour

FONT Iceland Tour Group, June 2002.
(Photo courtesy of  Carol & Wayne Pembroke.)

Flock of Kittiwakes on glacial ice during FONT Iceland Tour, June 2002.
(Photo courtesy of  Carol & Wayne Pembroke.)

Japan - FONT tour group in the newspaper on the island of Amami

New Jersey, USA, Pelagic Trip
Sept. 2001

Alan Brady (left) & Armas Hill (right) with Yi-Wen Liu, from Taiwan, on the FONT pelagic trip from Barnegat Light, New Jersey, Sept. 4, 2001.
(Photo by Mary Scott of

An essay with photos of this trip in the web-site:

Pacific Coast, USA & Canada, Sept 2001 Tour

FONT Pacific Coast Tour Group, Sept  2001,
in Washington State.

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