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Birds & Other Nature 

during the Focus On Nature Tour
in the
Cayman Islands 

in December 2010

List compiled by Armas Hill, leader of the tour

Photo at right, the YUCATAN VIREO, 
The subspecies Vireo magister caymanensis 
is endemic to Grand Cayman Island.
Grand Cayman is the only place in the Caribbean
where this species occurs.


December 1-4


(t): a globally threatened or rare species, designated by Birdlife International.
    (t1): critical     (t2): endangered     (t3): vulnerable
(nt): a near-threatened species globally.

(i): introduced species

(neCY):   Cayman Island near-endemic


Birds during FONT Cayman Island Tours

A List & Photo Gallery of Birds of the Caribbean, in 2 Parts:
Part #1: Guinea Fowl to Hummingbirds

Part #2: Trogons to Buntings

Butterflies of the West Indies of the Caribbean  (with some photos)

Amphibians & Reptiles of the West Indies of the Caribbean

Marine Life of the Caribbean

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  1. Red Junglefowl (i)  
    Gallus gallus

  2. West Indian Whistling Duck (t3)
    Dendrocygna arborea

  3. Blue-winged Teal
    Anas discors

  4. Lesser Scaup
    Aythya affins 

  5. Pied-billed Grebe
    Podilymbus podiceps antillarum 

  6. Brown Pelican
    Pelecanus o. occidentalis 

  7. Magnificent Frigatebird
    Fregata magnificens   

  8. Great Blue Heron   
    Ardea h. herodias

  9. Western Cattle Egret
    Bubulucus ibis

  10. Green Heron
    Butorides virescens maculata  

  11. Tricolored Heron
    Egretta tricolor ruficollis 

  12. Little Blue Heron
    Egretta caerula  

  13. Snowy Egret
    Egretta thula brewsteri 

  14. Great Egret
    (has been Ardea) alba egretta    

  15. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
    Nyctanassa violacea bancrofti 

  16. Least Bittern
    Ixobrychus e. exilis    

  17. Peregrine Falcon
    Falco peregrinus

  18. Merlin
    Falco c. columbarius

  19. American Kestrel
    Falco sparverius sparveroides 
    (resident subspecies in Cuba, the Bahamas, & the Caymans)

  20. Osprey
    Pandion haliaetus  

  21. Northern Harrier
    Curcus (cyaneus) hudsonius

  22. King Rail
    Rallus elegans    

  23. Common Gallinule (or Moorhen  
    Gallinula chloropus cerceris

  24. American Coot     
    Fulica a. americana

  25. Black-bellied Plover
    Plivialis squatarola cynosurae  

  26. Black-necked Stilt  
    Himantopus mexicanus 

  27. Greater Yellowlegs
    Tringa melanoleuca

  28. Lesser Yellowlegs
    Tringa flavipes

  29. Spotted Sandpiper
    Actitis macularia

  30. Ruddy Turnstone
    Arenaria interpres morinella 

  31. Gull-billed Tern
    Gelochelidon nilotica aranea

  32. Royal Tern
    Thalasseus m. maxima

  33. Feral Pigeon (i)
    Columba livea

  34. Eurasian Collared Dove (i) 
    Streptopelia decaocto 

  35. Zenaida Dove
    Zenaida aurita zenaida   

  36. White-winged Dove
    Zenaida a. asiatica

  37. Common Ground Dove
    Columbina passerina insularis 

  38. Rose-throated (or Cayman) Amazon
    Amazona leucicephala caymanensis 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.)   

  39. Smooth-billed Ani
    Crotophaga ani

  40. Barn Owl
    Tyto alba furcata

  41. Eastern Whip-poor-will
    Caprimulgus vociferus   

  42. Belted Kingfisher
    Megaceryle alcyon   

  43. West Indian Woodpecker
    melaneropes superciliaris caymanensis 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.)  

  44. "Yellow-shafted" Northern Flicker
    Colaptes auratus gundlachi 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.) 

  45. Loggerhead Kingbird
    Tyrannus caudifasciatus caymanensis 
    (subspecies endemic to the Cayman Islands)   

  46. LaSagra's Flycatcher
    Myiarchus s. sagrae 

  47. Eastern Wood Pewee
    Contopus virens

  48. Caribbean Elaenia
    Elaenia martinica caymanensis 
    (subspecies endemic to the Cayman Islands)  

  49. Yucatan Vireo
    Vireo magister caymanensis 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.)      

  50. Barn Swallow 
    Hirundo rustica erythrogaster 

  51. Northern Mockingbird
    Mimus  polyglottos orpheus  
    (resident subspecies in the Caribbean)  

  52. Northern Parula
    Parula americana  

  53. Black-throated Blue Warbler
    Dendroica caerulescens

  54. "Myrtle" Yellow-rumped Warbler
    Dendroica c. coronata   

  55. Vitelline Warbler  (species nearly endemic to the Cayman Islands)
    Dendroica v. vitellina 
    (subspecies endemic on Grand Cayman Is.)  

  56. Palm Warbler
    Dendroica p. palmarum  

  57. Ovenbird
    Seiurus aurocapillus  

  58. American Redstart
    Setophaga ruticilla

  59. Greater Antillean Grackle
    Quiscalus niger caymanensis 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.)   

  60. Bananaquit
    Coereba flaveola sharpei 
    (subspecies endemic to the Cayman Islands)

  61. Western Spindalis
    Spindalis zona salvini 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.)  

  62. Cuban Bullfinch
    Melopyrrha nigra taylori 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.)

  63. Yellow-faced Grassquit
    Tiaris o.olivaceus 
    (subspecies of the Caymans, Cuba, & Jamaica)

    Other Wildlife during the FONT tour 
    in the Cayman Islands in December 2010

    (i): introduced species


  64. Velvety Free-tailed Bat
    Molossus molossus tropidorhynchus

    Amphibians & Reptiles 

  65. Cuban Treefrog
    Osteopilus septentrionalis

  66. Hickatee (or Taco River Slider)
    Trachemys decussata angusta 
    (endemic subspecies in the Caymans)

  67. Ground Gecko (or Wood Lizard)
    Sphaerodactylus argivus

  68. Grand Cayman Blue Iguana
    Cyclura nubila lewisi 
    (endemic subspecies in the Caymans)

  69. Green Iguana  (i)
    Iguana iguana

  70. Brown Anole (or Bush Lizard(i: on Grand Cayman)
    Anolis sagrei

  71. Curly-tailed Lizard (or Lion Lizard)
    Lelocephalus carinotus varius 
    (endemic subspecies in the Caymans)

  72. Cuban Racer  (or Ground Snake)
    Alsophis cantherigerus caymanus 
    (endemic subspecies in the Caymans)

    Butterflies & Moths

  73. Soldier
    Danaus eresimus tethys

  74. Cuban Red Leaf Butterfly
    Anaea troglodyta cubana

  75. Caribbean Buckeye
    Junonia genoveva 

  76. White Peacock
    Anartia jatrophae jamaicensis

  77. Gulf Fritillary
    Agraulis vanillae insularis

  78. Julia (or Flambeau)
    Dryas iulia zoe 
    (this subspecies in the Cayman Islands described in 1992)

  79. (Western) Pygmy Blue  (said to be the smallest butterfly in the world)
    Brephidium exilis thompsoni 
    (subspecies endemic to Grand Cayman Is.)

  80. Hanno Blue
    Hemiargus hanno filenus

  81. Lucas's Blue  
    Cyclargus ammon erembis 
    (subspecies endemic to the Cayman Islands)

    Further research could show Cyclargus ammon erembis to be specifically distinct, and thus the only butterfly species endemic to the Cayman Islands. 

  82. Great Southern White
    Ascia monuste eubotea 
    (subspecies throughout the Greater Antilles & nearby islands) 

  83. False Barred Sulphur
    Eurema elathea

    The also-small Little Sulphur, Pyristia lisa, has not been noted in the Cayman Islands since 2002. 

  84. Cloudless Sulphur
    Phoebis s. sennae

  85. Tantalus Sphinx Moth  (as a moth)
    Aellopos tantalus

  86. Tetrio Sphinx Moth  (as a caterpillar)
    Pseudosphinx tetrio