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Since 1990, over 2,000 people (from 47 of the US states, and over 15 other countries) have participated on FONT birding tours, with many of those people traveling with us more than once.

Here, at FONT, we have been fortunate to have had so many repeat customers.

Over a thousand people participated on FONT East Coast USA pelagic trips over the years (from New Jersey, Delaware, and North Carolina). With more than half of them more than once, and many on a regular basis.

Following below are more of the comments that we have received after the tours and trips. 

Also, we are most appreciative that a number people who have been on our tours have contributed their photographs that are now throughout our web-site in various photo galleries & lists if birds and other nature.


Geographical Listing of Upcoming FONT Tours     Chronological List of Upcoming FONT Tours

FONT Past Tour Highlights 

Photos of People, Places, & More from Previous Tours in the FONT Archives: Galleries 1 to 4  

Comments received relating to our Birdline & Natureline


Comments and Testimonials

In an e-mail following our JUNE 2015 FONT tour in ICELAND: 

"Thanks for another great trip. I'm looking forward to another such birding adventure in the future with you and others."

Marie Gardner
Newark, Delaware 

From our archives, a note here from a long-time FONT tour participant with traveled with us multiple times: 

"During the last 18 years, travel and the observation of nature, especially birds, with Focus On Nature Tours, with the leadership of an enthusiastic world traveler, Armas Hill, has been for me a series of wonderful experiences.
Most of those tours have been in the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to the Antarctic. Some of these frequent trips with FONT have been among the most exciting of those that I've done during the 80 years of my lifetime, during which I've had the good fortune to visit as many as 136 countries. 
Armas has some exceptional abilities. During my first tour with him in Argentina & Chile, I remarked about being with a man whose intensity and observation and identification skills, whether it be of birds, animals, or butterflies, were uncanny. Additionally, his capabilities relating to people, geography, language, and his recollection of territory has been extremely impressive.
Again and again, with Armas and with FONT over the years, often in remote and unusual places, we've experienced what could well have put into a book, laden with the element of adventure."  

Edwin Finkel
Malvern, Pennsylvania

Following here is some of the e-mail correspondence received at FONT during 2014.
During the second half of the year, there were no FONT tours conducted by Armas Hill
due to a serious illness.
Following treatments, the good word for Armas is "curative".   
In 2015, his re-scheduling of tours resumed.

In an e-mail on December 26, 2014: 

"You are welcome to use my photographs of butterflies in the Dominican Republic in your web-site.

Happy New Year."

Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic

To Robert, thank you so much.

To see photographs of Caribbean butterflies and moths, including some by Robert Van Brussel:

Butterflies of the Dominican Republic

Lists and Photo Galleries of Butterflies and Moths of Caribbean Islands 

In an e-mail on December 25, 2014:

"Hi Armas,

I wish you and your family a happy Christmas.

Feliz navidad,"

Loja, Ecuador

Pablo Andrade is not only a friend, but he was our local guide for FONT during our April/May 2014 birding and nature tour in Ecuador. 

In a note on December 24, 2014:

"Armas and Rise,

Hope Christmas brings everything you're wishing for - and for you a very, happy and healthy new year."

Rosemarie and Howard 
Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA  

Over the years, Howard Eskin has kindly shared with FONT his photographs of birds.
Thank you so much, Howard. 
Now in the FONT website, there are photographs by Howard Eskin of over 130 different species of North American birds. 
Click below to see a 6-part photo gallery containing Howard's bird photos.

A List and Photo Gallery of North American Birds, in 6 parts 

In an e-mail on December 24, 2014:


Looking forward to our next tour, whenever and wherever it will be.

Merry Christmas."

Newark, Delaware, USA

In an e-mail on December 23, 2014:

"Armas and Rise,

I hope this finds both of you well, or still recovering, Armas. Have you finished with your treatments?
Are you going to do some trips soon?

Please keep us updated on your progress both in health and trips. We are at that point of life that our trips have to easier. Would you have a good one?"

(Yes we will, and we'll let you know - with some suggestions, here in our website, and on their way to you by mail.)

Best regards,

Garden Grove, California, USA

In an e-mail on December 20, 2014:


I hope you are recovering well. I keep you in my prayers."

Dee Ann
Chalfont, Pennsylvania, USA

In an e-mail on December 18, 2014:


FYI, I've had some physical issues of late, and so it is really hard for me to get up early. I haven't been sleeping well, and I need to do lots of exercises before leaving the house.
So I don't know if I am gong to do anymore trips where I can't start the day in a leisurely fashion - the opposite of most birding trips.
But I do want you to know how much I enjoyed my trip with you in Guatemala (in 2007), and especially our visit at the Mayan ruins of Aguateca."

All the best,

Washington, DC, USA

In an e-mail on December 16, 2014:

"Hi Armas,

Hope all is going well with you, and that you and yours have a great Christmas."

Washington State, USA    

In a note on December 15, 2014: 

"Dear Armas and Rise,

My prayers are with you both and I pray that 2015 will be a great year for you.

I look forward to our next "birding tour", wherever or whenever that might be."

(Ray enjoyed a FONT tour with us in Texas in March 2014, during which birds included the Whooping Crane and the Golden-cheeked Warbler, both of them lifers for Ray - and good ones at that!)   

Doylestown, PA, USA

In an e-mail on December 12, 2014:

"Hello, Focus On Nature Tours,

In February, I am going on a trip to Central America with a British tour company.
My particular interest is butterflies, I have found your website (List and Photo Gallery) to be extremely helpful.
There is, as far as I know, only one book that covers this region. "Butterflies of Mexico and Central America" by Jeffrey Glassberg, and your list is a very useful supplement.
To complete your list, did you use any other field guide to butterflies of that region?
If not, the knowledge accumulated throughout your visits could well be published into a book of your own.
Glassberg's book is very good as far as it goes, but if you could recommend any other books covering that area I would be most grateful.
I would also be interested in finding out more about Focus On Nature Tours."

Best regards,

John Walford
York, England

For more information about butterflies and moths of Central America:

A List and Photo Gallery, in 6 Parts, of Central American Butterflies and Moths 

In a note on December 11, 2014:


Happy holidays, and hope you're feeling better."

Gerry and Chris,
Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA

In an e-mail on November 11, 2014:


I just recently learned about your surgery. I'm so sorry and can't imagine what you are going through. I hope you soon will be recovered and back to your more-normal activities.

I haven't forgotten that I told you that I would send you photo of some central Texas wildflowers. Will do so soon."

Your friend,
Wimberley, Texas, USA

In November 2014, we received a very sad e-mail from someone both a friend and one of our clients: 

"Dear Armas,

Afraid both you and I are having a bad year. Dot, my wonderful wife of 58 years, died suddenly yesterday.

From us at FONT, our sincere condolences.  

A day or two later in another e-mail: "Thank you, Armas, for the kind words and for caring."  

Hoping that all is proceeding well there with your recuperation." 

Wimberley, Texas, USA   

A few years ago, Jerry was the organizer of a week-long tour in Iceland, with FONT.
Earlier in 2014, Jerry and Dot arranged a reunion in Texas for those of us on that Iceland tour - actually that was the second such Iceland Tour Reunion that they arranged for us in Texas, in Wimberley near Austin. 

In an e-mail November 5, 2014:

"Hi Armas,

We're really glad to hear you're recovering well. And hope you've been able to get in some birding.

Bucks County Birders has one more program this year, then we're off until January. That program will be about e-bird and next will be yours in February. 
Everyone is really looking forward to seeing you then, but if you feel up to it, it would be great to see you at an earlier program.

If there's anything we can do to help in any way, please don't hesitate to ask."


And best regards,

LeRoy and Marsha Tabb 
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 

In an e-mail October 27, 2014:


I had no idea (about your illness). but I am illness that you are on the mend, and like Kevin I miss hearing that pleasant voice. 
When you can, call and say hello, and please keep getting better."

Marsha, Karen, and Kevin   
Lauderhill, Florida, USA

Marsha, Karen, and Kevin work at the office that handles flight and hotel arrangements for FONT tours. 

In an e-mail October 22, 2014:

""Thanks, Armas, for your recent visit, coming by to say hello!

We are sending you our prayers and strength."

Mary Penney
Managing Director, Bucks County Audubon Society
New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA

In an e-mail following our DECEMBER 2013 FONT tour in ARGENTINA:

"Hi Armas,

My total of life birds during the Argentina tour was 60. More than I had anticipated.
Also 13 new and interesting mammals!

Despite the wind, it was a really great trip.
As you know, I particularly liked observing the sea lions and elephant seals just being themselves.
And walking among the penguins was really a cool experience!
Speaking of "cool", our easy hike to view the Moreno Glacier won't ever be forgotten.

Where to go next on another FONT tour"? Who knows..


Marie Gardner
Delaware, USA   

In an e-mail following our OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2013 FONT tour in JAPAN:

"Hi Armas,

Your Autumn 2013 FONT Japan Tour was a very interesting trip for me. I very much enjoyed interacting with the Japanese people, and the country.
I have many great memories of a wonderful adventure.
Your knowledge of the birds and fauna is very impressive.
I hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving and will have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."  

Robert Dix
Texas, USA

In e-mails following our SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 FONT tour in ICELAND:


I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the trip - I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
With birds, waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, hot springs, fall colors, black sand beaches, rocky coastlines, and rugged highlands. Plus a few adventures!

Maybe we'll have a chance to travel together again."

Virginia, USA

"As we told you, my mother and I really enjoyed the tour with you in Iceland. We need to do one again sometime!"

Coleen Shannon   

In an e-mail following our JULY 2013 FONT tour in PANAMA:

"Had a BLAST".

Karen Chiasson
Alabama, USA


In e-mails following our APRIL 2013 FONT tour in ECUADOR:


I want to thank you for the great time I had (in Ecuador). Lots of birdy stuff and fun too."

Gwen Woodhouse
Ontario, Canada


Just want to thank you for the truly wonderful trip in Ecuador.
It was my 13th tour with FONT, and this one in a truly beautiful country.
I'll never forget the extraordinary experiences we had seeing the Oilbirds in a cave, as many as 21 Andean Condors in one viewing, the Antpittas up close, and the numerous species of hummingbirds, including some that are spectacular."

Marie Gardner
Delaware, USA    

In an e-mail received in June 2013 referring to the FONT website:

"Thank you so much for a magnificent website about the BIRDS. It is incredibly beautiful.
 I am so happy I found it today. I will be your fan.

 Warm greetings from Warsaw, Poland."

Malgorzata Piasecka

In e-mails received in April 2013, referring to features in the FONT website:

"Hi Armas,

I very much enjoy your e-mail updates and website." 

Wayne Laubscher

"Your website is very interesting."

Robert Halperin

"Hope you're now having a great tour in Ecuador. Wish I could join you.
The features in your FONT website relating to birds and other natural history subjects are fantastic.
I enjoy looking at them from my naturalist's point of view.
Thanks for keeping up with it."

Ken Bass

In a note following a presentation entitled "Birds on the Brink" about birds either currently or previously threatened with extinction, given by Armas Hill in Elkton, Maryland in February 2013:

"Dear Armas,

What a great presentation! We all enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the talk.
We're all a little wiser now.

Thanks again."

Maryanne Dolan
President, Cecil County Bird Club

And in more correspondence received following the same presentation, ""Birds on the Brink"", in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, also in February 2013:

"Hi Armas,

Thanks so much for a GREAT presentation. My wife, Marsha, and I enjoyed every minute.
I was also impressed by the turnout, especially on a somewhat dreary late winter evening." 

LeRoy Tabb,
Vice President, Bucks County Birders


It was great to attend your talk. You are such an interesting speaker and have so much to say.
Lots to think about. Keep up the good work."

Gene Gladston

"Everyone enjoyed your presentation!".

Howard Eskin

In the Buck County Birders Facebook Page:

"A great talk tonight!"

Judy Hayman    

In an e-mail after our JUNE 2012 FONT birding and nature tour in ICELAND: 

"Hello Armas,

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful trip. We enjoyed the birding, the Icelandic scenery, and your company."

Gabi & Tovi Hauser
Maryland, USA

In an e-mail after our APRIL 2012 FONT birding and nature tour in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC:

""It was really a great tour!" 

Marie Gardner
Delaware, USA 

In a note and an e-mail received after our MARCH 2012 FONT birding and nature tour in COSTA RICA:

Thanks so much for a great trip. Hope to do another one sometime."

Dave Packer
Pennsylvania, USA

"A great trip. Thanks for everything you did to make it special and memorable".

Virginia & Gwen Woodhouse
Ontario, Canada   

In an e-mail and note received after our NOVEMBER 2011 FONT birding and nature tour in CHILE:

"It was a grand trip, Armas. Thanks so much for a super tour in Chile. It was wonderful. Your driving was excellent, and your disposition charming and calm.
We had to come home much too soon. 
Thanks again for "hauling us about" on a best kind of holiday trip".

Patricia & Frank
Colorado, USA

In a note received in December 2011:

"We have fond memories of our birding trips together !"

Betty & Herb Cutler
Pennsylvania, USA 

In an e-mail received in August 2012:

"Hi Armas,

Delighted to see you are still going strong. I receive your excellent rare bird and other occasional internet posts. Keep ém coming."

Steve Gantlett,
editor (since 1988) of "Birding World" magazine in England  

And we have every issue of "Birding World" in our library, donated to us by Alan Brady.

In e-mails received after Armas Hill gave a presentation about "Birds and Other Nature of Chile" in Pennsylvania in July 2012:

"We especially enjoyed your talk last evening to the Bucks County Birders group."

Herk & Karen Hoffman

"I enjoyed your presentation last evening."

Howard Eskin

"My wife & I enjoyed your presentation. Chile has always been a country that has interested me and the poetry you included (by Neruda) gave us a different style of a program."

Wilson Varcoe

Armas Hill can be available to give programs to clubs & organizations. Including those about birds & other nature of Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Iceland, and other fascinating places.
Please contact us at:  

In e-mails received  from people referring our BIRDLINE and NATURELINE, in November 2012:

Following our November 5, 2012 edition related to Hurricane Sandy and its impact on birds and people:

"Hi Armas,

That was an impressive summary." 

Joan Weinmayr
Massachusetts, USA

"Great work."

Gene Gladston
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA  

"Your narrative pretty well sums up the impact and astonishing avian fall-out of the monster storm. It is a good read". 

George Franchois
Pennsylvania, USA

"Hi Armas,

I really enjoyed your report (in the Nov 5, 2012 Birdline) on Sandy and the fallout of birds. 
Crazy stuff. I'm sure there was no end to the amazing birds that got caught up in that storm."

Diane Allison,
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA   

In relation to the comment in the Nov 5, 2012 Birdline text about a bird identified years ago in Pennsylvania as a Kermadac Petrel having possibly been, instead, a Trinidade Petrel:


Please read my paper in the Wilson Bulletin and carefully examine the photos in the article.
Note, in particular, the shape of the tail in my photos and the whitish base of the tail feathers. Then compare with the tail of Pterodroma arminjoniana and note the differences between it and Pterodroma neglecta.

I am positive that the late Dr. Robert Cushman Murphy got it right when he identified the bird."


Don Heintzelman
Pennsylvania, USA

Link to:  the Nov 5, 2012 Birdline & Natureline about the hurricane and storm Sandy

In e-mails received in September and October 2012 from people receiving our BIRDLINE and NATURELINE:

Following the Oct 19 edition of the Birdline:  "Armas, very nice. As usual."

Pennsylvania, USA 

"Thanks Armas - you have the most interesting and comprehensive reports".

Bob Keener
Pennsylvania, USA

"Your (latest) Birdline was, again, a good read.""

Trevor Ford
Queensland, Australia

"As usual Armas, another beautifully done synopsis."

John T
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA

"I enjoy following your e-mails (Birdlines and Naturelines), and the Focus On Nature Website, and hope to join you on a tour soon".


"Your Birdline is very interesting, and thanks for passing along the info about the Ipswich Sparrows".

Zoe Crysler

"(Your mentioning the Loggerhead Shrikes that nest in Canada) is fantastic exposure for the program (underway here for their protection). Thank you very much! We appreciate your spreading the word".

Ontario, Canada

" I love the e-mails."

Jo Martin

"A very interesting report. The story about the Short-tailed Albatross was fascinating".

Gene Gladston
Pennsylvania, USA 

In e-mails received in August 2012, relating to our BIRDLINE and NATURELINE, including another from Gene:

"Great stuff, Armas. Keep up the good work."

Gene Gladston
Pennsylvania, USA

"I have enjoyed reading your posts."

Hugh McGuinness
Long Island, New York, USA

To some previous Birdlines and Naturelines, please go to our:  


In e-mails received in July 2012 following our sending of an e-mail bulletin relating to a recent FONT tour in ICELAND:

"Great summary as usual, Armas. I think you should write a book when you retire. You have a certain flair when describing birds and places.
Thanks for including me when you send your E-news."

Jerry Theis, Ph.D.
Arizona, USA  (who has traveled with FONT over the years)

"Oh, I remember Iceland well  (referring to being on FONT Iceland Tour a few years previously).
Thank you for sharing."

Mitsu Wasano
San Jose, California, USA 

In an e-mail received in October 2012 relating to the FONT website:

"Your website is great already, and yet it is getting better all the time. I particularly like what you have about the butterflies. Websites like yours help to enable us to figure things out." 

Arizona, USA

In an e-mail received in May 2012 relating to the FONT website, entitled "Birding Education for Kids":


My 4H group and I are writing to you to say thank you for such a great resource (referring to the FONT website).
The kids wanted me to reach out to you. During the process of researching, they and I came across your website - they loved it!
We have been composing our own birding guide. They will be discussing different birds that interest them and several of the kids love hummingbirds, so we've been giving some special attention for information on those magnificent little creatures.

I was wondering if you would possibly include a few sources that we found interesting and useful into your site (with links) as well. I would love to show them that they contributed and that their research has proven useful to others out there in the big "world wide web".

(Two such resources that they suggested have been put into our page of links to other bird and nature related websites, one pertaining to hummingbird gardens and the other "all about birds".)

I hope we have not bothered you  (our response: far from it!),
but again the kids wanted to send a thank you!!"    

near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

In an e-mail received in March 2012 relating to the FONT website:

"I just wanted to say how useful I have found the list of butterflies of the Caribbean in your website.
Thanks for publishing your butterfly list on the internet."

Nick Morgan
in the United Kingdom

In e-mails received in December and November 2011 relating to the BIRDLINE, sent out by FONT:

"Dear Armas,

I am getting, and enjoy, your Birdline (blog), and I wish you well."

California, USA   (who traveled with FONT on a tour in Guatemala)

" I've enjoyed your recent run of Birdlines (received by e-mail). You've always had a way with words. You should be giving more presentations and programs." 

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA  

(Regarding the Birdline), "Love your informative blurbs."

John T
Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA

"Hello Armas,

We like, each week, reading your Birdline. Very interesting. And fascinating with the data you collect on sightings and patterns.
Thanks for all the work you put into it, and for sharing."

Dell & Gerin
Texas, USA

"Really enjoy your birding reports. Hope all is well with you & yours."

Texas, USA  (who traveled with FONT on a tour in Iceland)

A link to:  Recent Birdlines & some Birdline Archives

In an e-mail received in October 2011, relating to the BIRDLINE, sent out by FONT:

"Hi Armas,

I've been reading the Birdlines with great interest lately .... it's extremely informative and I really enjoy reading about some of the more extralimital stuff that I don't always have time to find out on my own. 
Nice work!
And glad to know that FONT is alive and well ... hadn't heard much about it lately ... best of luck !"

Take care,

Bill Etter,
Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA

In an e-mail received in September 2011, in response to a BIRDLINE and FONT e-mail:

"Hi Armas,

I hope all has been well for you.

Your enthusiasm and love of all-things-nature is shown in the reports that you write - from detailed bird and butterfly lists (in the FONT website) to sightings around the area (in the "Birdline").
When I read the post hurricane (Irene) birding report, I had a feeling that compiling the message was a labor of love that you dove into!
Thanks for sharing your expertise and passion for nature.

We have a small nature chat-line in our area and I forward your reports on to others, giving you credit for the report."

Bob Grosek
Binghamton, NY, USA

In e-mails received in August 2011, following a presentation at Peace Valley, near Doylestown, in Bucks County, PA, to the "Bucks County Birding Group": 

"Thanks, Armas, for the wonderful program (to our group) tonight about Brazil. Great job!"

Dee Ann

"Armas, you actually were very good last night, and I know everyone enjoyed it".


"I thought you did very well in the presentation the other night. People seemed to enjoy your travel experiences with the great birds and mammals seen (during FONT tours)." 


Armas Hill, of Focus On Nature Tours, would be glad to give a program to clubs, organizations, or groups of any kind.
Topics could include the birds and other nature of various places visited by FONT including: Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Iceland, Japan.

In an e-mail received in August 2011, in response  to a FONT e-mail bulletin relating to a tour in Brazil:

"Dear Armas,
Sounds as if you are still running great trips. We are retired now from any long birding tours. I have had back troubles and we are resting on our laurels of over 6,050 (bird) lifers, and all but 4 of the bird families.

We wish you all the luck in the future and we thank you for the trips we have had with you.""

Voni & Joe Strasser
Pennsylvania, USA  

In an e-mail received in February 2011:

"I used to go on your pelagic trips, mostly out of Manteo, North Carolina, fairly regularly. I always thought that your trips were well organized and efficiently run.
I hope all is well with you and I miss your pelagics.
Best wishes,"

New York, USA

In another e-mail received in March 2011: 

"Hi Armas,

I think of you every now and then, and remember your wonderful pelagic trips in the mid-90s. With them, amazing memories, and even now I have to thank you.
I see (in your website) that you're still active in birding tours - that's fantastic!"

Maryland, USA

In an e-mail received at FONT on June 2, 2011, after our MAY 2011 birding and nature tour in BRAZIL:

"Dear Armas,

"We had a great time, and have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, relating some of our many adventures. Our bird total was phenomenal!
Thank you so much fore being our good guide, taking us to so many unusual places".

Pat & Lee
North Carolina, USA  

In an e-mail received at FONT on May 8, 2011 after our APRIL 2011 birding and nature tour in BELIZE:

"Dear Armas,

I really did enjoy the tour, although it was too short!  I appreciated, especially, your extra efforts for us to see the Agami Heron. Not an easy achievement.""

Delaware, USA  

In an e-mail received at FONT on March 14, 2011 - an unexpected note, "out of the blue", relating to a previous tour in Spain:

"Dear Armas,

Christina and I think of you and our time together (in Spain in October 2005) often, and I hope that your life - and your birding tours - are going wonderfully. 
That truly was a fantastic trip - I can't believe that we were able to put so many adventures into just a few days.

I think about the little European Robin and the other songbirds drinking and bathing at the "waterhole", the haunting hoot of the Eagle Owl, the spooky Griffon Vultures winging by at eye level, the Great Tit that perched on your arm after you "pished" it, the Purple Gallinule (so much better sounding than "mud hen"), the sea of Flamingoes, the glimpse of the Kingfisher, the goofy Hoopoes, the Bustards (Great and Little), the Storks, the rare Gulls, and SO many more.

The "hill town in the cliffs" where we stayed (Albarracin in Aragon) was fantastic. So was the wonderful inn in the Gredos Mountains that offered up a splendid selection of dessert sherries (but alas with no Bee-eaters outside). And then there was the dead-end road in the hills, where it literally "took a village" to turn our car around!.    

You were a fantastic tour leader, Armas, and I'm glad to be back in touch, apologizing for being so incommunicado.

If you venture into (the San Francisco) Bay area, for a bird tour or whatever, we'd love to see you, and to sign up for anything that isn't too rugged."

California, USA

A note, in response, from Armas:

Thank you so much for kind words, but what impresses me the most is that your memories in what you wrote were as if the tour were yesterday, not 5 years ago!

In an e-mail on March 3, 2011 relating to the just-completed FONT tour in the CARIBBEAN: 

"Got as many new birds as hoped for, and had a good time too. Thanks for being flexible".

Michigan, USA 

Some general testimonials:

"Armas, someone as thoughtful and devoted to your clients as you are gives extra traveling opportunities. 
I would gladly give any potential customer a very good recommendation. 
Your attention to detail and everything about your tour (in Mexico, where I was with you) was excellent."

Hubert Hall
Nova Scotia, Canada

"Armas, I can give an excellent recommendation for you and FONT to anyone who asks. I had a great time on my FONT tour in Arizona and Mexico."

Doris Potter
Montreal, Canada  

In an e-mail received on January 7, 2011:

"I really enjoy your beautiful website".

Waldo Brouwer
The Netherlands

In an e-mail received in late 2010 from a participant on a previous FONT tour (in GUATEMALA):

"Armas, When I started thinking about (a future tour), I thought about you immediately. I was impressed with the way you worked and led the (previous) tour, and I liked your style enough to do another one." 

Robert Olley
New York, NY 

In an e-mail, around Christmas 2010, from a past tour participant recalling FONT tours a decade earlier:

To Armas:

"Seeing you again (recently), recalled for me those FONT Brazil and Venezuela tours, which were great!  
I'll never forget how (in southeast Brazil) you pulled out that perched Black-and-gold Cotinga - a bird having one of my all-time favorite bird sounds - higher up on that mountain, after hope of our actually seeing one seemed gone!"

Jim Eckert,
Reading, Pennsylvania


In an e-mail received on August 22, 2010:

"I have to say what a brilliant website you have!  I've spent ages checking out all the information - it's so interesting. As for the photos, they are wonderful, and maybe (when I'm on the upcoming tour in Brazil), I'll have the chance to add one or more of my own!"

Francesca Wilkes
Abu Dhabi


In an e-mail received on August 14, 2010:

"We find your website to be really interesting, and a beautiful job, especially about the "Amphibians and Reptiles of Guatemala and Belize". We ask for your permission to use the material here for students.
Sincerely yours." 

Antonio Diaz Barreda

(Of course, we gave the permission.)    

In messages following our MAY 2010 FONT birding and nature tour in JAPAN:

"A great tour, with great birds. During which I reached bird number 3,000 on my life-list!"

Fred Lesser
Pine Beach, New Jersey

"Dear Armas.
My many thanks for the introduction to the remarkable birding place, Hegura Island."

Michael Lenz
Canberra, Australia 

Both Fred & Michael had been on FONT tours in Japan previously, participating on different tours there in the winter.     

In e-mails following our MAY 2010 FONT birding and nature tour in TEXAS, USA:

"Thanks a lot. I enjoyed the tour very much!

Karl Frafjord
Tromso, Norway

"It (the tour) was great fun. Thanks!"

Johnna Robinson
Austin, Texas  

In a note following our APRIL 2010 FONT birding and nature tour in COLORADO, NEBRASKA, and  WYOMING:

"It was an amazing trip! 
Especially in all that we did and saw in a such a relatively short time - in the mountains and on the plains of Colorado, in the sandhills of Nebraska, and at the small ponds filled with birds in Wyoming.
In addition to our good experiences with all the grouse, so many other birds were also great to see including  shorebirds seen nicely on a prairie lake, and Pine Grosbeaks, Rosy Finches, and other birds at a feeder in a Rocky Mountain forest, where also there was that wonderful Red Fox!"   

Edwin Finkel
Malvern, Pennsylvania      

In e-mails following our MARCH 2010 FONT birding and nature tours in COSTA RICA:

"Hi Armas,
I'm missing now those birding days (in Costa Rica) that we had in search of all those Latin American species. (We saw over 400.)
(Since we've been home), we had our luncheon last Friday, where we talked a lot about our trip with you throughout Costa Rica.  You might well get a call in the future from some of our birding club members! And we'll soon be writing an article about our tour to be the club's journal.
We enjoyed very much our trip, and especially your professionalism, and your transfer of knowledge of the country and its wildlife." 

Rod Dubois
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 

"Thanks for a great trip!"

Gilbert Dupuis
Chelsea, Quebec, Canada

In an e-mail following our JANUARY 2010 FONT birding and nature tour in JAPAN:

"Armas, We want to thank you for guiding us throughout Japan. It was an amazing trip, and we loved seeing the cranes."

Pat & Lee Yoder
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina   

In an e-mail sent to us a few weeks after our NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in CHILE:

Hello Armas,  (Even now, 3 weeks afterwards), "I'm still enjoying the tour!"

Robert Hinz
near San Francisco, California

During those 3 weeks after the Nov/Dec 2009 FONT Chile Tour, Bob was busy inserting bird sightings from the tour into E-BIRD (www.ebird.org), relating the  birds we saw at various locales in central & southern Chile, including Chiloe Island, other places in southern Chile, and the spot in the Andes where we saw the Diademed Plover.      

In e-mails following our OCTOBER 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in BRAZIL:

"Armas, I want to thank you for a totally really great trip!  I particularly enjoyed the beach in Rio Grande do Sul. Seeing (there, on that beach) a Magellanic Penguin was amazing,  along with all of the other numerous and different species of seabirds.
And I definitely enjoyed staying at the old monastery, and getting to see the Maned Wolf there. Wow! It was truly a beautiful animal, that I'll never forget!
And, lastly, and maybe needless to say, the food (during the tour) was very good too!"

Marie Gardner
Newark, Delaware


"Had a great time (during the tour in Brazil). Thanks!"

Chicago, Illinois  

And sometimes we receive nice e-mails from people who are not able to travel with us. This, in November, 2009, from a lady who sent us an e-mail asking for a suggestion for a day's birding on Cozumel Island in Mexico, where she would be for one day during a cruise. In an e-mail following our response:  

"Dear Armas, you are such a nice man to take the time to give me ALL that information. I am indebted to you for the wonderful idea (referring to our suggestion). Thank you immensely. It is refreshing when, now and then, life shows us an exceptional person. You are one and I am grateful. Most sincerely,


And this e-mail came from England in October 2009:

"You do not know me, but I just wanted to thank you for what you have in your wonderful and enjoyable website."


And this e-mail also came in regarding our website, in November 2009:

"We were just going through your website. It is very well done and informative. You must spend a lot of time working on it. Congratulations, it shows."


And other e-mails regarding the FONT website, in January 2010:

"Good website!"

Clement Cambrezy

"Your website is wonderful".

Deborah Van Kirk
Chicago, Illinois

In e-mails after our June 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in ICELAND for a group from Texas :

"Armas, thank you for all of your efforts at making our tour in Iceland so very enjoyable".

Troy & Judi Belver
San Marcos, Texas

"Armas, this trip was so special. In addition to the birds, we were exposed to one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever seen. 
I loved the comments from the group.
Thank you for arranging such a great trip for us.
Jon did an admirable job of leading us on. He was a hoot and you should employ him for your future trips. You two make great tour leaders because you each contribute a different aspect to travel.
Thanks to you for being a great (and might I add, flexible) tour guide. I agree with the comments made by others in the group that the tour was fun as well as educational."

Carolyn: alias the "Arctic Tern Magnet"

Carolyn Kidd
Austin, Texas

"Armas, thanks for a great trip. Dotty and I had a great time and I heard positive comments from others. Jon did a fine job of finishing up the trip and was a real asset -- his efforts were most appreciated. "

Jerry Hall
Wimberly, Texas
(Jerry was the local organizer of the tour for the Wimberly Texas Bird

"Thank you Armas for your good wishes. And thank you for all the planning a trip like this takes.
We aren't avid birdwatchers (you might have noticed!) but we enjoy birds as part of the spectacular scenery and certainly Iceland has it's share of that. We always enjoy traveling with this group . They always have such fun together and that is so important in a big group. Thanks again for everything!" 

Pat & Dick Franzen
San Marcos, Texas

"I had an absolutely wonderful time, and not being an avid birder didn't detract from it one bit. There was so much other scenery to enjoy, I marvel that others concentrated so much on birds. Now I'm going to push Iceland to all my friends. I keep thinking of things I never got a picture of, like the yellow flowers growing in the drainage ditches. 
Thanks again for putting this adventure together for us."

Susie Milan
Austin, Texas

"Thank you again for such a wonderful tour. I learned so much. (Of course, I had plenty to learn since I was so ignorant of Iceland.)" 

Gerin Hood
Wimberly, Texas

In an e-mail after our APRIL 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in mostly COLORADO, USA:

"Thanks for the fun trip, in four states (not only in Colorado, but in the 3 adjacent states of Kansas, Oklahoma, & New Mexico). We saw nice things in each."  (Also during the tour there was a fifth state, Wyoming.)

Johnna Robinson
Austin, Texas (formerly Kansas) 

In e-mails & a note following our MARCH 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in the YUCATAN of MEXICO:

"I enjoyed the tour immensely. And I am amazed, Armas, at your organizational skills and your birding talents as well. You do an excellent job with your tours."

Hubert Hall
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hubert was, for many years, a captain of the "Bluenose" ferry between Bar Harbor, Maine & Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.   

"Armas, I had a great time in Mexico!"  

Fred Lesser
Pine Beach, New Jersey

Fred has traveled with FONT many times over the years. And, in fact, he did our Yucatan, Mexico in June 2008, and liked it so much he went back again with us in March 2009.

"Loved the trip."

Peter Mooney
Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

Pete did this same tour with us in November 2008. He then came again in March 2009.


The FONT March 2009 Mexico Tour Group,
one morning having breakfast.

In an e-mail following our MARCH 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in BRAZIL:

"Since our return home, we have been talking non-stop about all our experiences (during the tour), We thank you again & again for taking us to so many interesting places and sharing so many adventurous days (and evenings!) with us. Hope your ankle and knee heal soon, and that your next tour is another big success! We'll stay in touch."

Pat & Lee Yoder
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

In an e-mail following our JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in JAPAN:

"I enjoyed our tour very much, and have such good memories. THANK YOU!"

Karl Frafjord
Tromso, Norway

In a note following our JANUARY 2009 FONT birding and nature tour in SOUTHERN ARIZONA, USA & SONORA, MEXICO

"Thanks again for yet another wonderful tour (in Sonora, in Mexico, and in southern Arizona).
During the last 18 years, travel and the observation of nature, especially birds, with Focus On Nature Tours, with the leadership of an enthusiastic world traveler, Armas Hill, has been for me a series of wonderful experiences.
Most of those tours have been in the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to the Antarctic. Some of these frequent trips with FONT have been among the most exciting of those that I've done during the 80 years of my lifetime, during which I've had the good fortune to visit as many as 136 countries. 
Armas has some exceptional abilities. During my first tour with him in Argentina & Chile, I remarked about being with a man whose intensity and observation and identification skills, whether it be of birds, animals, or butterflies, were uncanny. Additionally, his capabilities relating to people, geography, language, and his recollection of territory has been extremely impressive.
Again & again, with Armas and with FONT over the years, often in remote and unusual places, we've experienced what could well have put into a book, laden with the element of adventure."  

Edwin Finkel
Malvern, Pennsylvania   

In an e-mail following our NOVEMBER 2008 FONT birding and nature tour in the YUCATAN of MEXICO, during which on one day we saw both Jabiru and Jaguar:

"I had a great trip, and enjoyed your company and the spirit of adventure!"

Peter Mooney
Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

In notes & an e-mail following our SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2008 FONT birding and nature tour in ICELAND:

"Thank you for another wonderful adventure. I'm glad that we saw all those birds and animals, but I also truly enjoyed the scenery. What a wonderful world it is to see in Iceland. I hope all goes well with your upcoming tours, and I look forward to future trips with you."

Alice Kakimoto
Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for a great trip in Iceland - and Cape May, New Jersey, for a couple days before, was an added bonus. In Iceland, I'll always remember the wonderful scenery, especially when it had just snowed. Again, it was great! And, again, thanks!"

Dorothy Kakimoto
Alameda, California 

"Thank you for making our trip to Iceland such a memorable and wonderful one. I know we got to see so much of Iceland, other than birds, that many other travelers to that marvelous country never get to see. I wish you well til we meet again.

Mitsu Wasano
San Jose, California      

In an e-mail following our AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2008 FONT birding and nature tour in SOUTHERN ARIZONA and NORTHERN MEXICO:

"Thank you for a truly wonderful experience. With highlights of evening lullabies by Elf Owls and morning wake-up calls by Coyotes, it couldn't have been anything else! Armas, your humor, navigational skills, and great wildlife spotting, along with your kindness, made the trip unforgettable."

Doris Potter
Montreal, Canada 

In an e-mail following our MARCH/APRIL 2008 FONT birding and nature tour in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC:

"Armas, again, thank you for a great trip."

Jerry Theis
Peoria, Arizona 

In notes following our January 2008 FONT birding and nature tour in JAPAN:

"Many thanks for all the birds and experiences (during the tour)".

Michael Lenz
Canberra, Australia  

In notes following our DECEMBER 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in JAPAN:

"Thanks for a great trip. I hope to see you on one of your tours soon."

Dorothy Kakimoto
Alameda, California

"Thank you for a wonderful trip."

Alice Kakimoto
Garden Grove, California  

"Dear Armas,

You are so much fun to travel with --- .
You are a good driver (on the left-side of the road in Japan), and a great bird-spotter.
Thank you for a safe, amazing trip in Kyushu & Hokkaido on roads less traveled.
I loved every moment.
What a great trip. Thank you."

Mitsu Wasano
San Jose, California

"Thank you so much for the tour - for the adventure, and the birds".

Somporn Pmasuk & Opapunn Sriyakorn,
Bangkok, Thailand

"In my list (at the end of the tour) of "top-birds", I chose those I did because I can now identify them by myself. Thanks for everything!"

Somporn Pmasuk
Bangkok, Thailand      

The FONT Japan December 2007 Tour Group

In e-mails following our SEPTEMBER 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in SWEDEN:

"Thanks for everything. It was great trip."

Jim & Sharon Scheib
Iowa City, Iowa

"Thanks for leading such a great trip to places new for me and for seeing so many new birds. I may well see you again sometime on one of your tours."

Sharon Sneddon
Edmonds, Washington 

In e-mails following our AUGUST 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in BRAZIL: 

"Just a quick note to say how much we appreciated the Brazil tour, and what a delight it was to see so many birds, reptiles and mammals, especially the Giant Anteaters and the JAGUAR. We look forward to receiving your bird-list when you've had a chance to do it, so that we can finalize ours. Of the nearly 300 species of birds that we saw, about 180 were new!
And there was such lovely scenery! 
Thanks again. We really had an outstanding time."

Rosemary & Paul Lloyd
Bloomington, Indiana    

"It was a fun trip".

Alan Mitchnick
Herndon, Virginia

In an e-mail following our JULY 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in ARIZONA: 

"We enjoyed the tour very much".

Steve & Carolyn Hendricks
Washington, DC

In an e-mail after our MAY 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in JAPAN, from Mr. Shago Matsui, 
one of the authors of "A Field Guide to the Birds of Japan" (the English version published by the Wild Bird Society of Japan in 1982). 
We met Mr. Matsui during the tour when we were on Hegura Island:

"Dear Mr. Hill,

It was my pleasure meeting you at Hegura-jima birding. 
We were all deeply impressed watching you and your tour members so early, actively, and joyfully watching the birds. 
You are so energetic and active and have excellent knowledge of birds, and I would say you are really doing fine as a birding guide.
I think you saw more birds (on Hegura) than we did. I have not come up with the final figure, but it is about 100 species."
(Note: Our 111 species on Hegura was not much more than their tally. It's interesting that it was, however, more than half of the total for our entire tour which was 204. Other islands we visited included Okinawa, Amami, & Kyushu, in addition to the largest Japanese island of Honshu.)

In a note following our MARCH 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in BELIZE:

"We all had a truly wonderful & memorable time."

Sally Brady
Nederland, Colorado    

In an e-mail following our JANUARY 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in JAPAN:

"I definitely had a nice time on the tour, and really enjoyed traveling around Japan. It's even more scenic than I had anticipated."

Steve Matherly
Houston, Texas

In an e-mail following our DEC 2006 -JAN 2007 FONT birding and nature tour in GUATEMALA:

"What a great adventure was FONT's 2006/07 Guatemala trip, and what great birding! 
Talk about volcanoes in the mist -- could such sights possibly be better than in Guatemala, whether the four perfect cones at sunset from the Pacific mangrove marshes, the three others surrounding Lake Atitlan, or Volcan Agua 10 miles from colonial Antigua? 
Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, agouti, coati, a huge crocodile (safely distant) -- Tikal certainly didn't lack for animals! 
And the archaeological ruins -- Aguateca's stellae were magnificent, and the reality of Tikal overwhelms any prior notions you might possibly have had. 
Almost makes you forget you are on a birding tour... but three different species of hawk-eagles in two hours on Volcano Toliman, or four different woodcreepers among many frenetic birds in an ant swarm, or aracari and toucans and great views of a Violaceous Trogon in a fruiting tree upon arrival in Tikal remind you that, yes, this is a great birding trip as well.
 I look forward to my next trip with you, Armas -- maybe we can explore some of the less-birded volcanoes toward the NW border with Mexico?"

Tom G 
Washington, DC 


In a Christmas greeting received December 8, 2006:

"May all the wonderful moments of Christmas fill your heart with happiness. 
 PLUS - the memories of the GREAT TRIPS we've enjoyed with you over the years!

Herb & Betty Cutler
Laverock, Pennsylvania  

In an e-mail following our OCTOBER 2006 FONT birding and nature tour in BRAZIL:

"I loved our tour! I look forward to hearing about your next trips in Brazil".

Tim Bradbury
Bahia, Brazil 

In an e-mail following our SEPTEMBER 2006 FONT birding and nature tour in BRAZIL:

"It was great fun and I have a lot of memories. You really impressed me with your knowledge of the sights and sounds of the Brazilian birds and mammals (and butterflies). Thanks.

Jerry Theis
Phoenix, Arizona

In an e-mail following our JUNE 2006 FONT birding and nature tour in ICELAND:

"Thank you very much for a wonderful trip. The country was beautiful and interesting, and of course the birds were wonderful."

Cheryl Pearce
London, Ontario, Canada

 In an e-mail & note following our March 7-19, 2006 FONT birding and nature tour in Guatemala:

"Thanks for the good trip. My personal highlights were:
1) the Orange-breasted Falcon observed from Temple Two at Tikal,
2) the Pheasant Cuckoo, making its odd sound as it displayed in the scrub,
3) the old Tikal airfield at sunset with a chorus of calling Yucatan Poorwills & Pauraques,
4) the Pink-headed Warbler in the Guatemalan oak forest in the mountains,
5) seeing at close range the still Pinnated Bittern as it sat with its head pointed skyward
Wishing you continued Happy Birding." 

Doug Johnson
Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

In an e-mail following our March 7-19, 2006 FONT birding and nature tour in Guatemala:

"Armas Hill can hear/see/intuit birds while driving at any speed, stop on a dime, back up, park, and get out of the car with his binoculars pointed in 3 seconds - truly a new experience but much appreciated because I added over 220 species (of birds) to my life list and didn't even see all that were to be seen by the veteran birders (on the tour)!"

Bonnie Barrett
North Salem, New York, USA

In e-mails & notes following our February 26 - March 4, FONT 2006 birding and nature tour in Jamaica:

"We had a wonderful time! We appreciate all you did to make it so.
Among the highlights (of the tour) were the Tody, Jamaican Oriole, Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, the Tropicbirds, snorkeling, doing the bird-lists in the evening, and, of course, the Potoo!
Also, seeing the Blue Mountains, having the other birders with us, and of course your funny comments and mellow nature. We hope to travel with you again, someday soon.
Thank you ever so much. You lead wonderful tours."

Elaine Dalrymple and Ed Gates
Montour Falls, New York, USA

"I loved the tour. Especially the way you took us off the main roads so we could see a variety of Jamaican lifestyles and wildlife.
So thank you very much, and I hope to be able to take another tour with you before too long."

Nancy Simonds
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"Thanks, Armas, for your fine job, and especially the driving on the Jamaican roads. It was a wonderful trip. Best wishes for success."

Martha Vicinus
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 

In an e-mail following our February 10-18, 2006 FONT birding and nature tour in SOUTHERN COSTA RICA and WEstern Panama:

"Many thanks for a most enjoyable tour!"

Rosemary Lloyd
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

In a note following our November 12-26, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Chile:

"Thanks for the great job you did guiding our Chile tour. You did well keeping our group upbeat and the tour fun. I especially appreciate the times when you made special efforts to help me see things that I really wanted to, e.g. the extra bit to get the second and better look at the Andean Avocets at Lake Chungara. I plan to travel & bird with you again in the future."

Ted Lewis
Philadelphia, PA, USA

In an e-mail after our November 12-26, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Chile:

"I really like the small group concept that you have, as we did see a lot of birds with everyone getting a good opportunity to see everything. I learned a lot about birding from you, and I'm so satisfied that I got those  very  good looks at the birds. I'd like to join you again, and learn more."

Laraine Lindsay
New Holland, PA, USA 

In an e-mail following our September 22 - October 3, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Spain:

"Wanted to let you know what a fantastic tour it was! 
Still remembering the Hoopoes and talking about the Flamingoes. Absolutely unforgettable! 
And a treat to get to know you."

Rosina Wilson
San Rafael, CA, USA 

In an e-mail following our August  7-17, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Brazil:

"It was a great tour. We saw so much in a relatively short time. The size of our group was excellent, allowing for good full-time birding. Thank you for your expertise which was greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed the whole experience and learned a lot at the same time.
So, again, thank you for the great tour!"   

Jacquie Sapiie
New York, NY, USA

In an e-mail following our May 16-30, 2005 FONT spring birding and nature tour in Japan:

"Many many thanks for the tour. It all went so very well."

Clide Carter
Cape Town, South Africa

In a note following our April 25-May 9, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Texas:

"A note to let you know how much I enjoyed the (2005 spring tour) in Texas. 
You worked very hard to find me so many new birds for my life list. Thank you so much."

Washington State, USA

In a note following our April 16-25, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Colorado and nearby states:

"Had a great time. The tour was exciting."

Rick Greenspun
Sarasota, FL, USA

By e-mail following our March 30 - April 9, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Guatemala:

Thank you. I appreciated all your good work to find birds for us. Thank you!

Lise Grenier
Granby , Quebec, Canada

By e-mail following our January 15-23, 2005 FONT birding and nature tour in Costa Rica:  
"We enjoyed the birding and your company tremendously all week, and so thank you very much, especially for giving us such a great overview of southern Costa Rica." 

Pete and Kris Allen
Westborough, MA, USA

By letter, on January 6, 2005, from someone who's traveled with us previously, and reserving a place on a 2005 tour: 

"I am really looking forward to this (next) tour. I do alot of word-of-mouth promoting FONT among my birding acquaintances - you have an excellent product."

Ted Lewis, 
Philadelphia, PA, USA

By e-mail following our November 28-December 12, 2004 FONT birding tour in Japan:
"Must compliment you on a wonderful trip. Had a great time - great landscapes, great birds, great people. Loved it. Thanks!"

Cheryl Pearce 
London, Ontario, Canada

"I'm enjoying memories of our Japan tour. The cranes especially, but all the other birds too! The trip was much more than I expected. And those fine birds! The Copper Pheasant was surely an enviable one. (But then you said that road could be a good place for it!) And all those Mandarin Ducks, the Pied Kingfisher, and everything else on that special day.
I definitely want to go sometime to Japan in the spring, to Hegura Island! Thanks for everything."

Dianne Toebe
Anchorage, Alaska, USA  

By e-mail following our October - November, 2004 FONT birding tours in ARGENTINA and Chile:

"I really enjoyed the tours in Argentina and Chile, and hope to be able to come on future trips with you. "

Julian Mitchell
Maidenhead, Berkshire, England

By e-mail following our August 21-28, 2004 FONT birding tour in Panama:

"We want to thank you for a wonderful trip to Panama, letting you know that my wife, Kitty, & I both had a great time, and would recommend the trip to anyone."

Dave Evans
New Brunswick, NJ, USA

By e-mail relating to our July 27-August 16, 2004 FONT birding tour in Brazil:

I'd like to thank you for the great tour we had in Brazil in August. I am seriously thinking of going back again some day. I would like to visit the Northeast (of Brazil) and Amazonian regions. I will check your web-site on a regular basis should you offer such a trip for those who have already visited the Mato Grosso and Southeast regions of Brazil. 
I also hope to make another trip with you in the near future."

Daniel Bouffard
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada   

"Really enjoyed the tour."

David & Gisele Willermet
Sutton, Quebec, Canada

By e-mail following our May 22/23 FONT overnight pelagic birding trip from Barnegat Light, New Jersey, USA:

"A great day on the water,"

Karl Knoecklein
Piermont, New York, USA  

By e-mail following our February 7-12, 2004 FONT birding tour in Puerto Rico:

"We had a great time touring Puerto Rico with you. And we'd gladly recommend  FONT to others who inquire, and look forward to your version of the tour report.
Thanks for a great trip, and best wishes."

Bob & Monica Williams,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 

By e-mail following our February 28 - March 7, 2004 FONT birding tour in the Lesser Antilles:

Dear Armas:

"From the White-breasted Thrasher to the Imperial Parrot -- it was a great tour and we send you our thanks for a memorable trip.
Our hat is off to you for some super birding, and all your great efforts and tireless energy. Your knowledge of the birds, where to find them, and your ability to remember roads and birding spots around the islands is impressive. We look forward to another great adventure with you!
With best wishes and, again, our thanks."

Tom & Margot Southerland
Princeton, New Jersey, USA   

By e-mail following our February 7-15, 2004 FONT birding tour in Costa Rica:

"I wanted to let you know what a great time I had with you (Armas Hill, leader of the tour) and the other participants in Costa Rica. I had high expectations (before) going on the trip. They were exceeded. You have a knack for finding birds, but I appreciate even more how hard you worked to be sure each participant got the best looks at the most species possible. "Muchas gracias para todo"." 

Ted Lewis,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"I had a great time and hope to join you on another trip".

Mike Welch,
Frederick, Maryland, USA

"Thank you for showing us so many birds".

Ed Kimmer
Rockville, Maryland, USA

By letter following our January 2004 FONT annual winter birding tour in Japan:

"Thank you for a great trip, and a nice introduction to Japanese society".

Ann Faust
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

By e-mail following the Sept 7/8, 2003 FONT PELAGIC trip from Barnegat Light, New Jersey:

"First, thanks for a really nice trip out of Barnegat Light on Sep 7/8. I very much enjoyed it, and hope to come on another."

Tomas Dahlen
Towson, Maryland, USA

"Thanks for another great trip of oceanic birding."

Jared Sparks
Flourtown, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you for getting us out to sea to have such fun!"

Amy & Ian Hanigan
Annapolis, Maryland, USA

"Thanks again for the trip - the weather was beautiful, and the trip was wonderful!"

Amy Dreibelbis
Exton, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thanks for a good day on the water. The Leatherback was definitely a highlight, as was the Audubon's."

Ross Geredien
Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

Following the May 31, 2003 FONT pelagic trip from Lewes, Delaware, by e-mail:

"We sure did!!! (have a good pelagic trip from Lewes May 31). 
I reported at the Frederick MOS (Maryland Ornithological Society) June meeting and got great responses ... some regretted not going!"

Gary Smyle
Frederick, Maryland, USA

"I appreciated your follow-up note (after the May 31 Lewes pelagic). The world could use a little more such politeness (and good customer relations). I'll be joining your next pelagic trip out of Lewes on August 30." 

Leo Weigant 
Severna Park, Maryland, USA 

Following the May 25/26, 2003 FONT pelagic trip from Barnegat Light, New Jersey, by e-mail:

"I truly enjoyed the birds on the Memorial Day Barnegat trip. The views of the Jaegers kiting next to the boat were unforgettable." 

Karl Knoecklein
Piermont, New York, USA

"It was a wonderful trip and we are all glowing with remembered birds and life birds.  Thanks."

Helen Conover
New York, New York, USA

"It was a great trip - I will come back!"

Nikolas Haass
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Following the April 2003 Colorado FONT birding tour, by e-mail:

"Hi Armas. The pictures (of the Rosy Finches) in the web-site brought back fond memories of a great trip. Thanks." 

Earl Harrison
Green Belt, Maryland, USA

"Armas. It was a great tour. We ended up with 139 species (of birds)."

Douglas Zollner
Golden, Colorado, USA 

Following the March 2003 FONT Honduras birding and nature tour, by e-mail:

"Dear Armas:
Experiencing the beauty of Honduras with FONT this year is a wonderful
memory that will always bring me smiles.  Birding in bamboo, pine and rainforest was as much fun as in the lagoon, with fantastic howler monkeys watching us.
Thanks for sharing your birding and travel expertise, making an extraordinary place even that much more enjoyable!
Best regards & good birding!"

Newark, Delaware, USA

Following the March 2003 FONT Dominican Republic birding and nature tour, by letter:

"Thanks for a great trip!"

George & Sally Loring
Manchester, Massachusetts, USA

Following the March 2003 FONT Puerto Rico birding and nature tour, by e-mail:

"Had a wonderful time. A very good tour."

Sharon Gambill
Ocean View, Delaware, USA 

Following the December FONT 2002 Honduras birding and nature tour, by letter:

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. Great seeing the Lovely Cotinga."

Joann Callaghan
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Following the October, 2002 FONT Iceland birding and nature tour, by e-mail:

"Dear Armas,
We loved the trip. Really enjoyed your company and expertise." 

Eileen Dunn & Linda Robinson
Bradford, Connecticut, USA

Following the August 2002 FONT Panama birding and nature tour, by e-mail:

"Thanks so much for a wonderful tour!" 

Ann Shadwick
Pacifica, California, USA

Following the June 2002 FONT Iceland birding and nature tour, by e-mail:

Dear Armas,
We enjoyed every minute of our recent tour with you in Iceland... Again, thanks, thanks." 

Rebecca & Jack Matlock
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Following the January 2002 FONT Japan birding and nature tour, by letter:

"Dear Armas,
Having got back home from Japan, I would like to thank you for taking such good care of us during the tour.
I took back with me a host of memories of the birds, of the landscape of the country, and the companionship of my fellow birders. We certainly got good looks at the target species and it is astonishing that while Japan does not have a great quantity of birdlife, so much of what it has is so special!"

Mr. Sandy Gordon
Cardross, Scotland

Following the DecEMBER/JanUARY '01/'02 Guatemala FONT birding and nature tour, by letter:

"Dear Armas,
It was, indeed, a great tour, Tikal being the highlight. Just seeing that Pheasant Cuckoo would have made the trip worthwhile - but there was so much more. I'm sure we'll be traveling with you again."

Elaine & Patrick Nye
Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Following the Dec 1, 2001 FONT pelagic trip from Brielle, New Jersey, by e-mail:

"I just particularly wanted to say how much I like your trips.  
Like the fact that you'll stop the boat on a dime to inspect somebody's suspect,
and how you search for the best areas. Thanks."

Julian Shepherd
Binghamton, New York, USA

"Enjoyed the great day we had last Saturday. Thanks!"

Andy Smith,
Devon, Pennsylvania, USA

(A photo by Andy taken during the Dec 1, 2001 trip, of a Common Dolphin, is in our Gallery of Marine-Life Photos.) 
(Another photograph from the Dec 1, 2001 trip has been put into our Seabird Photo Gallery, of a Fulmar in flight, by Judy & Karl  Lukens of Cape May, NJ.) 

Following the July-August, 2001 FONT Arizona birding and nature tour, by letter:

"Dear Armas,
Thanks for a great trip to SE Arizona and for finding so many birds.
I enjoyed seeing the area & the hiking.
Success on your future trips."

June Bush
Caseville, Michigan, USA

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