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The FONT Collection of 
Nature Photos

Here, in the FONT web-site, there are over a thousand photographs, courtesy of a number of people, including many of the participants on our birding & nature tours over the years. 

Many of the photos are incorporated in our listings of birds, mammals, amphibians & reptiles, sea-life, butterflies, dragonflies & damselflies, plants, and other nature. In the box below there are links to some of the lists.
Among the many bird photos, species range from the Little Woodstar (hummingbird) to the Andean Condor. Photos of other wildlife include such unusual creatures as the Japanese Serow and the Whale Shark (the largest fish in the world). 
In the "Out of this World" category there are total solar eclipses and aurora borealis. 
People in the "People & Places Gallery" include FONT tour leaders, as well as participants who have joined us on our various tours. We hope you enjoy joining us in our Photo Galleries.    

FONT Japan tour participant, 
Bill Leaning of Virginia, USA, 
photographing birds on Kyushu; 
and in the mirror the photographer 
of Bill.

Birds & Other Nature:

Seabirds II (Tropicbirds thru Alcids)
photo gallery
2 Parts

North American
Part 1: 

Grouse to
North American
Part 2:
Shrikes to
Tropical Latin America
Birds & other Nature
(currently being revised)
Birds I
(Tinamous thru Flycatchers)

Other Galleries:

Marine-life of Belize
& Mexico

Wildflowers of Iceland 
People & Places
Solar Eclipses 
& Other 
Celestial Nature


An Alphabetical Directory of Photos in this Web-site

A family of White-naped Cranes,
Izumi, Kyushu, Japan.
photo by Bill Leaning during a FONT tour)

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