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Noting those found during 
Focus On Nature Tours
1991 thru 2015 

Tours during the months of January, 
February, March, April, May, 
June, July, & December.


There have been 16 FONT tours in Guatemala. 

This List of Guatemala Mammals compiled by Armas Hill

an animal nicely seen during the FONT Guatemala Tour in April 2009


Threatened Species, designated in CITES: 
(t1): critical
(t2): endangered
(t3): vulnerable
(ti):  threatened (but with status indeterminate)
(i):   introduced 

HI:   during tours in the Guatemalan highlands 
LW: during tours in the lowlands on the Pacific & Caribbean sides of the country  
PS:  during tours on the Pacific Slope

PT:  during tours in the Peten region of northern Guatemala 

An excellent book about Central American Mammals is: 
"A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America & Southeast Mexico" by Fiona Reid, 1997.


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List of Mammals:

  1. Common Opossum______  PT
    Didelphis marsupialis

  2. Mexican Gray Squirrel (has been called Red-bellied Squirrel) ______  HI
    Sciurus aureogaster

  3. Variegated Squirrel______ LW(pacific)
    Sciurus  variegatoides

  4. Yucatan Squirrel______  PT
    Sciurus yucatanensis

  5. Deppe's Squirrel______  HI
    Sciurus deppei

  6. Central American Agouti______ PS, PT
    Dasyprocta punctata

    Central American Agouti
    (photo by Linda Navarro)

  7. White-nosed Coati______  PT
    Nasua narica

    2 photos of White-nosed Coatis

  8. Cacomistle ______  HI
    Bassariscus sumichrasti

  9. Kinkajou______  HI
    Potos flavus

    A Kinkajou photographed during a FONT tour
    (photo by Rosemary Lloyd)

  10. Neotropical River Otter______  LW
    Lutra longicaudis

  11. Striped Hog-nosed Skunk ______  PT
    Conepatus semistriatus

  12. Long-tailed Weasel ______  PT
    Mustela frenata
  13. Tayra ______  PT
    Eira barbara 

  14. Gray Fox______  PT
    Urocyon cinereoargenteus

  15. Jaguarundi ______  PS, PT
    (formerly Herpailurus) yaguarondi 

  16. Ocelot______  PT
    (formerly Felis) pardalis

    An Ocelot photographed during a FONT tour

  17. Jaguar ______  PT
    (formerly Jaguarius) onca

    A painting of a Jaguar.
    One of these magnificent animals was heard & seen after dark 
    during the FONT Guatemala tour at Tikal in January 2009

  18. White-tailed Deer______  PT
    Odocoileus virginianus

  19. Yucatan (or Mexican) Black Howler Monkey ______  PT
    Alouatta pigra

    A Yucatan Black Howler Monkey photographed during a FONT tour in Guatemala
    (photo by Marie Gardner)
  20. Mantled (Black) Howler Monkey ______ LW
    Alouatta palliata

    A Mantled Howler Monkey photographed during a FONT tour
    (photo by Alan Brady)

  21. Geoffroy's Spider Monkey ______ PT
    Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis

    A Geoffroy's Spider Monkey photographed during a FONT tour 
    (photo by Marie Gardner)
  22. Baird's Tapir ______ PT
    Tapirus bairdii

    A Baird's Tapir - one was seen closely during the FONT Guatemala Tour in April 2009,
    going under water on the right side of our boat, and coming up on the left side,
    as we were traveling along a remote river.  

  23. native rat (sp.)______

  24. Guatemalan Vole ______ HI
    (formerly Herpetomys) guatemalensis

  25. various bats (sp.) 
    (including Brazilian Free-tailed Bat & sac-winged bats) ______ HI, LW, PT

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