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 birds and other nATURE

during Focus On Nature Tours 
in August and September 2010
in Sonora, Mexico & Arizona, USA

Photographs that follow were taken during that tour 
by tour participant, Marie Z. Gardner of Delaware, USA -
© - all rights reserved.

A Rufous-capped Warbler in Sonora, Mexico,
1 of 3 seen together in a canyon
during the FONT August 2010 tour.
To the north, the species occurs 
in Arizona as a rarity. 


Birds & Other Wildlife during our tours in Arizona, USA & Sonora, Mexico in Aug/Sep 2010 

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Part 2: Flycatchers to Buntings

Birds of Sonora, Mexico

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Upcoming FONT Birding & Nature Tours in Mexico

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Directory of Photos in this Website


The island in the Sea of Cortez, off the coast of Sonora
is called "Alcatraz".
"Alcatraz" means "pelican".

A group of the Pelcians.
It's the Brown Pelican: Pelecanus occidentalis californicus. 


Also on the island known as Alcatraz:
Blue-footed Boobies.


 There were thousands of Magnificent Frigatebirds
when we were at Alcatraz in late August 2010.
Here is one.

A Brown Booby of the race Sula leucogaster brewsteri,
on the water by Alcatraz.

That Brown Booby lifting up from the water. 

The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona,
where we saw 3 California Condors.
One of them is in the photo below.


A view of part of the Painted Desert in northern Arizona.

A Petroglyph of a "waterbird" 
at the Petrified Forest National Park, in Arizona,
done over 650 years ago, by the Pueblo people. 

 Another Petroglyph, known as a "Zoomorph",
at the Petrified Forest National Park, 
of 3 animals.


A living animal at the Petrified Forest National Park,
during our August 2020 tour,
a Pronghorn,
the only antelope in the Americas,
and the only member of its unique family. 

A Gambel's Quail,
posing for its photo,
during the FONT Arizona tour in August 2010.  

A Red-legged Grasshopper, one of many grasshoppers 
that we saw in Sonora, Mexico in August 2010.
This creature, also posing for its photo.

And the Plains Lubber Grasshopper
was another grasshopper that we saw in Sonora.

As colorful and intricately patterned as grasshoppers are,
butterflies are more so.
Here, a Bordered Patch in Sonora, Mexico.


And another Patch - this one the Rosita Patch,
with other butterflies in Sonora.


And lastly, here, one of the nicest sightings
during our Aug/Sep 2010 tour in Arizona & Sonora,
a Bobcat in southern Arizona,
watching us as we watched it,
during one of our morning walks.

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