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Birds of 

and in the nearby states of

From Flycatchers to Buntings 

including those during
Focus On Nature Tours
in April and July
with an (*)

1993 thru 2015

PART 2 of a List of Birds of Colorado and Nearby States with some photos,
compiled by Armas Hill 

249 species of birds have cumulatively been seen, along with 8 additional subspecies.
during 11 FONT Colorado birding & nature tours: 9 in April and 2 in July.

Upper right photograph: BROWN-CAPPED ROSY FINCH
This species as a breeder is nearly endemic to Colorado. Some also nest in a limited area of southern Wyoming.
In the winter, the species occurs in a third state, with some in northern New Mexico.  

Link:   Part 1 of List of Colorado Birds from Quails to Woodpeckers


co = Colorado
= Kansas
= Nebraska
= Oklahoma
wy = Wyoming

APR:  during tours in April (usually 3rd week)
JUL:   during tours in July  (1st week)

(USe):     endemic to the USA 
(USqe):   quasi (or nearly) endemic to the USA
(USneb): near-endemic breeder in the USA
(NAi):      species introduced into North America

(t): a globally threatened or rare species, designated by Birdlife International
(t1): critical   (t2): endangered   (t3): vulnerable
(nt): a near-threatened species globally

(ph):  species with a photo in the FONT web-site


Upcoming FONT Tours in Colorado & adjacent states

A Complete List with some Photos of North American Birds, in 6 parts:
List #1: Grouse to Anhinga     List #2: Condor to Shorebirds     List #3: Jaegers to Cuckoos
List #4: Owls to Flycatchers
     List #5: Shrikes to Pipits     List #6: Olive Warbler to Buntings

Nebraska Birds

Mammals during FONT tours in Colorado & nearby states  (with some photos) 

Directory of Photos in this Website


  1. Olive-sided Flycatcher ______ JUL  co
    Contopus cooperi

  2. Western Wood Pewee ______ JUL  co
    Contopus sordidulus

  3. Willow Flycatcher ______ JUL  co
    Empidonax traillii

  4. Dusky Flycatcher  (ph)  ______ APR, JUL  co,ks
    Empidonax oberholseri

    Dusky Flycatcher
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

  5. Gray Flycatcher ______ APR  co
    Empidonax wrightii 

  6. Cordilleran Flycatcher ______ JUL  co
    Empidonax occidentalis

  7. Eastern Phoebe  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ok
    Sayornis phoebe

  8. Say's Phoebe  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Sayornis saya

  9. Vermilion Flycatcher  (ph)  ______ APR (rare in CO)  co
    Pyrocephalus rubinus

  10. Ash-throated Flycatcher  (ph)  ______ APR  co
    Myarchus cinerascens

  11. Cassin's Kingbird ______ APR  co
    Tyrannus vociferans

  12. Western Kingbird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Tyrannus verticalis

  13. Eastern Kingbird  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    Tyrannus tyrannus

  14. Loggerhead Shrike  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ok
    Lanius ludovicianus

  15. Plumbeous Vireo ______ JUL  co
    Vireo plumbeus

  16. Warbling Vireo ______ JUL  co
    Vireo gilvus

  17. Gray Jay  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Perisoreus canadensis capitalis

    This Gray Jay was photographed during the FONT tour in Colorado in April 2009 

  18. Steller's Jay  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Cyanocitta stelleri macrolopha

    The eastern range of the Steller's Jay is in western Colorado
    (photo by Howard Eskin)
  19. Blue Jay  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ne
    Cyanocitta cristata cyanotephra

    The Blue Jay reaches the western edge of its range in eastern Colorado
    (photo by Howard Eskin)

  20. Western Scrub Jay  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Aphelocoma californica woodhouseii

    The Western Scrub Jay is at the eastern edge of its range in Colorado  
    (photo by Doris Potter)

  21. Pinyon Jay ______ APR  co
    Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus

  22. Clark's Nutcracker ______ APR JUL  co
    Nucifraga columbiana

  23. Black-billed Magpie  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,wy (was conspecific with the Eurasian Magpie, Pica pica)
    Pica hudsonia

  24. American Crow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,wy
    Corvus brachyrhynchos hesperis

  25. Chihuahuan Raven  (ph)  ______ APR  co,ks,ok
    Corvus cryptoleucus

  26. Northern Raven  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ne,ok,wy
    Corvus corax principalis

  27. Cedar Waxwing  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Bombycilla cedrorum

  28. Juniper Titmouse _____ APR  co
    (formerly Parus) r. ridgwayi

  29. Black-capped Chickadee  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,wy
    (formerly Parus) atricapilla septentrionalis

  30. Mountain Chickadee ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    (formerly Parus) g. gambeli

  31. Tree Swallow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,wy
    Tachycineta bicolor

  32. Violet-green Swallow ______ APR JUL  co
    Tachycineta thalassina lepida

  33. Northern Rough-winged Swallow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Stelgidopteryx serripennis

  34. Bank Swallow ______ APR  co (in the Old World called Sand Martin)
    Riparia r. riparia

  35. American Cliff Swallow ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Petrochelidon p. pyrrhonota

  36. Barn Swallow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Hirundo rustica erythrogaster

  37. American Bushtit  (ph)  ______ APR  co
    Psaltriparus minimus plumbeus 
    (the "Lead-colored Bushtit")

  38. Horned Lark  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Eremophila alpestris

  39. Rock Wren  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Salpinctes obsoletus

    A Rock Wren in the rain, and on a rock
    (photo by Doris Potter)

  40. Canyon Wren ______ APR JUL  co
    Catherpes mexicanus

  41. Bewick's Wren ______ APR  co,ks
    Thryomanes bewickii eremophilus

  42. House Wren  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Troglodytes aedon parkmani

  43. Pacific Wren  ______ APR  co
    Troglodytes pacificus

  44. Marsh Wren  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Cistothorus palustris

    Marsh Wren
    (photo by Kim Steininger)

  45. Ruby-crowned Kinglet  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Regulus calendula

    Ruby-crowned Kinglet
    (photo by Kim Steininger)

  46. Golden-crowned Kinglet  (ph)  ______ APR  co
    Regulus satrapa

  47. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Polioptila caerulea

  48. Red-breasted Nuthatch  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Sitta canadensis

    Red-breasted Nuthatch
    (photo by Howard Eskin)

  49. White-breasted Nuthatch  (ph)  ______ APR  co,ks,wy
    Sitta carolinensis nelsoni

  50. Pygmy Nuthatch  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Sitta pygmaea melanotis

  51. Brown Creeper  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Certhia americana montana

  52. Gray Catbird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Dumetella carolinensis

  53. Northern Mockingbird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Mimus p. polyglottos

  54. Sage Thrasher  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Oreoscoptes montanus

    A Sage Thrasher photographed in the early morning sunlight
    during a FONT Colorado tour in April

  55. Brown Thrasher  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Toxostoma rufum

  56. Eastern Bluebird  (ph)  ______ APR  co.ks,ne
    Sialia sialis

  57. Western Bluebird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Sialia mexicana

    A Western Bluebird
    (photo by Doris Potter)

  58. Mountain Bluebird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Sialia currucoides

    A Mountain Bluebird photographed during a FONT tour
  59. Townsend's Solitaire ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Myadestes townsendi

  60. Swainson's Thrush ______ JUL  co
    Catharus ustulatus

  61. Hermit Thrush  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Catharus guttatus auduboni

  62. American Robin  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Turdus migratorius

  63. American Dipper  (ph) ______ APR JUL  co
    Cinclus mexicanus unicolor

    An American Dipper photographed in Colorado in the spring of 2015
    (photo by Sally Brady)

    Showing, in the photo, the white eyelid.
    The eyelid flashes white when the bird blinks.
    Understandably, people assume that this flashing white eyelid must have something to do
    with the dipper's unusual underwater habits, related to helping them see underwater,
    which leads to a common misconception that the white flash is a nictitating membrane.
    But all birds have a nictitating membrane, a translucent sometimes whitish/often bluish
    "third eyelid" that flicks across the surface of the eye from front to back to protect it
    while still allowing some vision.
    Because the dipper's eyelid is white it can be seen (as in the above photo) every time 
    the bird blinks.
    As to why the dipper has such an obvious white eyelid, nobody really knows.   

  64. Common Starling (i) (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Sturnus vulgaris

  65. House Sparrow (i) ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Passer domesticus

  66. American Pipit  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy  (also called Buff-bellied Pipit)  
    Anthus rubescens  

  67. Gray-crowned Rosy Finch  (ph)  ______ APR  co 
    Leucosticte tephrocotis 
    Leucosticte t. littoralis 
    ("Hepburn's Rosy Finch")

    A Gray-crowned Rosy Finch photographed during a
    FONT tour in Colorado in April

  68. Black Rosy Finch  (USe) (ph)  ______ APR  co  
    Leucosticte atrata

    A Black Rosy Finch photographed during a 
    FONT tour in Colorado in April

  69. Brown-capped Rosy Finch  (USe) (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co 
    Leucosticte australis

    The Brown-capped Rosy Finch is nearly endemic to Colorado, particularly as a breeder.

    A Brown-capped Rosy Finch photographed during a 
    FONT tour in Colorado in April

  70. Pine Grosbeak  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy  
    Pinicola enucleator montanus

    A Pine Grosbeak photograph during a FONT tour
    in Wyoming, near Colorado, in April

  71. Cassin's Finch  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    (formerly Carpodacus) cassinii

    A Cassin's Finch photographed during a FONT tour
    in Wyoming, near Colorado, in April

  72. House Finch  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,wy
    (formerly Carpodacus) mexicanus frontalis

    House Finch
    (photo by Doris Potter)

  73. Red Crossbill  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Loxia curvirostra

    A Red Crossbill photographed during a FONT tour
    in Wyoming, near Colorado, in April

  74. Pine Siskin  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ok,wy
    Carduelis pinus

  75. American Goldfinch  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne
    Carduelis tristis

    American Goldfinch
    (photo by Howard Eskin)

  76. Lesser Goldfinch  (ph)  ______  JUL  co (both black-backed & green-backed forms)
    Carduelis psaltria

  77. Evening Grosbeak  (ph)  ______  APR JUL  co,wy
    Coccothraustes vespertinus

    An Evening Grosbeak photographed during a FONT tour
    in Wyoming, near Colorado, in April

  78. Worm-eating Warbler ______ APR  co (rare in CO)
    Helmitheros vermivorum

  79. Northern Parula  (ph)  ______ APR  co (rare in CO)
    (formerly Parula) americana

  80. Orange-crowned Warbler  (ph)  ______ APR  co,ks
    (formerly Vermivora) celata orestera

  81. Virginia's Warbler ______ APR JUL  co
    (formerly Vermivora) virginiae

  82. Yellow Warbler  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    (formerly Dendroica) petechia 

  83. "Myrtle" Yellow-rumped Warbler  (ph)  ______ APR  co,ks
    (formerly Dendroica) coronata

  84. "Audubon's" Yellow-rumped Warbler  (ph)  ______  APR JUL  co,ks,wy
    (formerly Dendroica) coronata

    An "Audubon's" Yellow-rumped Warbler
    photographed in Colorado in the spring of 2015
    (photo by Sally Brady)

  85. Black-throated Gray Warbler ______ APR  co
    (formerly Dendroica) nigrescens 

  86. Black-and-white Warbler ______ JUL  co
    Mniotilta varia

  87. MacGillivray's Warbler  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    (formerly Oporornis) petechia

  88. Common Yellowthroat  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    Geothlypis trichas

  89. Wilson's Warbler  ______  APR JUL  co,ks
    (formerly Wilsonia) pusilla pileolata

  90. Yellow-breasted Chat  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    Icteria virens 

  91. Western Meadowlark ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Sturnella neglecta

  92. Red-winged Blackbird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Agelaius phoeniceus

  93. Yellow-headed Blackbird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,wy
    Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus

    A male Yellow-headed Blackbird
    (photo by Howard Eskin) 

  94. Brewer's Blackbird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Euphagus cyanocephalus

  95. Great-tailed Grackle  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ok
    Quiscalus mexicanus

  96. Common Grackle ______ APR JUL  cp,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Quiscalus quiscula

  97. Brown-headed Cowbird  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Molothrus ater

  98. Orchard Oriole  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Icterus spurius

  99. Bullock's Oriole  (ph)  ______ JUL co
    Icterus bullockii

  100. Western Tanager  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    Piranga ludoviciana

  101. Northern Cardinal  (ph)  ______ APR  co
    Cardinalis c. canicaudus 

  102. Green-tailed Towhee  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Pipilo chlorurus

    A Green-tailed Towhee photographed during a 
    FONT Colorado tour in April

  103. Spotted Towhee  (ph) ______ APR JUL  co
    Pipilo maculatus montanus

  104. Canyon Towhee  (ph)  ______ APR  co,ok
    Pipilo fuscus

  105. Cassin's Sparrow ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Aimophila cassinii

  106. Rufous-crowned Sparrow ______  APR  ok
    Aimophila ruficeps 

  107. American Tree Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR  co
    Spizelloides arborea 
    (formerly Spizella arborea)

  108. Chipping Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne
    Spizella passerina

  109. Clay-colored Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR  co
    Spizella pallida

  110. Brewer's Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Spizella b. breweri 
    (subspecies valid as long as "Timberline Sparrow" of Canada considered conspecific) 

    A Brewer's Sparrow photographed during a 
    FONT Colorado tour in April 

  111. Vesper Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Pooecetes gramineus confinis

  112. Lark Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Chondestes grammacus

  113. Sage Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR  co
    (formerly Amphispiza) belli nevadensis

  114. Lark Bunting  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks
    Calamospiza  melanocorys

  115. Savannah Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Passerculus sandwichensis

  116. Grasshopper Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR  co,ks
    Ammodramus savannarum

  117. "Slate-colored" Fox Sparrow ______ APR  co
    Passerella iliaca schistacea

  118. Song Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,ks,ne,wy
    Melospiza melodia

  119. Lincoln's Sparrow ______ APR JUL  co
    Melospiza melodia

  120. White-throated Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR  co   (rare in Colorado)
    Zonotrichia albicollis

  121. White-crowned Sparrow  (ph)  ______ APR  co,ks
    Zonotrichia leucophrys

    An immature White-crowned Sparrow
    (photo by Howard Eskin)

  122. Harris' Sparrow  (ph)  ______  APR  co
    Zonotrichia querula

    Harris' Sparrow
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

  123. "White-winged" Dark-eyed Junco ______ APR  co,ks
    Junco hyemalis aikeni

  124. "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco ______ APR  co
    Junco hyemalis oreganus

  125. "Pink-sided" Dark-eyed  Junco ______ APR  co,wy
    Junco hyemalis mearnsi

  126. "Gray-headed" Dark-eyed Junco ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Junco hyemalis caniceps

  127. "Slate-colored" Dark-eyed Junco  (ph)  ______ APR  co,wy
    Junco h. hyemalis

  128. McCown's Longspur  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co,wy
    Calcarius mccownii

    A McCown's Longspur photographed during a FONT tour
    in Wyoming, near Colorado

  129. Chestnut-collared Longspur  (ph)  ______ APR JUL  co
    Calcarius ornatus

    A male Chestnut-collared Longspur in breeding plumage 
    photographed during a FONT tour in Colorado

  130. Black-headed Grosbeak ______ JUL  co
    Pheucticus melanocephalus

  131. Lazuli Bunting  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    Passerina amoena

  132. Indigo Bunting  (ph)  ______ JUL  co
    Passerina cyanea

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