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Birds and Other Nature
during the 
Focus On Nature

in September/October

List compiled by Armas Hill
leader of the tour

Photo at right: Iceland Gull 
(The species breeds not in Iceland, but in Greenland.
 It arrives in Iceland in numbers in September & October.)  


September 28 - October 6, 2008


(ICr):        rare in Iceland
(ICv):       a vagrant in Iceland


A List & Photo Gallery of European Birds, in 2 parts:
Part #1: Grouse to Puffin    Part #2: Sandgrouse to Buntings 

Birds during previous FONT Iceland Tours

Complete Iceland Bird-List
(over 350 species, including vagrants from mainland Europe, Asia, & North America)

A List of Icelandic Wildflowers & some Other Plants  (with some photos) 

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  1. Rock Ptarmigan  oct

  2. Whooper Swan   sep,oct 

  3. Greylag Goose  sep,oct 

  4. Pink-footed Goose  oct  

  5. Brant Goose  sep

  6. Barnacle Goose  sep

  7. Mallard   sep,oct 

  8. American Black Duck  (ICv)  sep,oct

  9. Gadwall  oct

  10. Eurasian Wigeon  sep,oct

  11. American Wigeon  (ICr)  oct 

  12. Eurasian Teal  oct  

  13. Tufted Duck  sep oct

  14. Greater Scaup  oct 

  15. Barrow's Goldeneye  oct 

  16. Long-tailed Duck  (in North America, has been called Oldsquaw oct 

  17. Harlequin Duck  oct

  18. Black Scoter  (has been called Common Scoter sep,oct

  19. Common Eider  sep,oct 

  20. Common Merganser (or Goosander)  sep,oct

  21. Red-breasted Merganser  sep,oct

  22. Red-throated Loon  (or Red-throated Diver)  oct

  23. Common Loon  (or Great Northern Diver)  sep,oct

  24. Northern Fulmar  sep,oct

  25. Horned Grebe  (or Slavonian Grebe)  oct

  26. Grey Heron (ICr)  sep 

  27. Northern Gannet  sep

  28. Great Cormorant  sep,oct     

  29. Gyrfalcon  oct  (3 adults seen during the tour) 

  30. Merlin  sep,oct

  31. Common Kestrel  (ICr)  sep

  32. Eurasian Oystercatcher  sep,oct

  33. Grey (or Black-bellied) Plover  (ICr)  sep 

  34. European Golden Plover  sep,oct

  35. Common Redshank  sep,oct

  36. Purple Sandpiper  oct

  37. Dunlin  sep 

  38. Ruddy Turnstone  sep,oct

  39. Black-tailed Godwit  sep,oct

  40. Bar-tailed Godwit  sep,oct

  41. Common Snipe  sep,oct

  42. Common Black-headed Gull   sep,oct 

  43. Common (or Mew) Gull   sep

  44. Iceland Gull   sep,oct

  45. Glaucous Gull  sep,oct

  46. "European" Herring Gull  sep,oct   

  47. Lesser Black-backed Gull  sep (1 bird)

  48. Great Black-backed Gull  sep,oct

  49. Black Guillemot   oct 

  50. Atlantic Puffin  sep   

  51. Feral (or Common) Pigeon   sep

  52. Northern Raven   sep.oct

  53. Goldcrest  (ICr)  oct

  54. "Icelandic"  Northern (or Winter) Wren  sep,oct

  55. Northern Wheatear  sep      

  56. Common Blackbird  (ICr)   sep

  57. Redwing   sep,oct

  58. Common Starling   sep,oct

  59. White Wagtail   sep,oct

  60. Meadow Pipit  sep

  61. Buff-bellied (or American) Pipit  (ICv)  sep 

  62. Eurasian Siskin  (ICr)  sep

  63. "Icelandic" Common Redpoll  sep,oct

  64. Red Crossbill  (ICr)  oct

  65. Snow Bunting    sep,oct 

Other Wildlife & Nature during the FONT tour 
in Iceland in September/October 2008

1.   Arctic Fox 
(the "white variety")  oct

 2.   Reindeer (Caribou)  sep

 3.   Harbor Seal  sep,oct 

 4.  Gray Seal  oct

 5. "Northern Lights" of Aurora Borealis   oct