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What's to be seen and experienced
during Focus On Nature Tours
in that country

All of the photographs that follow courtesy of our partner,
Estonian Wildlife Tours -
- all rights reserved.

An Estonian Coastline with some Mute Swans
where they have not be introduced.



A Complete List of European Birds & a Photo Gallery, in 2 parts:
Part #1: Grouse to Puffin
     Part #2: Sandgrouse to Buntings 

Mammals of Europe     Butterflies & Moths of Europe

Upcoming FONT Birding & Nature Tours in Europe, including Estonia

FONT Past Tour Highlights 

Directory of Photos in this Website

The butterfly Polyommatus amandus,
the Amanda's Blue 



From the air, the blue lakes in the region of Alam-Pedja 

An edge of an Estonian forest with a Wolf in View

A bog

Twilight where the Great Snipe displays
and where the Eurasian Nightjar can be heard.


The Moorland Clouded Yellow,
with its border and antennae
that are pink.


 The carnivorous, insect-eating plant,
the Common, or Round-leaved Sundew,
Drosera rotundifolia.
It is found in bogs, marshes, and fens.


The Wild Strawberry,
Fragaria vesca.
It is edible and tasty. 


 Dactylorhiza incarnata,
the Early Marsh Orchid

A Lady's-Slipper Orchid,
Cypripedium calceolus.
This plant is an indicator of a good natural habitat.
Estonia has a good population of this plant.
In many other European countries, it does not exist.

The Saaremaa Yellow Rattle,
Rhinanthus osiliensis,
a flowering plant in the Broomrape Family,
endemic to Estonia,
and actually only on Saaremaa Island.

A field of yellow flowers

Another field, but blue

In this field, Old World Swallowtails

A Brown Bear

birds that go back in time a long way 

But going back even further,
a meteor created a crater
at Kaali 

One of the nice butterflies in Estonia<
the Scarce Fritillary 

Another, the Marsh Fritillary


In the following photos, 
places where, during our tour in Estonia,
we'll stay or visit

The Dagen House,
a hotel in a nice setting


Tallinn, a medieval old Estonian town

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