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With people, places, birds and other nature during Focus On Nature Tours in: 
Arizona, Brazil, Hungary (and Romania & Slovakia), Mexico, Sweden


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The FONT Tour in Mexico in March 2009:

Participants during our March 2009 Tour
in the Yucatan of Mexico
about to have breakfast

The following were the "TOP BIRDS" as voted by the participants at the end of our March 2009 Mexico Tour: 

 1 -  King Vulture 
 2 -  Mexican Sheartail
 3 -  Ferruginous Pygmy Owl
 4 -  Pinnated Bittern
 5 -  American Pygmy Kingfisher
 6 -  Yucatan Jay
 7 -  Bat Falcon
 8 -  American Flamingo
 9 -  Red-crowned Ant Tanager
10 - Ocellated Turkey
11 - Yucatan (or Black-throated) Bobwhite
12 - Gartered (or "Violaceous") Trogon  
13 - Lesser Roadrunner 
14 - Black-headed Trogon
15 - Keel-billed Toucan
16 - Cozumel Vireo
17 - Squirrel Cuckoo
18 - Pale-billed Woodpecker
19 - Blue Bunting
20 - Painted Bunting
21 - Crane Hawk
22 - Laughing Falcon
23 - Gray-throated Chat
24 - White-tailed Kite
25 - Bare-throated Tiger Heron
26 - Wilson's Plover
27 - Cozumel Emerald
28 - Rufous-browed Peppershrike
29 - Red-throated Ant Tanager
30 - Eye-ringed Flatbill
31 - "Golden" Yellow Warbler
32 - Hooded Warbler
33 - American Redstart
34 - Black Catbird
35 - Crimson-collared Tanager
36 - Barred Antshrike
37 - Dusky Antbird
38 - Yucatan Wren
39 - Black-bellied Whistling Duck
40 - Black-cowled Oriole
41 - Orchard Oriole
42 - Great Black Hawk
43 - Ridgway's Rough-winged Swallow

The last of these was actually the last of the birds to be found during the tour. A pair, that appeared to be quite territorial, was found on a projecting ornament up near the ceiling INSIDE a shopping mall at Tulum, as we stopped for a snack and some gift and souvenir shopping on the way to the hotel by the airport!   

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FONT Tours in Brazil

Below, during the FONT Brazil Tour in October 2001: 

During that tour, participants enjoyed both the birds and their time in both Amazonian and Atlantic Forests, with nearly 400 species of birds found during the 10-day tour.

In Amazonian Forest, we were in the northern part of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso at a place called the "Jardin da Amazonia" or the "Garden of the Amazon".
Situated by the Rio Claro, we did a late afternoon/early evening ride along that river (in the photo below), during which there were many birds.  Among them: a perched Amazonian Umbrellabird, Point-tailed Palmcreepers in palms, and at dusk potoos with open mouths catching insects.


Below, where we stayed at the "Garden of the Amazon". We've visited this enjoyable birding spot during 6 of our Brazil Tours.

Birds found during FONT Tours at "Jardin da Amazonia" 


The following are some photos of participants during the FONT October 2001 Brazil Tour, including Betty Cutler and Carl Perry (in the upper photo), Herb Cutler (in the middle photo), and Dave Cutler (in the lower photo), with the tour leader Armas Hill, and one of the local guides, named Pedro,      




Below, during the FONT Brazil Tour in September 2006

In the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul (in the southern Pantanal), the photo below shows us about to go on one of our night-time excursions. 
During that tour, on those after-dark rides, we saw a Jaguar, 7 Ocelots, a Pantanal Cat, a Maned Wolf, 2 Brazilian Tapirs, and a nice number of Giant Anteaters, in addition to Marsh Deer, Brocket Deer, Yellow Armadillo, Tapiti (the Brazilian Rabbit), many Capybaras, Crab-eating Fox, Crab-eating Raccoon, and various bats, along with an assortment of nocturnal birds: owls and nightjars

In all, since 1991, there have been 50 FONT Birding & Nature Tours in Brazil. 



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A List & Photo Gallery of Brazil Birds, in 3 Parts

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The FONT Tour in Arizona in July/August 2001

Participants on this tour included members of the Audubon Society of Venice, Florida.

This was one of 15 FONT birding & nature tours in Arizona over the years. 



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A List & Photo Gallery of Arizona Birds, in 2 Parts

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The FONT Tour in Sweden in September 2007

Below: Our tour participants, among others, during this tour at places in Sweden renowned for the migration of birds. This place, in the photo, is Falsterbo at the southern tip of Sweden.      

Below: Two of the participants during our September 2007 Sweden Tour, both named Sharon.

Below: The quaint little hotel where our group stayed on Oland Island in Sweden in September 2007.  




Upcoming FONT Birding & Nature Tours in Europe

A Narrative: "A Wonderful Bird Migration in the Land of Linnaeus", relating to our Sep '07 Tour

A Photo Gallery of Swedish Nature, Culture, & Scenery in Sweden during the FONT Sep '07 Tour

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The FONT Tour in Hungary, Romania, & Slovakia in May 2001

Below: Our group photographed in Hungary by the Phoenix Statue, marking the center of Europe.

Below: One of the favorite birds of our group in Hungary in May 2001 was the Corn Crake.
Photo by Przemyslaw Kunysz, who was a tour guide during 4 FONT tours in Poland in the 1990s. 

Below: A Brown Bear photographed during the FONT tour in Romania in May 2001.
Photo by tour participant, Alan Brady.

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