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Colorado Birds 
during Focus On Nature Tours
in the Spring 

for Grouse 
and Other Birds and Nature 

 Also birds in nearby Kansas, 
 Nebraska, New Mexico, 
 Oklahoma, and Wyoming 

2000 thru 2015

during the month of April

This list of birds compiled by Armas Hill 

There have been 9 such FONT birding tours, during which 222 species of birds have cumulatively been seen, 
along with 8 additional subspecies, thus bringing the following list to 230.

(photograph by Alan Brady)


co = Colorado
= Kansas
= Nebraska
= Oklahoma
wy = Wyoming

(USe):     endemic to the United States 
(USqe):   quasi (or nearly) endemic to the United States
(USneb): near-endemic breeder in the United States
(NAi):      species introduced into North America
(COneb): near-endemic breeder in Colorado
(COr):      rare in Colorado
(KSr):      rare in Kansas

(t): a globally threatened or rare species, designated by Birdlife International
     (t1): critical   (t2): endangered   (t3): vulnerable
(nt): a near-threatened species globally

(ph);  species with a photo in the FONT web-site 


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  1. Northern Bobwhite ______  co,ks
    Colinus v. virginianus

  2. Scaled Quail ______  co,ok
    Callipepla squamata pallida

  3. Wild Turkey  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok  (introduced population)
    Meleagris gallopavo

  4. Dusky Grouse  (ph)  ______  co  (formerly part of a wider-ranging Blue Grouse, from which the more-westerly Sooty Grouse has been split)  
    Dendragapus o. obscurus   

  5. Greater Sage Grouse  (USqe) (ph) ______  co
    Centrocercus urophasianus 

  6. Gunnison Sage Grouse (t2) (USe) (COneb) ______  co  (nearly endemic to Colorado, with a very few in adjacent Utah) 
    Centrocercus minimus 

  7. Greater Prairie Chicken (USe) (ph)  ______  co,ne  
    Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus

  8. Lesser Prairie Chicken (t3) (USe) (ph)  ______  co,ks  
    Tympanuchus pallidcinctus

  9. Sharp-tailed Grouse ______  co,ne
    Tympanuchus phasianellus columbianus

  10. White-tailed Ptarmigan  (ph)  ______  co  
    Lagopus leucurus altipetens

  11. Chukar Partridge  (NAi) ______  co
    Alectoris chukar

  12. Common (or Ring-necked) Pheasant (NAi) ______  co,ks,ne,ok
    Phasianus colchicus

  13. Trumpeter Swan  ______  ne
    Cygnus buccinator 

  14. Mute Swan (i) (ph)  ______  co
    Cygnus olor 

  15. Greater White-fronted Goose ______  co
    Anser albifrons frontalis

  16. Snow Goose  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    (formerly Anser) c. caerulescens  (known as "Lesser Snow Goose")

  17. Ross' Goose ______  co
    (formerly Anser) rossi  (monotypic)

  18. Canada Goose  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy  (introduced subspecies of eastern North America)
    Branta canadensis 

  19. Wood Duck  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Aix sponsa

  20. Green-winged Teal  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy  (now considered a species distinct from the Eurasian Green-winged Teal, Anas crecca)
    Anas carolinensis 

  21. Mallard  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Anas p. platyrhynchos

  22. Northern Pintail  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Anas acuta 

  23. Blue-winged Teal  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Anas discors 

  24. Cinnamon Teal ______  co,wy
    Anas cyanoptera septentrionalium

  25. Northern Shoveler ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Anas clypeata 

  26. Gadwall  (ph) ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Anas s. strepera

  27. American Wigeon  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Anas americana 

  28. Canvasback ______  co,ne,wy
    Aythya valisineria 

  29. Redhead  (ph)  ______  co,ne,wy
    Aythya americana 

  30. Ring-necked Duck  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Aythya collaris 

  31. Lesser Scaup  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Aythya affinis 

  32. Common Goldeneye ______  co,wy
    Bucephala clangula americana

  33. Barrow's Goldeneye ______  co
    Bucephala islandica 

  34. Bufflehead  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Bucephala albeola 

  35. Common Merganser  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Mergus merganser americanus

  36. Red-breasted Merganser  (ph)  ______  co
    Mergus serrator 

  37. Ruddy Duck  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Oxyura jamaicensis rubida

  38. Common Loon ______  wy
    Gavia immer 

  39. Pied-billed Grebe ______  co,ne,wy
    Podilymbus p. podiceps

  40. Eared Grebe  (ph)  ______  co,wy  (In Europe called Black-necked Grebe)
    Podiceps nigricollis californicus

  41. Western Grebe  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy
    Aechmophorus o. occidentalis 

  42. Clark's Grebe ______  co,ne,wy
    Aechmophorus clarkii transitionalis

  43. White-faced Ibis  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy
    Plegadis chihi 

  44. Great Blue Heron ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Ardea herodias fannini

  45. Great Egret  (ph) ______  co
    Ardea alba

  46. Snowy Egret  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Egretta thula brewsteri

  47. Cattle Egret  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Bubulcus i. ibis 
    (the single member of its genus)

  48. Green Heron ______  ks  (was for a time considered conspecific with the nearly-cosmopolitan Striated Heron, and was then called Green-backed Heron)  
    Butorides virescens anthonyi

  49. Black-crowned Night-Heron ______  co,ks,wy
    Nycticorax nycticorax hoactli

  50. American White Pelican  (ph)  ______  co,ne,wy  
    Pelecanus erythrorhynchos 

  51. Double-crested Cormorant ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Phalacrocorax auritus albociliatus

  52. Turkey Vulture  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Cathartes aura meridionalis
      (has been C. a. aura)

  53. Osprey  (ph)  ______  co
    Pandion haliaetus carolinensis 
    (the single member of its genus) 

  54. Bald Eagle  (ph)  ______  co,ne,wy   
    Haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis

  55. Northern Harrier  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy  (was conspecific with the Hen Harrier of Eurasia, Circus cyaneus)
    Circus hudsonius 

  56. Sharp-shinned Hawk  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Accipiter striatus velox

  57. Cooper's Hawk  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy  
    Accipiter cooperi

  58. Northern Goshawk ______  co
    Accipiter gentilis atricapillus

  59. Broad-winged Hawk (COr) ______  co
    Buteo p. platypterus

  60. Swainson's Hawk  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Buteo swainsoni 

  61. Red-tailed Hawk  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Buteo jamaicensis calurus

  62. "Harlan's" Red-tailed Hawk ______ co,wy  (a subspecies of the Red-tailed Hawk)
    Buteo jamaicensis harlani

  63. Ferruginous Hawk (nt) (ph)  ______  co,ks,ok  
    Buteo regalis 

  64. Rough-legged Hawk  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Buteo lagopus sanctijohannis

  65. Golden Eagle ______  co,ok,wy
    Aquila chrysaetos canadensis

  66. American Kestrel  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Falco s. sparverius

  67. Merlin  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Falco columbarius richardsoni

  68. Prairie Falcon  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Falco mexicanus 

  69. Peregrine Falcon  (ph)  ______  co  
    Falco peregrinus pealei

  70. American Coot ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Fulica a. americana

  71. Sandhill Crane  (ph)  ______  co
    Grus canadensis tabida

  72. Snowy Plover  (ph)  ______  co  (no longer conspecific with Kentish Plover of the Old World)
    Charadrius nivosus

  73. Piping Plover (t3) (COr) (ph)  ______  co  
    Charadrius melodus 

  74. Semipalmated Plover  (ph)  ______  co
    Charadrius semipalmatus 

  75. Killdeer  (ph) ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Charadrius v. vociferus

  76. Mountain Plover (t3) (USneb) (KSr) (ph)  ______  co,ks  
    Charadrius montanus

  77. Black-necked Stilt  (ph)  ______  co  (was said by some to be conspecific with the Black-winged Stilt of the Old World) 
    Himantopus mexicanus

  78. American Avocet  (ph) ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Recurvirostra americana 

  79. Greater Yellowlegs ______  co.ks,ne,ok,wy
    Tringa melanoleuca 

  80. Lesser Yellowlegs  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Tringa flavipes 

  81. Solitary Sandpiper  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Tringa s. solitaria 
    (1 of 2 subspecies that migrate thru the west-central US)

  82. Spotted Sandpiper  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Actitis macularia  

  83. "Western" Willet  (ph)  ______  co
    (formerly Catoptrophorus) semipalmata inornata

  84. Long-billed Curlew (nt) (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne
    Numenius a. americanus 
    (another subspecies can occur in migration)

  85. Marbled Godwit  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Limosa f. fedoa

  86. Semipalmated Sandpiper ______  co
    Calidris pusilla 

  87. Western Sandpiper  (ph)  ______  co
    Calidris mauri 

  88. Least Sandpiper ______  co
    Calidris minutilla 

  89. Baird's Sandpiper ______  co.ks
    Calidris bairdii 

  90. Pectoral Sandpiper  (ph)  ______  co
    Calidris melanotos 

  91. Dunlin  (ph) ______  co
    Calidris alpina

  92. Long-billed Dowitcher ______  co
    Limnodromus scolopaceus 

  93. Wilson's Snipe  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy  (has been considered part of the Common Snipe of the Palearctic, Gallinago gallinago) 
    Gallinago delicata 

  94. Wilson's Phalarope ______  co,ks
    Phalaropus tricolor 

  95. Franklin's Gull  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy
    Larus pipixcan 

  96. Bonaparte's Gull  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy
    Larus philadelphia

  97. Ring-billed Gull  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Larus delawarensis 

  98. California Gull  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Larus californicus 
    (2 subspecies can occur in west-central US)

  99. "American" Herring Gull ______  co,wy
    Larus (argentatus) smithsonianus

  100. Forster's Tern  (ph)  ______  co,ne
    Sterna forsteri 

  101. Feral (or Rock) Pigeon (NAi) ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Columba livia

  102. Mourning Dove ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Zenaida macroura marginella

  103. Eurasian Collared Dove (NAi) ______  co,ks,ne,ok
    Streptopelia decaocto

  104. Great Horned Owl  (ph)  ______  co,ks  
    Bubo v. virginianus

  105. Burrowing Owl  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok
    Athene cunicularia hypugaea

  106. White-throated Swift ______  co 
    Aeronautes s. saxatalis

  107. Black-chinned Hummingbird  (ph)  ______  co  
    Archilochus alexandri 

  108. Broad-tailed Hummingbird  (ph)  ______  co
    Selasphorus platycercus 
    (now monotypic)

  109. Belted Kingfisher  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne
    (formerly Ceryle) alcyon  (monotypic)

  110. Lewis' Woodpecker ______  co
    Melanerpes lewis 

  111. Red-bellied Woodpecker (COr) (ph)  ______  co
    Melanerpes carolinus 

  112. Red-naped Sapsucker  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    Sphyrapicus nuchalis 

  113. Williamson's Sapsucker ______  co
    Sphyrapicus thyroideus nataliae

  114. Ladder-backed Woodpecker  (ph)  ______  co
    Picoides scalaris cactophilus

  115. Downy Woodpecker  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy
    Picoides pubescens leucurus

  116. Hairy Woodpecker  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Picoides villosus septentrionalis

  117. Northern Flicker ______ (both "Yellow-shafted" & "Red-shafted")  co,ks,ne,wy
    Colaptes a. auratus
      ("Yellow-shafted") co,ks,ne
    Colaptes auratus cafer  
    "Red-shafted") co,wy

  118. Dusky Flycatcher (KSr) (ph)  ______  ks
    Empidonax oberholseri

  119. Gray Flycatcher ______  co
    Empidonax wrightii 

  120. Eastern Phoebe ______  co,ks,ok
    Sayornis phoebe 

  121. Say's Phoebe  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Sayornis s. saya

  122. Vermilion Flycatcher (COr) (ph)  ______  co
    Pyrocephalus rubinus mexicanus

  123. Ash-throated Flycatcher  (ph)  ______  co
    Myarchus c. cinerascens

  124. Cassin's Kingbird ______  co
    Tyrannus v. vociferans

  125. Western Kingbird  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Tyrannus verticalis 

  126. Loggerhead Shrike  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ok
    Lanius ludovicianus excubitorides

  127. Gray Jay  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Perisoreus canadensis capitalis

  128. Steller's Jay  (ph)  ______ co
    Cyanocitta stelleri macrolopha

  129. Blue Jay  (ph)  ______  co,ne
    Cyanocitta cristata cyanotephra

  130. Western Scrub Jay  (ph)  ______  co
    Aphelocoma californica woodhouseii

  131. Pinyon Jay ______  co
    Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus)

  132. Clark's Nutcracker ______  co
    Nucifraga columbiana 

  133. Black-billed Magpie ______  co,ks,wy (was conspecific with the Eurasian Magpie, Pica pica)
    Pica hudsonia

  134. American Crow ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Corvus brachyrhynchos hesperis

  135. Chihuahuan Raven  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ok
    Corvus cryptoleucus 

  136. Northern Raven  (ph)  ______  co,ne,ok,wy
    Corvus corax principalis

  137. Horned Lark  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Eremophila alpestris lamprochroma 
    (other subspecies may occur)

  138. Tree Swallow  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Tachycineta bicolor 

  139. Violet-green Swallow ______  co
    Tachycineta thalassina lepida

  140. Northern Rough-winged Swallow  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Stelgidopteryx s. serripennis

  141. Bank Swallow ______  co  (in Old World called Sand Martin)
    Riparia r. riparia

  142. American Cliff Swallow ______  co,ks
    (formerly Hirundo) p. pyrrhonota

  143. Barn Swallow  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Hirundo rustica erythrogaster

  144. Juniper Titmouse ______  co
    (formerly Parus) r. ridgwayi

  145. Black-capped Chickadee  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    (formerly Parus) atricapilla septentrionalis

  146. Mountain Chickadee ______  co,wy
    (formerly Parus) g. gambeli

  147. American Bushtit  (ph)  ______  co
    Psaltriparus minimus plumbeus 
    (the "Lead-colored Bushtit")

  148. Red-breasted Nuthatch  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Sitta canadensis 

  149. White-breasted Nuthatch  (ph)  ______  co,ks,wy
    Sitta carolinensis nelsoni

  150. Pygmy Nuthatch  (ph)  ______  co
    Sitta pygmaea melanotis

  151. Brown Creeper  (ph)  ______  co  (an alternate name would be American Treecreeper)
    Certhia americana montana

  152. Rock Wren  (ph)  ______  co
    Salpinctes o. obsoletus 
    (the single member of its genus)

  153. Canyon Wren ______  co
    Catherpes mexicanus pallidor 
    (the single member of its genus)

  154. Bewick's Wren ______  co,ks
    Thryomanes bewickii eremophilus

  155. House Wren  (ph)  ______  co
    Troglodytes aedon parkmani

  156. Pacific Wren  ______  co
    Troglodytes pacificus

  157. Marsh Wren  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Cistothorus palustris plesius

  158. American Dipper ______  co
    Cinclus mexicanus unicolor

  159. Ruby-crowned Kinglet  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Regulus calendula grinnelli

  160. Golden-crowned Kinglet  (ph)  ______  co
    Regulus satrapa apache

  161. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  (ph)  ______  co
    Polioptila caerulea obscura

  162. Eastern Bluebird  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne
    Sialia s. sialis

  163. Western Bluebird ______  co
    Sialia mexicana occidentalis

  164. Mountain Bluebird  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    Sialia currucoides 

  165. Townsend's Solitaire ______  co,wy
    Myadestes t. townsendi

  166. Hermit Thrush  (ph)  ______  co
    Catharus guttatus auduboni

  167. American Robin ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Turdus migratorius propinquus

  168. Gray Catbird  (ph)  ______  co
    Dumetella carolinensis 
    (monotypic, and now the single member of its genus)  

  169. Northern Mockingbird  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Mimus p. polyglottos

  170. Sage Thrasher  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    Oreoscoptes montanus 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus) 

  171. Brown Thrasher  (ph)  ______  co
    Toxostoma rufum longicauda

  172. European Starling (i) ______  co.ks,ne,ok,wy
    Sturnus v. vulgaris

  173. American Pipit ______  co,wy  (an alternate name is Buff-bellied Pipit)
    Anthus r. rubescens  

  174. Cedar Waxwing  (ph)  ______  co
    Bombycilla cedrorum 
    (now monotypic)

  175. Northern Parula (COr) (ph)  ______  co
    (formerly Parula) americana  (monotypic)

  176. Worm-eating Warbler (COr) ______  co
    Helmitheros vermivorum 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus) 

  177. Orange-crowned Warbler  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    (formerly Vermivora) celata orestera

  178. Virginia's Warbler ______  co
    (formerly Vermivora) virginiae  (monotypic)

  179. "Myrtle" Yellow-rumped Warbler  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    (formerly Dendroica) c. coronata 

  180. "Audubon's" Yellow-rumped Warbler ______  co,ks,wy
    (formerly Dendroica) coronata auduboni

  181. Black-throated Gray Warbler ______  co
    (formerly Dendroica) n. nigrescens 

  182. Wilson's Warbler ______  co,ks
    (formerly Wilsonia) pusilla pileolata

  183. Northern Cardinal (COr) (ph)  ______  co
    Cardinalis c. canicaudus

  184. Green-tailed Towhee  (ph)  ______  co  
    (formerly Chlorura) chlorurus  (monotypic)

  185. Spotted Towhee  (ph)  ______  co
    Pipilo maculatus montanus

  186. Canyon Towhee  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Pipilo fuscus mesatus

  187. Cassin's Sparrow ______  co,ks
    Aimophila cassinii 

  188. Rufous-crowned Sparrow ______  ok
    Aimophila ruficeps

  189. American Tree Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co
    Spizelloides arborea 
    (formerly Spizella arborea)

  190. Chipping Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne
    Spizella p. passerina

  191. Clay-colored Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co
    Spizella pallida 

  192. Brewer's Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co  
    Spizella b. breweri 
    (subspecies valid as long as "Timberline Sparrow" of Canada considered conspecific) 

  193. Vesper Sparrow ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Pooecetes gramineus confinis 
    (the single member of its genus)

  194. Lark Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Chondestes grammacus 
    (2 subspecies: C. g. grammacus breeding in the north & central US; C. g. strigatus breeding in the west US & sw Canada) 

  195. Sage Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co
    Amphispiza belli nevadensis

  196. Lark Bunting ______  co,ks
    Calamospiza  melanocorys 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus)

  197. Savannah Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Passerculus sandwichensis 
    (2 subspecies in west-central US: P.s.nevadensis & P. s. athinus)  (the single member of its genus)

  198. Grasshopper Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Ammodramus savannarum perpallidus

  199. "Slate-colored" Fox Sparrow ______  co
    Passerella iliaca schistacea

  200. Song Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Melospiza melodia montana 
    (another subspecies:  M. m. juddi)

  201. Lincoln's Sparrow ______  co
    Melospiza l. lincolnii

  202. White-throated Sparrow  (COr) ______  co
    Zonotrichia albicollis 

  203. White-crowned Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha

  204. Harris's Sparrow  (ph)  ______  co
    Zonotrichia querula 

  205. "White-winged" Dark-eyed Junco ______  co,ks
    Junco hyemalis aikeni

  206. "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco ______  co
    Junco hyemalis oreganus

  207. "Pink-sided" Dark-eyed Junco ______  co,wy
    Junco hyemalis mearnsi

  208. "Gray-headed" Dark-eyed Junco ______  co,wy
    Junco hyemalis caniceps

  209. "Slate-colored" Dark-eyed Junco  (ph)  ______  co,wy
    Junco h. hyemalis

  210. McCown's Longspur  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    Calcarius mccownii 

  211. Chestnut-collared Longspur  (ph)  ______  co  
    Calcarius ornatus 

  212. Western Meadowlark ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Sturnella neglecta 

  213. Red-winged Blackbird  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Agelaius phoeniceus fortis

  214. Yellow-headed Blackbird  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus 
    (monotypic, and the single member of its genus)

  215. Brewer's Blackbird  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Euphagus cyanocephalus 

  216. Great-tailed Grackle  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Quiscalus mexicanus nelsoni

  217. Common Grackle ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Quiscalus quiscula stonei

  218. Brown-headed Cowbird  (ph)  ______  co,ks
    Molothrus ater artemisiae

  219. Orchard Oriole  (ph)  ______  co
    Icterus s. spurius

  220. Gray-crowned Rosy Finch  (ph)  ______  co  
    Leucosticte t. tephrocotis 
    Leucosticte t. littoralis
    ("Hepburn's Rosy Finch")

  221. Black Rosy Finch  (USe) (ph)  ______  co 
    Leucosticte atrata 

  222. Brown-capped Rosy Finch  (USe) (COneb) (ph)  ______  co  (this species nearly endemic to Colorado, particularly as a breeder)
    Leucosticte australis 

  223. Pine Grosbeak  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    Pinicola enucleator montana

  224. Cassin's Finch  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    Carpodacus cassinii 

  225. House Finch  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne,wy
    Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis

  226. Red Crossbill  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    Loxia curvirostra vividior

  227. Pine Siskin  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ok,wy
    Carduelis p. pinus

  228. American Goldfinch  (ph)  ______  co,ks,ne
    Carduelis tristis pallida

  229. Evening Grosbeak  (ph)  ______  co,wy  
    (has been Coccothraustes) vespertina brooksi

  230. House Sparrow (i) ______  co,ks,ne,ok,wy
    Passer domesticus

Birds sometimes that are common some places are rare others.
The Blue Jay, common in eastern North America, just reaches eastern Colorado.
Actually, although our Colorado tour in April Tour is primarily for Grouse, 
it is also a good one for corvids, with 10 species in that family of jays & crows.
In addition to the Blue Jay, other corvids that we see in Colorado include:
Steller's Jay, Western Scrub-Jay, Pinyon Jay, Gray Jay,
Clark's Nutcracker, Black-billed Magpie, 
Common Raven, Chihuahuan Raven, and American Crow. 


found during
FONT Spring Tours
(and in nearby Wyoming, Kansas, 
 Nebraska, & Oklahoma)


co:   Colorado
ks:    Kansas
ne:   Nebraska

wy:  Wyoming

(ph):  species with a photo in the FONT web-site

Photo at upper right: An American Badger during a FONT tour in Colorado in the Spring 

  1. Red Fox  (ph)  ______ co,ne
    Vulpes vulpes fulva 
    (the North American animal is considered conspecific with the Red Fox of the Old World Vulpes v. vulpes)  

  2. Swift Fox  ______  co
    Vulpes velox

  3. Gray Fox ______ co
    Urocyon cinereoargenteus 
    (would be monotypic were it not for the Island Gray Fox of the Channel Islands of California, Urocyon littoralis)

  4. Coyote  (ph)  ______ co,ks,ne
    Canis latrans

  5. American Badger  (ph)  ______ co
    Taxidea taxus 
    (the single member of its genus)

  6. Striped Skunk  (ph)  ______ co,ne
    Mephitis mephitis

  7. Yellow-bellied Marmot  (ph)  ______ co
    Marmota flaviventris

  8. Northern Raccoon  (ph)  ______ co,ne
    Procyon lotor

  9. Black-tailed Prairie Dog ______  co,ks,ne
    Cynomys ludovicianus 

  10. White-tailed Prairie Dog  ______ co
    Cynomys gunnisoni

  11. Gunnison's Prairie Dog  (ph)  ______ co
    Cynomys gunnisoni

  12. Thirteen-lined Ground-Squirrel ______ co,ne,wy
    (formerly Ictidomys or Citellus) tridecemlineatus

  13. Wyoming Ground-Squirrel ______ co,wy
    Spermophilus elegans 
    (formerly part of Citellus richardsoni, and at that time called Richardson Ground Squirrel)

  14. Variegated Ground Squirrel (also called Rock Squirrel) (ph) ______ co
    (formerly Otospermophilus or Citellus) variegatus

  15. American Red Squirrel ______ co
    Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

  16. Golden-mantled (Ground) Squirrel ______ co
    (formerly Callospermophilus or Citellus) lateralis

  17. Least Chipmunk ______ co,wy
    (formerly Neotamias or Eutamias) minimus

  18. Eastern Fox Squirrel (northern form) ______ co,ne
    Sciurus niger

  19. Abert's Squirrel  ______  co,wy
    Sciurus aberti

  20. Olive-backed Pocket Mouse ______ co
    Perognathus fasciatus

  21. Plains Pocket Mouse ______ ks
    Perognathus flavescens 

  22. Plains Harvest Mouse ______ co
    Reithrodontomys montanus

  23. North American Porcupine  (ph)  ______ co
    Erethizon dorsatum

  24. American Beaver  (ph)  ______ co,wy
    Castor canadensis 

  25. Muskrat  (ph)  ______ co,ne,wy
    Ondatra zibethicus

  26. Snowshoe (or Varying) Hare ______ co,wy
    Lepus americanus

  27. Black-tailed Jackrabbit  (ph)  ______ co,ks
    Lepus californicus

  28. White-tailed Jackrabbit ______ co,wy
    Lepus townsendi

  29. Desert Cottontail  (ph)  ______ co
    Sylvilagus auduboni

  30. Mountain (or Nuttall's) Cottontail ______ co,wy
    Sylvilagus nuttalli

  31. Eastern Cottontail  (ph)  ______ co,ks,ne
    Sylvilagus floridanus

  32. Elk (or Wapiti) (ph)  ______ co,wy
    Cervus elaphus canadensis
    (another slightly smaller, subspecies in Europe is called there the Red Deer)
  33. Moose  (ph)  ______ co  (in Europe called Elk)
    Alces alces 
    (the single member of its genus)

  34. Pronghorn  (ph)  ______ co,ks,ne,wy
    Antilocapra americana 
    (the single member of its genus & family)

  35. Mule Deer  (ph)  ______ co,ks,ne,wy
    Odocoileus hemionus

  36. White-tailed Deer  (ph)  ______ co,ks,ne
    Odocoileus virginianus

  37. Bighorn Sheep  (ph)  ______ co
    Ovis c. canadensis
    (the subspecies of the central and northern Rockies)

  38. "Plains" American Bison (or Buffalo) ______ co  (today domesticated, the last wild Bison in Colorado was killed in 1889, in eastern CO)
    Bison b. bison