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Butterflies of Mexico
including the region of 
Yucatan Peninsula 

and in nearby 
Belize & Guatemala

Part #1 of a 2-part List, 
noting those found during 
Focus On Nature Tours 
in these places with an (*) 

List compiled by Armas Hill

Upper right photo: a MARINE BLUE during a FONT tour 
(photographed by Doris Potter) 


BZ:   occurs in Belize
GU:  occurs in Guatemala
YP:   occurs in the Yucatan 

(MXe):  species endemic to Mexico

refers to page in the book "A Swift Guide to the Butterflies of Mexico & Central America", by Jeffrey Glassberg, published in 2007. In that book, there are approximately 3,250 photographs of butterflies.  

refers to page in the book "Butterflies of Arizona, A Photographic Guide", by Bob Stewart, Priscilla Brodkin & Hank Brodkin, published in 2001. In that book, there are excellent photos of butterflies.  

(ph):  species with a photo in the FONT website 


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Among the Butterfly groupings that follow here, links to:

SWALLOWTAILS     Whites, Yellows, Sulphus     Coppers, Hairstreaks, Blues    METALMARKS

In this two-part list, there are 1,340 species of butterflies.  

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Butterflies during a FONT tour in Sonora, Mexico

List of Butterflies:

There are totally worldwide about 700 species of Swallowtails. 


a genus with a single species, having primitive butterfly features. 
          The subfamily is also monotypic (that is with only one species).  

  1. Short-horned Baronia  (nt) (MXe)  ______  (MCA:8)  (another name is Archaic Swallowtail)
    Baronia brevicornis brevicornis  ______ 
    subspecies in southwest Mexico
    Baronia brevicornis rufodiscalis  ______ 
    subspecies in Chiapas  (subspecies described in 1987) 

    Baronia brevicornis
    can be called a "living fossil". It is considered the most primitive of the present-day papilionid species and shares some features with the fossil taxon PRAEPAPILIO.

    Baronia bervicornis is unique among swallowtail butterflies in having an Acacia species as its larval foodplant, Acacia cochliacanha (in the Leguminosae family).     

    The butterfly has short antennae, hence its common name. 

    It occurs only in a small area of Mexico, with its distribution patchy and restricted.
    The genus is named after a Mr. Baron who collected the first specimen in the Sierra Madre region.    

    Subfamily PAPILIONINAE

    Genus PARIDES:  Cattlehearts

  2. True Cattleheart  ______  (MCA:11)  (another name is Pink-cheeked Cattleheart)
    Parides eurimedes

  3. White-dotted Cattleheart  ______  (MCA:12) (BAPG:355)
    Parides alopius

  4. Pink-spotted Cattleheart  ______  (MCA:12)
    Parides photinus

  5. Green-celled Cattleheart  ______  (MCA:10)
    Parides childrenae

  6. Emerald-patched Cattleheart  ______  YP  (MCA:10)
    Parides sesotris

  7. Montezuma's Cattleheart   ______  YP  (MCA:12)
    Parides montezuma

  8. Wedge-spotted Cattleheart  ______  (MCA:11)
    Parides panares

  9. Variable Cattleheart  ______  YP  (MCA:12)
    Parides erithalion

  10. Iphidamas Cattleheart  (ph)  ______  (MCA:10)  (another name is Transandean Cattleheart)
    Parides iphidamus

    An Iphidamas Cattleheart photographed during a FONT tour
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

  11. Anchises Cattleheart  ______
    Parides anchises 

    Genus EURYTIDES  Kite-Swallowtails 
      This genus has also been called PROTESILAUS. About 50 species confined to the New World. Some mimic PARIDES and HELICONIUS butterflies. Others have long tails, hence the name "Kite-Swallowtails". Fast fliers. Engage in mud-puddling. 

  12. Mexican Kite Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:14)  (also called the Guatemalan Kite Swallowtail) 
    Eurytides epidaus

  13. Dark Kite Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:14)
    Eurytides philolaus

  14. Short-lined Kite Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:14)
    Eurytides agesilaus

  15. Thick-bordered Kite Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:14)
    Eurytides dioxippus

  16. Yellow Kite Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:14)
    Eurytides calliste

  17. Orange Kite Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:14)
    Eurytides thyastes

  18. Salvin's Kite Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:14)
    Eurytides salvini

  19. Five-striped Kite Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:14)  (another name is Bow-lined Kite Swallowtail
    Eurytides macrosilaus

    Genus MIMOIDES

  20. White-crescent Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:13)
    Mimoides thymbraeus

  21. Variable Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:13)  (another name is Red-sided Swallowtail)
    Mimoides phaon

  22. Dual-spotted Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:13)  (another name is Dual-spotted Swallowtail)
    Mimoides ilus  

    Genus BATTUS:  Pipevine Swallowtails 

  23. Pipevine Swallowtail  (ph) (*)  ______  YP  (MCA:8) (BAPG:23,331)
    Battus philendor

    Pipevine Swallowtails photographed during a FONT tour
    (photos by Doris Potter)

  24. Polydamas Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:8) (BAPG:355)  (also called the Gold Rim or Black Page)  
    Battus polydamas

    In the tropics, the Polydamas Swallowtail is continuously brooded. Butterflies live about a week. Very common near human settlement. The pattern of the butterfly is variable.  

    Polydamas Swallowtail

  25. Cramer's Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:9)  (another name is Yellow-trailed Swallowtail)
    Battus lycidas   

  26. West Mexican Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:8)  (another name is Colima Swallowtail
    Battus eracon

  27. Green-patch Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:9)  (another name is Yellow-spotted Swallowtail)
    Battus laodamas

  28. Dyar's Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:9)  (another name is Confused Swallowtail)
    Battus ingenuus  

    Genus PAPILO:  Fluted Swallowtails 

    This genus has also been called HERACLIDES, or PTEROURUS. Over 200 species. Most are tropical. Most are tailed. Many are migratory. These are the largest of the swallowtails. They are butterflies of the sunshine, paths, roads, and open country. They readily visit flowers such as: Lantana, Bauhinia, Bougainvilla, and Hibiscus.   

  29. Black Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:17) (BAPG:9,11,329)
    Papilio polyxenes 

    Black Swallowtails
    (upper photo by Doris Potter, lower photo by Howard Eskin)

  30. Anise Swallowtail  ______  (BAPG:15,329)
    Papilio zelicaon

  31. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  (MCA:15)
    Papilio glaucus

  32. Mexican Tiger Swallowtail  ______
    Papilio alexiares

  33. Western Tiger Swallowtail  ______  (BAPG:17)
    Papilio rutulus

  34. Pale Tiger Swallowtail  ______
    Papilio eurymedon

  35. Two-tailed Tiger Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  (MCA:15) (BAPG:19,329)
    Papilio multicaudata

    Two-tailed Tiger Swallowtail
    (photo by Frank Stermitz)

  36. Three-tailed Tiger Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:15) (BAPG:355)
    Papilio pilumnus

  37. Esperanza Swallowtail  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:15)  (another name is Oaxacan Swallowtail)
    Papilio esperanza

  38. Palamedes Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:15)
    Papilio palamedes

  39. Magnificent Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:20)
    Papilio garamas

  40. Victorine Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:19)
    Papilio victorinus  

  41. Ruby-spotted Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:18) (BAPG:355)
    Papilio anchisiades 

  42. Pink-spotted Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:18)
    Papilio pharnaces

  43. Yucatan Swallowtail  ______  YP  (MCA:19)
    Papilio rogeri

  44. Torquatus Swallowtail ______  YP  (MCA:20)  (another name is Band-gapped Swallowtail
    Papilio torquatus

  45. Giant Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:16) (BAPG:21)
    Papilio cresphontes

    Giant Swallowtails;
    below 2 of them 
    (upper photo by Marie Gardner during a FONT tour;
    lower photo courtesy of Gary Greer of Austin, Texas)

  46. Thoas Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:16)
    Papilio thoas 

    Thoas Swallowtail

  47. Broad-banded Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  (MCA:17)
    Papilio astyalus

    Broad-banded Swallowtails

  48. Ornythion Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:16)
    Papilio ornythion

  49. Androgeus Swallowtail  (ph)  ______  (MCA:17)
    Papilio androgeus 

    An Androgeus Swallowtail photographed during a FONT tour
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

  50. Erostratus Swallowtail  ______  (MCA:19)  (another name is Pale-spotted Swallowtail)
    Papilio erostratus

    Most are predominately white, yellow, or orange in color, and are often referred to as WHITES, YELLOWS, SULPHURS, or MARBLES


  51. Clean Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:33)
    Pseudopieris nehemia


  52. Tiger Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:34)
    Dismorphia amphione

    Dismorphia amphione is a member of the color/pattern mimicry system with Heliconius ismenius, along with Hypothyris euclea (in ITHOMIINAE in the NYMPHALIDAE), Melinaea lilis (or ethra) (in the NYMPHALIDAE), Eresia mechanitis (in the NYMPHALIDAE), and a diurnal moth. 

  53. Crisia Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:34)  (another name is Cloud-forest Mimic-White)
    Dismorphia crisia

  54. Eunoe Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:34)  (another name is Guatemalan Mimic-White)
    Dismorphia eunoe

    Dismorphia eunoe is a member of the color/pattern mimicry system with Heliconius hecale, along with Charonias eurytele (in the PIERIDAE), Napeogenes peredia (in ITHOMINI in the NYMPHALIDAE), Eresia coelia (in the NYMPHALIDAE), and a diurnal moth.

  55. Clear-winged Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:35)
    Dismorphia theucharila

    Dismorphia theucharila is a member of a color/pattern mimicry system with Oleria paula (in ITHOMIINAE in the NYMPHALIDAE), and a diurnal moth: Dysschemia jansonius, the male. 

    Genus ENANTIA

  56. Costa-spotted Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:33)
    Enantia albania

  57. Jethys Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:33)  (another name is Bold Mimic-White)
    Enantia jethys

  58. De la Maza's Mimic-White  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:33)  (species described in 1984)
    Enantia mazai 

  59. White Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:33)
    Enantia lina

    Genus LIEINIX

  60. Dark Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:35)
    Lieinix lala

  61. Guerrero Mimic-White  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1984)
    Lieinix neblina 

  62. Frosted Mimic-White  ______  (MCA:35)
    Lieinix nemesis   


  63. Narrow-banded Dartwhite  ______  (MCA:21)
    Catasticta flisa (or arechiaz)

  64. Oaxacan Dartwhite  ______
    Catasticta oaxaca

  65. Mexican Dartwhite  ______  (MCA:21)
    Catasticta nimbice

  66. Pure-banded Dartwhite  (ph)  ______  (MCA:21)  (another name is Golden-banded Dartwhite)
    Catasticta teutila

    Pure-banded, or Golden-banded Dartwhite
    (photo by Michael Layland)

    Genus PEREUTE

  67. Darkened White  ______  (MCA:24)  (another name is Surprising White)
    Pereute charops


  68. Cattleheart White  ______  (MCA:23)
    Archonias brassolis


  69. Tiger White  ______  (MCA:23)
    Charonias eurytele


  70. Dimorphic White  ______  (MCA:25)  (another name is Chiapas White)  
    Perrhybris pamela  


  71. Viardi White  ______  YP  (MCA:24)  (another name is Painted White)
    Pieriballia viardi


  72. Black-banded White ______  YP  (MCA:25)  (another name is Cross-barred White)
    Itaballia demophile

  73. Brown-bordered White  ______  (MCA:25)
    Itaballia pandosia


  74. Mountain White  ______  (MCA:27)  (another name is Common Green-eyed White)
    Leptophobia aripa

    Genus PIERIS

  75. Cabbage White  (ph)  ______  (MCA:27) (BAPG:31)  (introduced in North America from Europe)
    Pieris rapae

    Above & below: Cabbage Whites
    (photos by Marie Gardner)


    Genus PONTIA

  76. Becker's White  ______  (BAPG:31)  (in Mexico, in Baja California)
    Pontia beckerii

  77. Checkered White  (ph)  ______  (MCA:26) (BAPG:29)
    Pontia protodice

    Checkered White
    (photo by Rise Hill)

  78. Spring White  ______  (BAPG:29,331)  (in Mexico, in Baja California)
    Pontia sisymbrii

    Genus ASCIA

  79. Great Southern White  ______  YP  (MCA:26) (BAPG:357)
    Ascia monuste

    Genus APPIAS  
    A distinctive group with strongly curved wings, especially in the males, which makes them powerful fliers. Many dwell in the rainforest. Males commonly mud-puddle. The sexes are usually completely different in color, with females darker with more subdued coloration. 
    This genus occurs in Asia (mainly), Africa, and Australia, in addition to the Americas. This genus in the New World has been now been said by some, for structural reasons, to be GLUTOPHRISSA, with 2 species.
    Note: The APPIAS butterflies in the Old World are referred to as THE GULLS.         

  80. Florida White  ______  YP  (MCA:26) (BAPG:357)  (also called Tropical White
    Appias (or Glutophrissa) drusilla 

    The Florida, or Tropical White is an extraordinarily swift butterfly, "so swift that, in a few seconds, they traverse long distances. Not only do they fly extremely fast, but they also take their nourishment from flowers in the greatest haste. Only in imbibing water from the damp ground, where these butterflies, particularly the males, sometimes settle in large groups close together, do they allow themselves time, and engage in this activity for the moment as an amusement."     

    Genus GANYRA

  81. Giant White ______  YP  (MCA:27)
    Ganyra josephina 

  82. Godart's White  ______  (MCA:27)  (another name is Felder's White)
    Ganyra phaloe

  83. Howarth's White  ______  (MCA:27) (BAPG:359)
    Ganyra howarthi


  84. Costa Rican White  ______  (MCA:22)  (another name is Pallid Tilewhite)
    Hesperocharis costaricensis

  85. Orange White  ______  (MCA:22)  (another name is Orange Tilewhite)
    Hesperocharis crocea

  86. Marbled White  ______  (MCA:22)  (another name is Black-pointed Tilewhite)
    Hesperocharis graphites


  87. Desert Orangetip  ______  (MCA:28) (BAPG:35)
    Anthocharis cethura

  88. Sara Orangetip  ______  (MCA:28) (BAPG:35)
    Anthocharis sara

  89. Falcate Orangetip  ______
    Anthocharis midea

  90. Mexican Orangetip  ______  (MCA:28)
    Anthocharis limonea

  91. Gray Marble  ______  (MCA:28)
    Anthocharis lanceolata

    Genus MELETE

  92. Creamy White  ______  YP  (MCA:28)  (another name is Common Melwhite)
    Melete lycimnia 

  93. Golden White  ______  (MCA:28)
    Melete polyhymnia


  94. Mexican Pine White  ______  (MCA:23) (BAPG:25,27)  (another name is Chiricahua White)
    Neophasia terlooii

    Genus EUCHEIRA

  95. Social White  ______  (MCA:21)
    Eucheira socialis 

    Genus EUCHLOE

  96. California Marble  ______  (MCA:28)  (another name is Pearly Marble)  
    Euchloe hyantis 

  97. Desert Marble  ______
    Euchloe lotta

  98. Sonoran Marble  ______  (MCA:28) (BAPG:359)
    Euchloe guaymasensis 

    Genus COLIAS

  99. Orange Sulphur  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:29) (BAPG:37,39)
    Colias eurytheme

    Orange Sulphur
    (photo by Howard Eskin) 

  100. Clouded Sulphur  ______  (MCA:29) (BAPG:41)
    Colias philodice

      This widespread grouping, of 35-40 species, has a circumtropical distribution. They are usually lemon-yellow with black borders. Males often have a long scent patch on the forewing. These are familiar little butterflies that fly along paths and roadways, usually in considerable numbers after rains. Blistering heat will often send them to pools of water or to the watering holes of cattle where the sand moistened with the animal's urine furnishes them with mineralized liquid.  

  101. Barred Yellow ______  YP  (MCA:32) (BAPG:55)
    Eurema daira

  102. White Yellow  ______  YP  (MCA:32)  (another name is Ghost Yellow)
    Eurema albula

  103. Sleepy Orange (Sulphur) (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:32) (BAPG:57,333)
    (or Abaeis) nicippe

    A cluster of Sleepy Oranges at rest "like gold doubloons in a pirate's treasure chest",
    (photographed by Doris Potter during a FONT tour in Mexico)   

  104. Tailed Orange ______  YP  (MCA:32) (BAPG:51)
    Eurema (or Pyrisitia) protepia

    Eurema protepia has a dry season form and a wet season form.

  105. Little Yellow  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:31) (BAPG:53)
    (or Pyrisitia) lisa

    A Little Yellow with a Cloudless Sulphur,
    photographed during a FONT tour 
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

    (or Pyrisitia) lisa

    A Little Yellow with a Cloudless Sulphur,
    photographed during a FONT tour 
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

    A Little Yellow with a Cloudless Sulphur,
    photographed during a FONT tour 
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

  106. Mimosa Yellow  ______  YP  (MCA:31) (BAPG:53)
    Eurema (or Pyrisitia) nise

  107. Mexican Yellow ______  YP  (MCA:31) (BAPG:51,333)
    Eurema mexicana

  108. Boisduval's Yellow ______  YP  (MCA:31) (BAPG:51)
    Eurema boisduvaliana

  109. Dina Yellow ______  YP  (MCA:31) (BAPG:55)
    Eurema (or Pyrisitia) dina 

  110. Salome Yellow  ______  (MCA:31)
    Eurema salome

  111. Tropical Yellow  ______  (MCA:31)  (another name is Scarce Yellow
    Eurema xantochlora 

  112. Agave Yellow  ______  (MCA:32)  (another name is Tabasco Yellow
    Eurema agave

    Genus ZERENE (or COLIAS)

  113. Southern Dogface  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:29) (BAPG:39)
    (or Colias) cesonia

    Southern Dogface, photographed during a FONT tour 
    (photo by Doris Potter)

  114. California Dogface  ______  (in Mexico, in Baja California)
    Zerene eurydice

    Genus NATHALIS

  115. Dainty Sulphur (*) ______  YP  (MCA:32) (BAPG:57)
    Nathalis iole 

    This grouping of 10 species is found exclusively in the Americas. They are the most conspicuous of the tropical sulphurs, being common and large. All of the members of the genus are migratory, often given to vast migrations. They are often found in open areas & forest edges. They are fast-flying. The sexes are dimorphic. Males, more often than females, cluster on moist sand along rivers and streams. The females usually have less active behavior, flying not far from vegetation, or simply visiting flowers.  

  116. Cloudless Sulphur  (ph) (*)  ______  YP  (MCA:30) (BAPG:45,333)
    Phoebis sennae

    Cloudless Sulphur

    The Cloudless Sulphur can be abundant. It prospers in open land, with weedy tropical & subtropical plants. The female is variable in its coloration.

  117. Apricot Sulphur ______  YP  (MCA:30)
    Phoebis argante

    Phoebis argante
    the Pale Apricot Sulphur, Phoebis argante  ______  eastern & western Mexico to Argentina 
    the Dark Apricot Sulphur, Phoebis hersilia  ______  southern Mexico to southern Brazil

  118. Large Orange Sulphur  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:30) (BAPG:47)
    Phoebis agarithe

    A female Large Orange Sulphur

  119. Orange-barred Sulphur  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:30) (BAPG:49)
    Phoebis philea

    Orange-barred Sulphur

  120. Tailed Sulphur  ______  (MCA:30) (BAPG:359)
    Phoebis neocypris

  121. Straight-lined Sulphur  ______  YP  (MCA:29)
    (or Rhabdodryas) trite 

  122. Statira Sulphur  ______  YP  (MCA:30)
    (or Aphrissa) statira

  123. Boisduval's Sulphur  ______  YP  (MCA:30)  (another name is Peach-patched Sulphur)
    Phoebis (or Aphrissa) boisduvalii

    Phoebis (or Aphrissa) boisduvalii probably includes Aphrissa schausi, the Schaus' Sulphur, of southern Mexico & Guatemala. 


  124. Lyside Sulphur ______  YP  (MCA:29) (BAPG:41)
    Krocogonia lyside 

    Genus ANTEOS

  125. White-angled Sulphur  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:29) (BAPG:43)
    Anteos clorinde 

    White-angled Sulphur, during a FONT tour in Guatemala
    (photo by Doug Johnson)

  126. Yellow-angled Sulphur  ______  YP  (MCA:29) (BAPG:43)
    Anteos maerula 


  127. West Mexican Sulphur  _____  (MCA:29)
    Prestonia clarki

      Occurring throughout the world, but mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. The sexes often differ in coloration, and the undersides usually differ from the upper surfaces. 
    Thus far, worldwide, about 5,000 species in this family have been discovered and named. Caterpillars of many of these species are closely associated with ants.


    Genus IOPHANUS

  128. Guatemalan Copper  ______  (MCA:55)
    Iophanus pyrrhias

    Genus LYCAENA

  129. Purplish Copper  ______  (MCA:55) (BAPG:101)  (in Mexico, in Baja California)
    Lycaena heliodes

  130. Hermes Copper  ______  (MCA:55)  (in Mexico, in Baja California)
    Lycaena hermes



  131. Colorado Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:36) (BAPG:63)
    Hypaurotis cyrsalus


  132. Baja Hairsteak  ______
    Habrodais poodias 

    Genus EUMAEUS

  133. Great Cycadian  ______  (MCA:36)
    Eumaeus childrenae

  134. Mexican Cycadian  ______  YP  (MCA:36)
    Eumaeus toxea

    Genus THEOREMA

  135. Tailed Cycadian  ______  (MCA:36)  (another name is Pale-tipped Cycadian)
    Theorema eumenia


  136. Felder's Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:37)
    Paiwarria antinous

  137. Thick-tailed Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:36)
    Paiwarria umbratus

    Genus BRANGUS

  138. Widespread Brangus  ______  YP  (MCA:39)  (another name is Common Brangus)
    Brangus neora

  139. Black-veined Brangus  ______  (MCA:39)
    Brangus coccineifrons

  140. Green-spotted Brangus  ______  (MCA:39)
    Brangus carthaea

  141. Bright Brangus  ______  (MCA:39)
    Brangus getus

    Genus THAEIDES

  142. Brown-barred Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:36)
    Thaeides theia

    Genus ENOS

  143. Thara Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:36)
    Enos thara

  144. Falerina Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:44)
    Enos falerina 

    Genus ARCAS

  145. Imperial Arcas  ______  (MCA:37)  (another name is Imperial Sunstreak)
    Arcas imperialis

  146. Mexican Arcas  ______  YP  (MCA:37)  (another name is Wavy-lined Sunstreak)
    Arcas cypria

    Genus EVENUS 

  147. Regal Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:37)  (another name is Regal Greatstreak
    Evenus regalis

  148. Crowned Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:37)  (another name is Magnificent Greatstreak)
    Evenus coronata

  149. Bates' Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:37)  (another name is Bates' Greatstreak)
    Evenus batesi (or teresina)

    Genus ATLIDES

  150. Great Blue Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:39) (BAPG:75)  (another name is Great Purple Hairstreak
    Atlides halesus

  151. White-tipped Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:39)  (another name is White-tipped Greatstreak)
    Atlides gaumeri

  152. Black-veined Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:39)  (another name is Black-veined Greatstreak)
    Atlides polybe

  153. Spying Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:39)  (another name is Alert Greatstreak)
    Atlides inachus (or carpophora)

  154. Jeweled Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:39)  (another name is White-spotted Greatstreak)
    Atlides carpasia

  155. Rustan Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:39)  (another name is Rusty Greatstreak)
    Atlides rustan

    Genus THERITAS

  156. Deep-green Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:38)  (another name is Sleepy Greatstreak)
    Theritas mavors

  157. Augustinula Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:38)  (another name is Blue-spotted Greatstreak)
    Theritas augustinula

  158. Pearly Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:38)  (another name is Pearly Greatstreak)
    Theritas theocritus

  159. Pale-clubbed Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:38)  (another name is Pale-clubbed Greatstreak)
    Theritas hemon

  160. Lisus Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:38)  (another name is Common Greatstreak)
    Theritas lisus (or hisbon


  161. White-scalloped Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:36)  (another name is Frosted Hairstreak)
    Brevianta busa

  162. Hyas Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:36)  (another name is Grizzled Hairstreak)
    Brevianta hyas

    Genus MICANDRA

  163. Cyda Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:36)  (another name is Guatemalan Highstreak) 
    Micandra cyda (or furina)

  164. Tongida Hairstreak  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:36)  (another name is Mexican Highstreak) (species described in 1971) 
    Micandra tongida

    Genus TEMECLA

  165. Paron Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:43)
    Temecla paron

  166. Heraclides Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:43)  (another name is Cachet Hairstreak)
    Temecla herclides

    Genus IPIDECLA

  167. West Mexican Ipidecla  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:37)  (another name is West Mexican Streaklet
    Ipidecla miadora 

  168. Schaus'  Ipidecla  ______  (MCA:37)  (another name is Schaus' Streaklet)
    Ipidecla schausi

    Genus THEREUS

  169. Pale-lobed Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:40)  (another name is Double-barred Hairstreak)
    Thereus cithonius

  170. Oppia Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:40)
    Thereus oppia

  171. Cinnamon-spot Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:40)  (another name is Brown-edged Hairstreak)
    Thereus orasus

  172. Ortalus Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:40)  (another name is Kissing Hairstreak)
    Thereus ortalus

  173. Lausus Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:40)  (another name is Cafe-au-lait Hairstreak)
    Thereus lausus    

    Genus REKOA

  174. Melon Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:38)  (another name is Tiger-eye Hairstreak
    Rekoa meton

  175. Gold-bordered Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:40)
    Rekoa palegon

  176. Marius Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:40) (BAPG:359)
    Rekoa marius

  177. Zebina Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:40)
    Rekoa zebina

  178. Smudged Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:40)
    Rekoa stagira

    Genus ARAWACUS

  179. Togarna Hiarstreak  ______  (MCA:42)  (another name is Chiapas Stripe-streak)
    Arawacus togarna

  180. Fine-lined Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:42)  (another name is Fine-lined Stripe-streak)
    Arawacus sito

  181. Creamy Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:42) (BAPG:75)  (another name is Creamy Stripe-streak)
    Arawacus jada

  182. Pallid Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:42)  (another name is Pallid Stripe-streak)
    Arawacus hypocrita


  183. White-etched Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)  (another name is Chained Hairstreak)
    Contrafacia bassania

  184. Half Blue Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)  (another name is Hash-mark Hairstreak)
    Contrafacia ahola

  185. Imma Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)  (another name is Prittwitz's Hairstreak)
    Contrafacia imma

    Genus KOLANA

  186. Ligurina Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)  (another name is Parenthetical Hairstreak)
    Kolana ligurina

    Kolana ligurina and Kolana lyde may be inseparable in the field.

  187. Lyde Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)
    Kolana lyde  

    Genus OCARIA

  188. Blue-spotted Blackstreak  ______  (MCA:43)
    Ocaria arpoxais  

  189. Black Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:43)
    Ocaria ocrista

  190. Petelina Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:43)  (another name is Guatemalan Blackstreak)
    Ocaria petelina

  191. Jet Blacksteak  ______  (MCA:43)
    Ocaria thales


  192. Sky-blue Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:38)  (another name is Sly-blue Greatstreak)
    Pseudolycaena damo


  193. Cupentus Hairstreak  ______
    Cupathecla cupentus

    Genus LATHECLA

  194. Latagus Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:48)  (another name is Lata Hairstreak)
    Lathecla latagus


  195. Strophius Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:40)
    Allomaitia strophius

    Genus LAOTHUS

  196. Erybathis Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:42)  (another name is Mexican Elstreak)
    Laothus erybathis

  197. Oceia Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:42)  (another name is Long-dash Elstreak)
    Laothus oceia (or laothoe)

  198. Barajo Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:42)  (another name is Smoky Elstreak)
    Laothus barajo  

    Genus THEPYTUS

  199. Arindela Hairstreak  ______
    Thepytus arindela

  200. Velvet Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:43)
    Thepytus echelta 

    Genus OENOMAUS

  201. Aquamarine Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:38,44)
    Oenomaus ortygnus

  202. Atesa Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:38)  (another name is Big-eyed Hairstreak)
    Oenomaus atesa


  203. Mexican-M Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:44)  (species described in 1971)
    Parrhasius moctzuma

  204. Black-spot Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:44)  (another name is Broken-M Hairstreak)
    Parrhasius polibetes

  205. Variable Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:44)  (another name is Turquoise-M Hairstreak)
    Parrhasius orgia

    Genus IGNATA

  206. Gadira Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:49)  (another name is Double-S Hairstreak
    Ignata gadira

  207. Caldas Hairstreak  ______  (species described in 2010) 
    Ignata caldas

  208. Norax Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:49)
    Ignata norax


  209. Sonoran Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45) (BAPG:359)
    Hypostrymon critola

  210. Garnet-spotted Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)
    Hypostrymon asa

    Genus APUECIA

  211. Maeonis Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)  (another name is Lilaceous Hairstreak)
    Apuecia maeonis

  212. Upupa Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)  (another name is Puppy Hairstreak)
    Apuecia upuca


  213. Calchinia Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)  (another name is Tied Hairstreak)
    Nesiostrymon calchinia

  214. Celone Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)  (another name is Village Hairstreak)
    Nesiostrymon celona

  215. Dodava Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:44)  (another name is Brown-and-blue Hairstreak)
    Nesiostrymon dodava


  216. Paelus Hairstreak  ______
    Aubergina paelus

  217. Hicetas Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:43)  (another name is Harvest Hairstreak)
    Aubergina hicetas

    Genus IASPIS

  218. Anderson's Hairstreak  ______  (species described in 2010)
    Iaspis andersoni   

  219. Castimonia Hairsreak  ______  (MCA:49)  (another name is Castaway Hairstreak)
    Iaspis castimonia

  220. Temesa Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:49)  (another name is Yellow-spotted Hairstreak)
    Iaspis temesa

  221. Narrow-banded Hairstreak  ______
    Iaspis castitas

    Genus CELMIA

  222. Celmus Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:45)  (another name is Chutes-and-ladders Hairstreak)
    Celmia celmus

  223. Conoveira Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)  (another name is Base-line Hairstreak)
    Celmia conoveira

    Genus DICYA

  224. Dicaea Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)  (another name is Wine-spotted Hairstreak)
    Dicya dicaea

  225. Carnica Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)  (another name is Tear-spotted Hairstreak)
    Dicya carnica

  226. Lucagus Hairstreak  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:45)  (another name is Luca Hairstreak)
    Dicya lucagus

  227. Lolling Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)  (another name is Lolling Hairstreak) 
    Dicya lollia

    Genus ERORA

  228. Arizona Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53) (BAPG:63)
    Erora quadema

  229. Chiapas Hairstreak  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1980)
    Erora caudata

  230. Emerald Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Sweet Dreamstreak)
    Erora subflorens

  231. Nitetis Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Smooth Dreamstreak)
    Erora nitetis

  232. Aura Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Shimmering Dreamstreak)
    Erora aura

  233. Carla Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Black-edged Dreamstreak)
    Erora carla

  234. Gabina Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Salvin's Dreamstreak)
    Erora gabrina

  235. Opisena Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Druce's Dreamstreak)
    Erora opisena

  236. Muridosca Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Sandman's Dreamstreak)
    Erora muridosca

    Genus SEMONINA

  237. Semones Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Mexican Dreamstreak)
    Semonina semones

    Genus CHALYBS

  238. Janias Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Cramer's Emeraldstreak)
    Chalybs janias

  239. Hassan Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:53)  (another name is Red-spotted Emeraldstreak)
    Chalybs hassan          

    Genus TMOLUS

  240. Red-spotted Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:46)
    Tmolus echion

  241. Butler's Midistrak  ______  (MCA:46)
    Tmolus crolinus

  242. Saddled Midistreak  ______  (MCA:46)
    Tmolus cydrara

    In both North & South America. Butterflies exhibit seasonal variation.

  243. Gray Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:47) (BAPG:59)
    Strymon melinus

  244. Clarion Island Hairstreak  (MXe)  ______  (was part of the Gray Hairstreak)
    Strymon clarionensis  

  245. Red-lined Scrub-Hairstreak  ______  YP  (MCA:47) (BAPG:361)
    Strymon bebrycia

  246. Red-crescent Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47)
    Strymon rufofusca

  247. Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47) (BAPG:361)
    Strymon yojoa

  248. White Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47)
    Strymon albata

  249. Mottled Scrub-Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:47)
    Strymon mulucha

  250. Lacey's Scrub-Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:47)
    Strymon alea  

  251. Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47)
    Strymon bazochii

  252. Tailless Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47) (BAPG:361)
    Strymon cestri 

  253. Gray-spotted Scrub-Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:47)
    Strymon astiocha

  254. Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:47) (BAPG:69)
    Strymon istapa

    A Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak photographed during a FONT tour
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

  255. Socorro Island Scrub-Hairstreak  (MXe)  ______  (was part of the Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak) (species described in 1958)  
    Strymon socorroica

  256. Great Scrub-Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:47)
    Strymon gabatha

  257. Bromeliad Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47)
    Strymon serapio

  258. Confusing Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47)
    Strymon megarus

  259. Red-spotted Scrub-Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:47)
    Strymon ziba

    Genus GARGINA

  260. Gnosia Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:48)  (another name is Gnomic Hairstreak)
    Gargina gnosia

  261. Thoria Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:48)  (another name is Marginal Hairstreak)
    Gargina thoria

  262. Gargoyle Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:48)
    Gargina gargophia

  263. Inscrutable Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:48)
    Gargina caninius  


  264. Vesper Hairstreak ______ YP  (MCA:48)
    Camissecla vespasianus


  265. Halciones Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:48)  (another name is Halcyon Hairstreak)
    Ostrinotes halciones    

  266. Keila Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:48)  (another name is Pungent Hairstreak)
    Ostrinotes keila

  267. Cryptic Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:48)  (another name is Druce's Hairstreak)
    Ostrinotes purpuriticus


  268. Mycon Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:48)  (another name is Burnt-chocolate Hairstreak)
    Theclopsis mycon

    Genus SIDERUS

  269. Bold-spotted Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:45)
    Siderus philinna

  270. White-spotted Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:48)
    Siderus leucophaeus

  271. Pearly-gray Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:49)
    Siderus tephraeus


  272. Orange-crescent Groundstreak ______  YP  (MCA:50)
    Ziegleria guzanta

  273. Coppery Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:50)
    Ziegleria denarius

  274. Common Groundstreak ______  YP  (MCA:50)
    Ziegleria hesperitis

  275. Confused Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:51)
    Ziegleria syllis


  276. Shining Groundstreak ______  YP  (MCA:50)  (another name is Rusty-banded Groundstreak
    Calycopis demonassa 

  277. Saddled Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:50)
    Calycopis calus

  278. Black-and-blue Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:50)
    Calycopis atnius

  279. Dark Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:50)
    Calycopis xeneta

  280. White-striped Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:50)
    Calycopis clarina 

  281. Field's Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:51)
    Calycopis drusilla

  282. Origo Groundstreak ______  YP  (MCA:51)  (another name is Susanna's Groundstreak)
    Calycopis origo  (or susanna

  283. Pisis Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:51)
    Calycopis pisis

  284. Sharp-M Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:51)
    Calycopis cerata

  285. Dusky-blue Groundstreak ______  YP
    Calycopis isobeon

  286. Yucatan Groundstreak  ______  YP  (species described in 1991)
    Calycopis quintana

    Genus KISUTAM

  287. Sky-blue Groundstreak  ______
    Kisutam syllis


  288. Coppery Groundstreak  ______
    Electrostrymon denarius

  289. Muted Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:51)
    Electrostrymon canus

  290. Matthew's Groundstreak  ______  (MCA:51)
    Electrostrymon mathewi

  291. Ruddy Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:51)
    Electrostrymon sangala


  292. Silver-banded Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:52) (BAPG:65)
    Chlorostrymon simaethis

  293. Telea Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:52)
    Chlorostrymon telea


  294. Clench's Greenstreak ______  YP  (MCA:52)
    Cyanophrys miserabilis

  295. Tropical Greenstreak ______  YP  (MCA:52)
    Cyanophrys herodotus

  296. Amyntor Greenstreak ______  YP  (MCA:52)  (another name is Cramer's Greenstreak)
    Cyanophrys amyntor

  297. Brown Greenstreak  ______  (MCA:52)
    Cyanophrys fusius

  298. Mountain Greenstreak  ______  (MCA:52) (BAPG:361)  (other names are Brown-spotted Greenstreak and Long-winged Hairstreak)
    Cyanophrys longula

  299. Goodson's Greenstreak ______  YP  (MCA:52)
    Cyanophrys goodsoni

  300. Stained Greenstreak  ______  (MCA:52)  (another name is Variegated Greenstreak)
    Cyanophrys agricolor


  301. Western Green Hairstreak  ______
    Callophrys affinis

  302. Juniper Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:52) (BAPG:73)
    Callophrys gryneus

  303. Xami Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:52) (BAPG:65)
    Callophrys xami

  304. Chiapas Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:52)
    Callophrys scaphia

  305. Sandia Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:52)
    Callophrys mcfarlandi

  306. Dos Passos' Hairstreak  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:52)  (another name is Olive-and-blue Hairstreak)  (species described in 1981)
    Callophrys dospassosi

  307. Thicket Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:54) (BAPG:75,333)
    Callophrys spinetorum

  308. Durango Hairstreak  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:54)
    Callophrys estela

  309. Guatemalan Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:54)
    Callophrys guatemalena

  310. Brown Elfin  ______  (MCA:54) (BAPG:67)
    Callophrys augustinus

  311. Western Pine Elfin  ______  (MCA:54) (BAPG:67)
    Callophrys eryphon


  312. Two-banded Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)
    Michaelus phoenissa

  313. Variegated Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)
    Michaelus jebus

  314. Thordesa Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:41)  (another name is Milky-way Hairstreak)
    Michaelus thordesa  

  315. Hecale Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:41)  (another name is Blotchy Hairstreak)
    Michaelus hecate

  316. Ira Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:41)  (another name is Shadowed Hairsteak)
    Michaelus ira


  317. Leda Ministreak  ______  (MCA:46)  (BAPG:61)
    Ministrymon leda

  318. Gray Ministreak ______  YP  (MCA:46)
    Ministrymon azia

  319. Great Ministreak ______  YP  (MCA:46)
    Ministrymon coronta

  320. Veracruzan Ministreak ______  YP  (MCA:46)  (another name is Mexican Ministreak
    Ministrymon inoa

  321. Clytie Ministreak ______  YP  (MCA:46)
    Ministrymon clytie

  322. Purple-webbed Ministreak ______  YP  (MCA:46)  (another name is Red-flocked Ministreak)
    Ministrymon phrutus 

  323. Pale Ministreak  ______  (MCA:46)
    Ministrymon una

  324. Dark Ministreak  ______  (MCA:46)
    Ministrymon cleon

  325. Two-spotted Ministreak  ______  (MCA:46)
    Ministrymon zilda


  326. Pearly-gray Hairstreak  ______
    Strephonota tephraeus

  327. Syedria Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:49)  (another name is White-banded Hairstreak)
    Strephonota syedra

  328. Ambrax Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:49)
    Strephonota ambrax  

  329. Flying-W Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:49)
    Strephonota ericeta 


  330. Zebra-striped Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:42)  (another name is Zebra Cross-streak)
    Panthiades bathildis

  331. Bitias Hairstreak ______  YP  (MCA:42)  (another name is Eclipsed Cross-streak)
    Panthiades bitias   

  332. Ochus Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:42)  (another name is Hatched Hairstreak)
    Panthiades ochus 

  333. Phaleros Hairstreak  ______  (MCA:42)  (another name is Black-barred Cross-streak)
    Panthiades phaleros  

    Very small butterflies, mostly blue above. Females of many are browner. 

    Genus EVERES

  334. Eastern Tailed-Blue  ______  YP  (MCA:55) (BAPG:85)
    Everes comyntas

    Eastern Tailed-Blue
    (photo by Marie Gardner)

  335. Western Tailed-Blue  ______  (BAPG:85)
    Everes amyntula

    Genus LEPTOTES 
      A relatively small grouping of striped and generally tailed blues, small in size, which have colonized various parts of Europe, Asia, and North and South America. They are sexually dimorphic. Butterflies breed on members of the pea family, Leguminosae. Some species are migratory.   

  336. Marine Blue  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:55) (BAPG:81)
    Leptotes marina

    A Marine Blue photographed during a FONT tour
    (photo by Doris Potter)

  337. Cassius Blue  (ph)  ______  YP  (MCA:55)
    Leptotes cassius

    Above & below: a Cassius Blue photographed
    during a FONT tour
    (photos by Marie Gardner)


  338. Western Pygmy Blue  ______  YP  (MCA:55) (BAPG:79)
    Brephidium exilis
    Brephidium exilis yucateca, the Yucatan Pygmy Blue  ______  subspecies on the Yucatan peninsula  (subspecies described in 1970)    

    Genus ZIZULA

  339. Cyna Blue ______ YP  (MCA:55) (BAPG:363)
    Zizula cyna


  340. Huntingon's Blue  ______  YP  (species described in 1965)
    Echinargus huntington

    Genus HEMIARGUS 
    Commonly called "EYED BLUES", these butterflies occur in both North & South America. The common name is from 2 or 3 eye-spots on the undersides of the hindwings. They breed on a wide variety of members of the pea family, Leguminosae.)  

  341. Ceraunus Blue ______  YP  (MCA:55) (BAPG:81)
    Hemiargus ceraunus 

  342. Reakirt's Blue  ______  (MCA:55) (BAPG:83)
    Hemiargus isola


  343. Spring Azure  ______  (MCA:55) (BAPG:79)
    Ceslastrina ladon

    Above: a Spring Azure
    Below: a group of them photographed during a FONT tour 
    (upper photo by Rise Hill; lower photo by Doris Potter) 

    Genus PHILOTES

  344. Sonoran Blue  ______
    Philotes sonorensis


  345. Silvery Blue  ______  (BAPG:91)
    Glaucopsyche lygdamus

    Genus PLEBEJUS

  346. Melissa Blue  ______
    Plebejus melissa

  347. Boisduval's Blue  ______  (BAPG:97)
    Plebejus icarioides

  348. Acmon Blue  ______  (MCA:55) (BAPG:89)
    Plebejus acmon

  349. Lupine Blue  ______
    Plebejus lupini
    Plebejus lupini monticola,
    the Monticola Blue  ______  subspecies in Baja California Norte 



  350. Black-edged Euselasia  ______  (MCA:56)  (another name is Black-edged Sombermark
    Euselasia cataleuca

  351. Golden Euselasia  ______  (MCA:56)  (another name is Golden Sombermark)
    Euselasia chrysippe

  352. Purple-topped Euselasia  ______  (MCA:57)  (another name is Purple-topped Sombermark)
    Euselasia regipennis

  353. Sergia Euselasia  ______  (MCA:57)  (another name is Transitional Sombermark)
    Euselasia sergia

  354. Orange-costa Euselasia  ______  (MCA:57)  (another name is Orange-costa Sombermark)  
    Euselasia procula

  355. Pearly Euselasia  ______  YP  (MCA:56)  (another name is Pearly Sombermark
    Euselasia pusilla

  356. Red-rayed Euselasia  ______  (MCA:57)  (another name is Red-rayed Sombermark)
    Euselasia hieronymi

  357. Inconspicuous Euselasia  ______  (MCA:57)  (another name is Inconspicuous Sombermark)
    Euselasia inconspicua

  358. Rusty-patched Euselasia  ______
    Euselasia leucon

  359. Orange-spotted Euselasia  ______  (MCA:57)  (another name is Orange-spotted Sombermark)
    Euselasia argentea

  360. Godman's Euselasia  ______  (MCA:56)  (another name is Mousy Sombermark)
    Euselasia eucrates

  361. Pointed Euselasia  _______  (species described in 2007)
    Euselasia pontasis

  362. Panamanian Euselasia  ______
    Euselasia hypophaea

  363. Dusky Euselasia  ______  (MCA:56)  (another name is Dusky Sombermark)
    Euselasia eubule (or mexicana)

  364. Fiery Euselasia  ______  (MCA:56)  (another name is Fiery Sombermark)
    Euselasia aurantiaca

  365. Stub-tailed Euselasia  ______  (MCA:56)  (another name is Tee-banded Sombermark)
    Euselasia eurypus

  366. Mysterical Sombermark  ______  (MCA:57)
    Euselasia mystica

    Genus HADES

  367. White-rayed Metalmark  ______  (MCA:59)
    Hades noctula


  368. Vestalis Metalmark  ______  (MCA:58)  (another name is White Eyemark)
    Leucochimona vestalis

  369. Satyr Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:58)  (another name is Satyr Eyemark)
    Leucochimona lepida


  370. Violet-washed Eyed-Metalmark  ______
    Mesosemia telegone

  371. Purple-washed Eyed-Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:58)  (another name is Purple-washed Eyemark)
    Mesosemia lamachus (or tertica)

  372. Gaudy Eyed-Metalmark  ______  (MCA:58)  (another name is Gaudy Eyemark)
    Mesosemia gaudiolum

  373. Turquoise Eyed-Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:58)  (another name is Turquoise Eyemark (species described in 1980)
    Mesosemia gemina


  374. Lasus Metalmark  ______  (MCA:58)  (another name is Orange-flushed Eyemark
    Perophthalma lasus


  375. Thasus Metalmark  ______  (MCA:60)  (another name is Prison Metalmark)
    Hyphilaria thasus (or subrutila)

    Genus NAPAEA

  376. Clouded Metalmark   ______  (MCA:60)  (another name is Belted Metalmark
    Napaea beltiana (or malis, or aza)

  377. Red-margined Metalmark  ______  (species described in 2005)
    Napaea rufolimba

  378. White-stiched Metalmark  ______  (MCA:60)
    Napaea eucharila
    (or picina  

    Genus VOLTINIA

  379. Ancient Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:60)  (another name is Sonoran Metalmark) (species described in 1999)
    Voltinia danforthi

  380. Quilted Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:60)
    Voltinia umbra


  381. Peppered Metalmark  ______
    Hermathena oweni


  382. White-spotted Metalmark  ______  (MCA:60)
    Ithomiola theages

    Genus EURYBIA

  383. Blue-winged Eurybia  ______  (MCA:59)  (another name is Blue-winged Sheenmark)
    Eurybia lycisca

  384. Blind Eurybia  ______  (MCA:59)  (another name is Blind Sheenmark)
    Eurybia elvina

  385. Great Sheenmark  ______  (MCA:59)
    Eurybia patrona 


  386. Lyra Metalmark  ______  (MCA:59)  (another name is Cherry-bordered Metalmark)
    Lyropteryx lyra

    Genus NECYRIA

  387. Larunda Metalmark  ______
    Necyria larunda

  388. Ray-bordered Metalmark  ______  (MCA:59)
    Necyria duellona


  389. Inca Metalmark  ______  (MCA:61)  (another name is Blue-and-yellow Beautymark)
    Ancyluris inca

  390. Costa-spotted Metalmark  ______  (MCA:61)  (another name is Costa-spotted Beautymark)
    Ancyluris jurgensenii 

    Genus RHETUS

  391. Long-tailed Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:61)  (another name is Sword-tailed Beautymark
    Rhetus arcius

  392. Periander Metalmark  ______  (MCA:61)  (another name is Variable Beautymark)
    Rhetus periander

    Periander Metalmark
    (photo by Sherry Nelson)

    Genus ISAPIS

  393. Yellow-based Metalmark  ______  (MCA:62)
    Isapis agyrtus 


  394. Orange-bellied Metalmark  ______  (MCA:70)
    Brachyglenis dodone

    Genus NOTHEME

  395. Tawny Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:61)  (another name is Two Oranges Metalmark)
    Notheme erota


  396. Orange-stitched Metalmark  ______  (MCA:65)  (another name is Stained Scintillant)
    Chalodeta chaonitis

    Genus PHELES

  397. Melancholy Metalmark  ______  (MCA:70)  (another name is Melancholy Mimicmark)
    Pheles melanchroia

  398. Strigosa Metalmark  ______  (MCA:70)  (another name is Four-spotted Mimicmark)
    Pheles strigosa

  399. Dyar's Metalmark  ______  (MCA:70)  (another name is Mexican Mimicmark)
    Pheles eulesca


  400. Barnes' Metalmark  ______  (MCA:65)  (another name is Cloaked Scintillant)
    Detritivora barnesi


    About 27 species of CALEPHELIS are said to be in Mexico. But with the very confused state of scintillant taxonomy, many museums do not attempt to place species names on all of their specimens. 
    What is listed here is a good representation, but further work in the genus is still being done.    

  401. Laverna Calephelis  ______
    Calephelis laverna

  402. Argyrodines Calephelis  ______
    Calephelis argyrodines

  403. Fatal Calephelis  ______  (MCA:64) (BAPG:111)  (another name is Fatal Metalmark)
    Calephelis nemesis

  404. Baja Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis bajaensis

  405. Costa Rican Calephelis  ______
    Calephelis costaricicola

  406. Rounded Calephelis  ______  (MCA:64)  (another name is Rounded Metalmark)
    Calephelis perditalis

  407. Mexican Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis mexicana

  408. Wright's Calephelis  ______  (MCA:64) (BAPG:113)  (another name is Wright's Metalmark)
    Calephelis wrighti

  409. Fulmen Calephelis  ______
    Calephelis fulmen

  410. Rawson's Calephelis  ______  (MCA:64)  (another name is Rawson's Metalmark
    Calephelis rawsoni

  411. Arizona Calephelis  ______  (MCA:64) (BAPG:111)  (another name is Arizona Metalmark) (species described in 1971) 
    Calephelis arizonensis

  412. Sinaloan Calephelis  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis sinaloensis

  413. Dreisbach's Calephelis  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis dreisbachi

  414. Stalling's Calephelis  ______  (MCA:64)  (another name is Gulf Scintillant)  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis stallingsi

    Calephelis stallingsi occurs at the Mayan ruins of Palenque.  

  415. Mather's Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis matheri

  416. Huastecan Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis huasteca

  417. Montezuma's Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis montezuma

  418. Acapulco Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis acapulcoensis

  419. Aztec Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis azteca

  420. Yucatan Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  YP  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis yucatana

  421. Mayan Calephelis  ______  YP  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis maya

  422. Morelos Calephelis  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1977)
    Calephelis yautepequensis  

  423. Welling's Calephelis  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis wellingi

  424. Brown's Calephelis  ______  (species described in 1971)
    Calephelis browni

  425. Tikal Calephelis  ______  YP  (species described in 1993)
    Calephelis tikal

  426. Dark Calephelis  ______  YP  (MCA:65)  (another name is Temple Scintillant)
    Calephelis velutina

    Genus CARIA

  427. Red-bordered Metalmark  ______  (MCA:66)
    Caria ino

  428. Small-patched Metalmark  ______  (MCA:66)  (another name is Small-patched Greenmark) (species described in 1967)
    Caria domitianus

  429. Honduran Metalmark  ______  (MCA:66)  (another name is Hackberry Greenmark)
    Caria rhacotis

  430. Gold-headed Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:66)  (another name is Mexican Greenmark)
    Caria stillaticia (or rabatta)

  431. Melino Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:66)  (another name is Dyar's Greenmark)
    Caria melino

  432. Lampeto Metalmark  ______  (MCA:66)  (another name is Brilliant Greenmark)
    Caria mantinea

    Genus BAEOTIS

  433. Bumblebee Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Square-spotted Yellowmark)
    Baeotis zonata

  434. Barce Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Tiny Yellowmark)
    Baeotis barce

  435. Sulphur Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Polka-dotted Yellowmark)
    Baeotis sulphurea

  436. Sulphur Metalmark  ______
    Baeotis macularia

    Genus LASAIA

  437. Variegated Lasaia  ______  (MCA:68,69)  (another name is Variegated Bluemark)
    Lasaia meris

  438. Blue Lasaia  ______  YP  (MCA:68,69)  (another name is Blue Metalmark)
    Lasaia sula

  439. Shining-blue Lasaia  ______  YP  (MCA:68,69)  (another name is Black-patched Bluemark)
    Lasaia agesilas

  440. Gray Lasaia  ______  (MCA:68,69)  (another name is Somber Bluemark
    Lasaia sessilis

  441. Blue-gray Lasaia  ______  (MCA:68,69)  (another name is Gray Bluemark)
    Lasaia maria


  442. Many-banded Metalmark  ______
    Exoplisia hypochalybe

  443. Occidental Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 2007)
    Exoplisia azuleja

  444. Semi-cheeked Metalmark  ______  (MCA:70)
    Exoplisia cadmeis

    Genus MELANIS

  445. Red-bordered Pixie  ______  YP  (MCA:59)
    Melanis pixie

  446. Forgotten Metalmark  ______
    Melanis gynaeceas

  447. White-rayed Metalmark  ______  (MCA:59)  
    Melanis cephise

  448. White-tipped Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  
    Melanis acroleuca 

    Genus MESENE

  449. Cell-barred Metalmark  ______
    Mesene phareus

  450. Guatemalan Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Guatemalan Geomark)
    Mesene croceella

  451. Zebra-tipped Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Zebra-tipped Geomark)
    Mesene margaretta

  452. Oriene Medtalmark  ______
    Mesene oriene

  453. Yellow Metalmark  ______  (MCA:62)  (another name is Yellow Geomark)
    Mesene silaris

  454. White-legged Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:62)  (another name is White-legged Geomark
    Mesene leucopus


  455. Clonia Metalmark  ______  (MCA:70)  (another name is Common Redhead)
    Esthernopsis clonia

  456. Alicia's Metalmark  ______  (MCA:70)  (another name is Guatemalan Redhead)
    Esthernopsis alicia

  457. Godart's Metalmark  ______
    Esthernopsis pherephatte
    (or cxaeruleata)


  458. Silvery Metalmark  ______
    Chimastrum argenteum


  459. Red-costa Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Red-lead Fiestamark
    Symmachia probetor

  460. Rubina Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Stripe-tipped Fiestamark)
    Symmachia rubina

  461. Accused Metalmark  ______  (MCA:63)  (another name is Feathered Fiestamark)
    Symmachia accusatrix

  462. Golden-red Metalmark  ______

  463. Tricolored Metalmark  ______  (MCA:62)  (another name is Tricolored Fiestamark)
    Symmachia tricolor  (or hademanni)

    Genus PIRASCCA

  464. Golden-banded Metalmark  ______
    Pirascca tyriotes


  465. Fire-banded Metalmark  ______  (MCA:62)
    Panaropsis elegans


  466. Dotted Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:63)
    Argyrogrammana stilbe     


  467. Cloaked Scintillant  ______  YP
    Detritivora barnesi 

    Genus SAROTA

  468. Stoll's Sarota  ______  (MCA:67)  (another name is Common Jewelmark)
    Sarota chrysus

  469. Veracruzan Sarota  ______  YP  (MCA:67)  (another name is Mexican Jewelmark)
    Sarota craspediodonta

  470. Guatemalan Sarota  ______  YP  (MCA:67)  (another name is Pearly Jewelmark)
    Sarota psaros

  471. Schaus' Sarota  ______  (MCA:67)  (another name is Brown-legged Jewelmark)
    Sarota estrada

  472. Panamanian Sarota  ______  (MCA:67)  (another name is Bar-coded Jewelmark)
    Sarota gamelia

  473. Godman's Sarota  ______  (MCA:67)  (another name is White-cheeked Jewelmark)
    Sarota myrtea

    Genus ANTEROS

  474. Carousing Anteros  ______  YP  (MCA:67)  (another name is Carousing Jewelmark)
    Anteros carausius

  475. Elegant Anteros  ______  YP  (MCA:67)  (another name is Elegant Jewelmark)
    Anteros chrysoprastus

  476. Black-bellied Anteros  ______  (MCA:67)  (another name is Black-bellied Jewelmark)
    Anteros formosus

    Genus CALYDNA

  477. Venusta Metalmark  ______  (MCA:67)  (another name is Sinuous Mottlemark
    Calydna venusta

  478. Sturnula Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:67)  (another name is Snappy Mottlemark)
    Calydna sturnula  (or hegia, or sinuata)

    Genus EMESIS

  479. White-spotted Emesis  ______  (MCA:71)  (another name is White-spotted Tanmark)
    Emesis aurimna

  480. Oaxacan Emesis  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:71)  (another name is Skipperish Tanmark)
    Emesis saturata

  481. Liodes Emesis  ______  YP  (MCA:71)  (another name is Mexican Tanmark
    Emesis liodes 

  482. Hook-tipped Emesis  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:71)  (species yet to be described, occurs in Chiapas, with another name, the Cloud-forest Tanmark)  
    Emesis sp.

  483. Great Emesis  ______  YP  (MCA:72)  (another name is Great Tanmark)
    Emesis mandana

  484. Schaus' Emesis  ______  (MCA:72)  (another name is Schaus' Tanmark)
    Emesis vimena

  485. Fatimella Emesis  ______  YP  (MCA:72)  (another name is Sharp Tanmark)
    Emesis fatimella

  486. Tegula Emesis  ______  YP  (MCA:72)  (another name is Bow-winged Tanmark)
    Emesis tegula

  487. Pale Emesis  ______  (MCA:72)  (another name is Veracruz Tanmark)
    Emesis vulpina

  488. Thorn-scrub Emesis  (MXe)  ______  (MCA:73)  (another name is Checkered Tanmark)
    Emesis poeas

  489. Lupina Emesis  ______  YP   (MCA:73) (another name is Little Tanmark)
    Emesis lupina

  490. Falcate Emesis  ______  YP  (MCA:71)  (another name has been Falcate Metalmark)
    Emesis tenedia 

  491. Dark Emesis  ______  (MCA:71)  (another name is Dark Tanmark)
    Emesis ocypore

  492. Zela Emesis  ______  (MCA:73) (BAPG:115)  (another name is Zela Metalmark)
    Emesis zela

  493. Ares Emesis  ______  (MCA:73) (BAPG:113)  (another name is Ares Metalmark)
    Emesis ares

    An Ares Emesis or Metalmark, (above) with a Painted Lady (below)
    photographed during a FONT tour 
    (photo by Doris Potter)

  494. Curve-winged Emesis  ______  YP  (MCA:73)  (another name is Curve-winged Metalmark)
    Emesis emesia

  495. Miahuatian Emesis  (MXe)  ______
    Emesis arnacis

  496. Orange-striped Emesis  ______  (MCA:73)  (another name is Orange-striped Tanmark)
    Emesis cypria

  497. Toltec Emesis  (MXe)  ______
    Emesis toltec


  498. Giant Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:70)  
    Behemothia godmanii


  499. Agave Metalmark ______  YP  (MCA:74)  (another name is White-trailed Metalmark)
    Pseudonymphidia agave

  500. Clearista Metalmark ______  YP  (another name is Clearing Metalmark)
    Pseudonymphidia clearista


  501. Gigas Metalmark  ______  (MCA:62)  (another name is Sun-and-moon Metalmark
    Pachythone gigas


  502. Brown-tipped Metalmark  ______ 
    Lamphiotes velazquezi

    Genus APODEMIA

  503. Behr's Metalmark  ______
    Apodemia virgulti

  504. Mexican Metalmark  ______
    Apodemia mejicanus

  505. Dury's Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  
    Apodemia duryi

  506. Palmer's Metalmark  ______  (BAPG:107)
    Apodemia palmerii

  507. Hepburn's Metalmark  ______  (BAPG:109)
    Apodemia hepburni

  508. Murphy's Metalmark  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1989)
    Apodemia murphyi

  509. Falcate Metalmark  ______  YP  (another name is Sealpoint Metalmark
    Apodemia hypoglauca
    Apodemia hypoglauca wellingi 
    ______  subspecies in the area of the Yucatan Peninsula  (subspecies described in 1985)  

  510. Walker's Metalmark  ______
    Apodemia walkeri

  511. Narrow-winged Metalmark  ______
    Apodemia multiplaga

  512. Crescent Metalmark  ______  
    Apodemia phyciodoides

  513. Nais Metalmark  ______  (BAPG:109)
    Apodemia nais

    Genus LEMONIAS

  514. Butler's Metalmark  ______  (MCA:74)  (another name is Pine-oak Lenmark
    Lemonias caliginea

    Genus THISBE

  515. Irenia Metalmark  ______
    Thisbe irenea

  516. Banner Metalmark ______  YP  (another name is Fox-face Lemmark)
    Thisbe lycorias

    Genus JUDITHA

  517. Molpe Metalmark ______  YP  (another name is Common Lemmark)
    Juditha caucana

    Genus SYNARGIS

  518. Rusty Metalmark ______  YP  (another name is Variable Lemmark)
    Synargis mycone

  519. Ochra Metalmark ______  YP  (another name is Dreamy Lemmark)
    Synargis ochra

  520. Greater Metalmark  ______  
    Synargis nymphidioides  


  521. Glaucoma Metalmark  ______
    Periplacis glaucoma

    Genus MENANDER

  522. Menander Metalmark  ______
    Menander menander

  523. Cramer's Metalmark  ______
    Menander pretus 


  524. Pelarge Metalmark  ______
    Calospila pelarge


  525. Zeurippa Metalmark  ______
    Hypophylla zeurippa

  526. Martia Metalmark  ______
    Hypophylia martia

  527. White-banded Metalmark  ______
    Hypophylia sudias


  528. Tiny Metalmark  ______
    Adelotypa eudocia 

    Genus SETABIS

  529. Lagus Metalmark  ______
    Setabis lagus


  530. Brown-and-white Metalmark  ______
    Calociasma nycteus


  531. Lenocinium Metalmark  ______
    Nymphidium lenocinium

  532. Creamy Metalmark  ______
    Nymphidium ascolia

  533. Hewitson's Metalmark  ______
    Nymphidium onaeum


  534. White-posted Metalmark  ______
    Calicosama lilina


  535. Godman's Metalmark  ______
    Behemothia godmani 

    Genus THEOPE

  536. Hall's Theope  ______  (species described in 1999) 
    Theope pseudopedias

  537. Yellow-bottomed Theope  ______
    Theope pedias

  538. DeVries' Theope  ______  (species described in 1996)
    Theope devriesi

  539. Panamanian Theope  ______
    Theope barea

  540. White Theope  ______
    Theope pieridoides

  541. Falcate Theope ______  YP  (another name is Bell-banded Theope)
    Theope phaeo

  542. Shaded Theope  ______
    Theope publius

  543. Curve-lined Theope  _______
    Theope bacenis

  544. Scallop-patched Theope ______  YP  
    Theope cratylus

  545. West Mexican Theope  (MXe)  ______  (species described in 1981)
    Theope villai

  546. Blue-based Theope  ______
    Theope virgilius

  547. Veracruzan Theope ______  YP  (another name is Guatemalan Theope)
    Theope eupolis (or diores)

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